The past two days..

We have been doing photo settings for the last two days for our new church directory. It's been a tiring, busy two days. But I did get to hold some of the little ones as they came in for their appointments. 

I did manage to run out yesterday morning and relax in a couple of antique stores. I love spending time just browsing the aisles. I started out in my favorite one, Tudor House, in Sevierville, TN where I found an adorable little plate in yellow that was depression glass. It is hard to get pictures of the yellow color, but maybe you can see it good enough.

In my favorite booth there, I found a Pyrex bowl in the pattern I have been looking for. Now to find others in that pattern to add to my collection.

I left there and went to Heartland Antiques to see if they have any Pyrex coffee cups, not Corelle or Corningware, but the ones that actually say Pryex on the bottom. I have a mug tree I want nothing but Pyrex cups on. Lo and behold they had one. And it is the Ribbon Bouquet pattern that is a soft gray flower. I have seen this online but never in person so I was very happy to get it.

The last thing I found before I had to head back to the church for day two was my very first pie bird. I have been wanting to collect these for a long time but never have gotten one. This made my day. I was so happy. I was torn between the yellow or one that was white and blue. I settled on the yellow, but may go back this morning for the other one. Isn't he just the cutest thing?

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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Terri D said...

Great finds!! I love the yellow pie bird!! Let us know if you did go back for the other one!