The Month of Love

Our Children's Church theme this year is all about Jesus. In January, we kicked off with John 3:16. We learn each week different ways God & Jesus loves us and how we can love others.  So this would be a good craft for the month of February.

This week we are learning about the special bond Jesus and Peter shared. I am looking for some craft ideas for the month of February as we lead in to the greatest love Jesus showed for us as we stuff the Crucifixion and Resurrection in March. I have a large hallway outside our room that we get to decorate. I'm thinking they could do something like this for the wall. Except the top heart will say Jesus loves.... and the little hearts they can do their name and decorate around it.

I am sure one Sunday I will serve some treats. I did see some things I think they would like.

Another Sunday we may make one of these for them to take home with them. They love things with a little bling on them. And crazy as it seems, they get excited when we write with markers instead of crayons. 

I adore the month of February simply because it is all about love.

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Terri D said...

Those are all SO cute and the treats look yummy! The kids will love what you have chosen for them!