Odds and ends...

First off this morning, I want to wish my husband who is in heaven a very Happy Anniversary. We were married 37 years ago today. He will always be the great love of my life. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. This is my favorite picture of us because it was taken at our favorite place, Panama City Beach. Check out how I am holding his hand. That is exactly how I was holding it when he took his last breath. 

I made the flower arrangement in the glass I showed you yesterday. I am so happy with how it turned out. I am taking it to my office to put on my desk. But I am also thinking about getting another glass and making one for my dining room. Check out how well the colors go with my wallpaper border. The drinking glass made an amazing vase.

And last, a little humor to brighten your day.

Have a blessed day!


Debbie Huffaker said...

Love the joke... another Friend posted it on Facebook, too! 😁 You're really getting into the 🌸 arranging....we all need a hobby and if you can make some money at it that would be great. Happy Tuesday

Terri D said...

That little ditty about Moses is very funny. I saw it on FB too. You are quite talented at flower arranging, Brenda! I love the photo of you and your sweet hubby. Happy anniversary. It will always be your special day. Love & hugs!!