There's a reason why....

Last fall, I fell in love with a red shelf and bought it. My plan was to use it in my office/craft room and redo the decor with a vintage theme. Here it is April and I am still struggling with finding vintage items for it. I think I found about 2 or 3 vintage items and that was it. 

Fast forward to Thursday evening when I saw some neat beach decor and started wishing I had another room I could use beach decor in because my beachy bathroom is full of what decor it will hold. And I have some beach stuff in my storage containers that I used to decorate my office/craft room with. But I felt guilty going back to a beach theme when I had this beautiful red shelf.

Then inspiration struck! My kitchen is a country kitchen with vintage Pyrex and I have red in my kitchen. So I thought, why not? And next thing you know there I was at 9:30 at night moving around some stuff and putting the red shelf in the kitchen and going through my "stuff" and finding things to rearrange so I could use the red shelf in the kitchen. By 10:15 I had this created in the kitchen.

In finding stuff for the red shelf, I realized that I still had Easter stuff in my three tier stand so I then set to work to "shop" my house to complete a spring theme for the tier stand. Very happy with the result since this sets on a cabinet in my kitchen.

Well, this evening I went looking for a few beach ideas of things I can now use to decorate the craft/office with a beach theme. I am going to Dollar Tree to get one of these, some blue pencils and a star fish. This is cute. 

I have a friend that can make me this sign and I can find stuff at Hobby Lobby for the rest of these items if I decide to use this idea for the new room. 

I have awesome beach pictures I have taken over the years and some frames I could do this with. 

And to think, all of this started because I saw this one sign on Pinterest.

Now I'm going to have to get that sign.


Sandi said...

Bring sunshine...Love that!

Even the waves obey His voice... ahh...yes!

Mary Hutchins said...

Love your red shelf, it looks great!

Terri D said...

You are one of the most creative people I know! I love what you did with the red shelf and your 3-tiered centerpiece looks great! Awesomeness!

Linda said...

Love it, love it, love it with the red shelf in the kitchen and the beach theme slowly revolving into a peaceful quiet place of it's own.