Pillowcase crafts

I stumbled on something interesting today. Things to make with cute pillow cases. Sometimes I will be at a yard sale and they will have a stack of adorable vintage looking pillowcases in pretty patterns. I look at them and think "I wish I knew something to do with them."  Well now I know thanks to a 5 minute craft post on Facebook. One idea and I headed to Pinterest to see how many more. If I could think of a way to parlay my love of searching Pinterest into a career as a Professional Pinterest Searcher, I could make a fortune.

I admit I have seen this one before. As a matter of fact, I took one of my unused pillow cases last year when I went to the beach and did this very idea. I was able to get my five t-shirts I wanted to keep hanging all under one pillowcase. And because it is snugger than a garment bag and I laid it on top all the luggage, my shirts made it to the beach in great shape and I just removed the pillow case and hung them up. Not to mention using these as a garment bag is easier to clean than a piece of luggage and took up a lot less room.

This one appears like the took an embroidery hoop and a pillow case to create an over the door clothing hamper. Again, you can toss the hamper in the laundry right along with the dirty clothes to always keep it clean and fresh. It looks like they put a draw string, but not sure if you would have to if you aren't carting your dirty laundry anywhere.

A wonderful draw string bag. Not sure what the intention was for this bag, but it is cute. It could hold a kids sleeping bag for camping trips or slumber parties. 

I really like this. They took a couple of pillow cases and made a smaller pillow with a pocket and a strap for carrying. How cool would that be for long road trips. Fill the pocket with books to read or activity books and the child has an automatic pillow while they read.

Here's a picture of several she made.

And if you are lucky enough to find a vintage pillowcase that was hand embroidered, you could always make a valance or tier curtains from it.

Okay, this is just too cute. My only thing is because of the shape, it's going to involve some sewing to make it fit. 

What a wonderful idea for wrapping an odd shaped or oversized gift. Simply gather and tie with ribbon.

They cut this tote bag from an old pillowcase. Cute.

Those were all great ideas. I also saw on the Dollar Tree Crafts site on Facebook this cute idea for a glue gun station. I see these trays all the time and wonder what I could do with one. Well, now I know. I have to go right by a Dollar Tree today. Wonder if I should stop in? Who are we kidding? You know I am going to stop in.

What new things are you finding in your world today?

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Terri D said...

Lots of fun ideas!! Thanks for sharing your finds with us!!