It's been fun....

It's been a fun few days with the younger Grands.

I have some good pictures from the zoo, but I am saving those for tomorrow's Friday Foto Friends with Ms. Debbie.

Last night I went to the store and found these little Sundae's from Friendly's restaurant. I ate at one years ago and wanted to try these.

The chocolate was really thick so I let it thaw 5 minutes before trying it.

The ice cream and whipped cream were really good, but the chocolate flavoring wasn't the best in the world. But I was able to eat it obviously because it was ice cream and chocolate. My heart wouldn't let it go to waste.

When we came home the other night, I found this on my porch in a box. 

I was thrilled to see they carry old fashioned fountain pens. Until I saw the price to get them was outrageous.

But they did have 11 pages of other types of pens. It was like looking at a wish book at Christmas. I love office supplies. 

I got our new lesson book for children's church. I am super excited about this book. It has lessons, activities, crafts, etc. It is full of fun ideas that teach the bible. Can't wait to kick it off this week.

Have a blessed Thursday.


Sandi said...

Instant bible lessons...I will have to look that up!

That ice cream. Gasp. Eyes wide.

Terri D said...

I just bought some little ice creams for us. Much easier to open one than to dip out of the half-gallon package. Plus the little ones have fewer calories! Yum!