When Pinterest works

I love looking at Pinterest and I love it even more when something clicks and I have what I need. I saw this picture one time on Pinterest and it just so happened I add just found this bowl the week before in an antique store. So far I have collected four pairs of scissors and a bowl of pins for mine. I am still looking for more scissors. I'd like to find some of the scissors like they have in this sample picture.

The other day I was going through Pinterest and this popped up in my recommendations. I just thought they were so cute.

Then it hit me I already had similar fabric and some jute. So I pulled out the fabric and I am going to make some of these.

I posted it this on my Facebook phase and mentioned I only needed to get the fiber fill. A friend at work told me yesterday she has a 20# of it she bought then never had time to make anything. She wants to get rid of it so she is just bringing it to me tomorrow. I offered to pay but she just wants it out of her way. 

I also saw this patriotic bracelet. I may get some beads and try to make a smaller version of this. 

I am looking for more ideas and will keep you posted. 

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Terri D said...

Cute ideas!! I love that bracelet! May have to dig into my beads and see what I have that will work!