What a hectic Monday...

Monday was so crazy hectic. Errands before work, work for 8 1/2 hours, straight from work to Women's Bible Study. After the study, met with a lady who was placing a Thirty-One order. Stopped by Family Dollar for Pepsi and Junior Mints. Went to Krystal's and picked up a couple of chili dogs. I love those things. Got home and placed the Thirty-One order after I ate. Went to bed with my book and my Junior Mints. Read awhile, watched a couple of episodes of Big Bang Theory and fell asleep listening to a light rain. It was definitely a wild and crazy day.

Today is going to be busy, but more relaxing. I need to run to Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree (never a chore for me). Sometime this afternoon I have a committee meeting at the church for our new directory. Then a family dinner tonight to celebrate Garret's, my oldest grandson, birthday while he is home on spring break. I can't believe he will be 19. Where have the years gone. 

While I'm out and about I need to get a new vase and flowers like this. I had these for years and they had gotten so used that I need to replace them. The vase cracked and I used the eggs in a church craft. Time to replace it all. I may put it on the kitchen table since I already have Easter in the dining room. 

I need to pick up some more Easter Eggs at Dollar Tree. I have a couple of friends who want one of my egg wreaths. I have to get my out of storage for the front door. 

This popped up in my Facebook today and I remember I never did make one. I'm going to see if I can find some paper and a frame at Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree today. 

Am I the only one who uses their blog as a shopping and to do list. If I can't remember my plans or what I am wanting to find, all I have to do is pull up my blog and run through it. Hopefully this will remind me to get in the linen cabinet and find the Easter apron Mom made for me years ago.  

This also popped up in my memories from years ago where I was really organized with my Thirty-One business. Which is funny considering I just found this bag yesterday in my stock box. Got it out to start using it for awhile. Just got to get the matching hanging file holder out and fix up my to go bag and I'll feel organized again.

I have got to put this on Facebook today to see what somebody would charge to make me one. This would be perfect for many uses. I don't crochet but to me it look kind of simple. 

Last but definitely not least, my favorite photo I've seen this week. 


Terri D said...

I love that last quote! Your ideas are always amazing.

Anonymous said...

My favorite, Big Bang Theory!!! Always makes me happy and I'm going to be 65! It's just happy, clean humor!!! Love each character!diana