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Saw this neat idea on another blog. Poke holes in a milk jug and easily water your flower pots without flooding them. 

I am doing this. Place some of the little square wax cubes that go in the Scentsy burners into salt shakers. Place in you car. The candles will get hot and melt in the salt shaker and start to emit a wonderful odor for your car.

My laundry area is so haphazard like this before photo. I think a trip to Dollar Tree for storage containers is in my future.

I have seen this hack before for painting. But seriously, this could come with complications. I am not the kind of person that could twist and turn a paint can to get a rubberband around it with out spilling all the paint. And if you suggest I put the rubberband on first before I take the lid off, that is just a whole other disaster waiting to happen when I am trying to get the lid off without spilling paint everywhere.

You know, I have never thought about it. But the smaller paper plates would be perfect to product my nesting Pyrex bowls. 

And of course, I am not going to be on Pinterest and not look at beach stuff. What an adorable checker set. 

This little shelf might be easy to make.

Don't have a beach to look out at your window? Create one.

And last, you know I love to decorate for the holidays. This would be cute to use in my beach room this fall.

That's all for today. Have a great Wednesday.

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Terri D said...

Great ideas, as always!! Thanks for sharing!