Weekend wrap up...

It was an amazing two days off. It started with a couple of ballgames on Saturday watching my grandson Colby play. I also got to visit with my oldest grandson Garret who had just gotten back from Clarksville. They played again on Sunday so I went back for two more games. Got a good start on a tan. I was so happy to be wearing shorts and flip flops that a little sunburn was a small price to pay.

Alexis had her 8th grade prom Saturday night. I wish I could make time stand still. She is growing up way too much. I thought she looked so beautiful. 

I stopped at Cracker Barrel one night and picked up this little puffer fish to go with my sea turtle I got a month or so ago. I love the beach stuff at Cracker Barrel. 

That was about it. I'm preparing for a yard sale soon and I worked on that over the weekend in between ball games. I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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