Weekend wrap up.....

Well, it's over. Time to recap Christmas and get ready for a brand new year. We had an amazing Christmas and I ate way too much junk food. But when you have all this to choose from it is hard to say no.

I had a great Christmas and got some awesome gifts. I can't wait to try out my copper titanium skillet and crisping tray. I'll probably do that tonight with something for my supper. Thinking about a grilled cheese in the skillet and onion rings in the crisping tray.

I got my 2018 Happy Planner so I can't wait to start getting organized. First thing I entered in it was the dates for National Conference. I'm looking forward to attending this year. It's their 15th Anniversary. Should be lots of fun.

Santa brought me some bling from Charming Charlie's. I love bling, but I love inexpensive bling. That way I don't feel guilty when I change it out.

One gift that meant the world to me was a set of pillow cases embroidered for me by my granddaughter, Alexis. She is 13 and is learning to do things like this. I will cherish these forever. She did an amazing job. 

These were my two favorite blings. My teardrop birthstone ring and my zirconium costume ring. I had found these at Charming Charlie's on clearance for $3.75 each. I may like my pretties but I don't like to pay a lot for them. Check out my Christmas nails. They have to go back to normal this morning before I go back to work. 

Yesterday, me and Sherrie went to a few day after Christmas sales. She was looking for linen napkins. While we were at Bed, Bath & Beyond I found these cute little coasters on sale for a package of four for .50 cents. I just loved them. 

Since I am staying decorated though New Year's eve, I went ahead and put them out for this year. They are just too cute for words.

While we were at Kohl's I wanted to look at bracelets. This was $24.99 on sale for 60% off. Then I had a coupon for 15% off and ended up getting it for $8.49. Yay, more bling!

We were so surprised (shocked actually) that Kohl's is already getting out flip flops. But we both agree we may have to go back and get these Skechers that have the Yoga Foam souls. Oh my gosh they felt divine. 

Bed, Bath and Beyond had a very pretty primitive style quilt. I still have decided on what color I want to do my bedroom. So I'm still looking at options.

I am working on some crafts and decor for Valentine's day so I picked up a couple of things at Dollar Tree. 

Due to my bout with the flu, my days off, and being closed for holidays I only worked 3 hours in the last 10 days. I have to go back today and I'm not sure how I am going to make it a full 8 hours after being off so long. But it is going to feel good to get back to routine and to see my friends.

Hope you have a great over the hump day. Me, I'll be staring at the humps of camels during the live nativity portion of our show at Dixie. That's my favorite part of the show.


Amy said...

I love all of your gifts and can't wait to hear what you think about your crisper tray!

Terri D said...

You got some great (and very thoughtful) gifts, Brenda! Thanks for sharing your bounty with us! Those candies and snacks look SO good!! We have leftover goodies here that are just going to have to go, I'm afraid. Come Tuesday.....D.I.E.T. (shhhhh)