Dollar Tree Crafts

My daughter-in-law showed me this yesterday. She knew I would go crazy over it. I have go to make some of these. I visited the site and she has step by step instructions at Crafts by Amanda.

That triggered my creative juices so I went to my Facebook and Pinterest pages that had Dollar Tree crafts on them. Check this one out. It is so simple and so cute. I need a bigger branch to put my 5 grandkids on. I am waiting for a response on where she got the pattern for the tree. 

I love crafts that use glass vases and this one was a really good idea. I never know how to fill the bottom to bring the candle up toward the top without costing a fortune or having it plain with just a tall candle. Here was a cute easy way....coffee beans. I may have to try that sometime. 

You can turn trays from the Dollar Tree or yard sales into shadow boxes simply by adding scrapbook paper to the bottom.

Transform wooden trays from the dollar store into shadow boxes using scrapbooking paper.

These are just too cute. Dollar Tree wine glasses, Vellum sheets from the Scrapbook Store, and little tea lights. Too cute for words.

In addition to loving vases from the Dollar Tree, I love their candle sticks. Check this out. What unique picture frames with just a few dollars and a minimum amount of time. These would make awesome gifts to give Grandparents with picks of their grandbabies. I may have to make one for Mom with the grandkids in it. 

Simple, but elegant. And just $3 each at the Dollar Tree and a little big of glue.

Here is a cute idea for reusing pickle jars. One lady says she paints her glass candlesticks by mixing Rit Dye with Modge Podge. I would never think of that in a million years. 

I am so in love with this. Frame and candlestick refinished from Dollar Tree items. Not sure where she got the bird, but the little finial on the top is from Home Depot or Lowe's. On a side note, Google lamp finial. You will be amazed at the collections. I may have to blog about that some day.

Instructions for Dollar Tree shadowbox, thrift store candlestick, glued together and painted

And yes, I know Christmas is a long way away, but oh my goodness I love this. Dollar Tree pizza pans and a cookie sheet painted up for a specialized gingerbread man. 

Gingerbread Man ... cookie sheet & pizza pans- from the dollar tree!

I thought at first these were more pizza pans. Nope. They are range burner covers. The spindle would probably be from Home Depot and cut into thirds. They used scrapbook paper as liners. I am just amazed at the talent out there.

Cake/Candy tiers made from Dollar Tree stove burner covers!

And with Super Bowl Sunday just days away, here are a couple of ideas to spruce up your party. Duct tape over your water or soda pop bottles. That is such a great idea for any holiday or gathering. And cheap. A roll of Duct tape goes a long way.

Use Duct Tape as Water Bottle Party Labels

If you are lucky, you could even find some of the sports teams and do one for the Seahawks and one for the Patriots.

And one last thing. This isn't so much a craft as just something that caught my idea that would be great for gatherings. Don't have matching chip and dip sets? Tired of tons of assorted bowls cluttering the buffet. Visit the Dollar Tree and get you a big bowl for your chips and a large wine glass for your dip. Instead success.

good idea for a chip/dip set. put a wine glass filled with dip in the center of a bowl and fill with chips. Also works with a margarita glass with tortilla chips and salsa.

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Will be curious to see who makes a Dollar Tree run this weekend. These are crafts that even the faint of heart can do. With a few bucks and 15 minutes spare time, anybody can craft from these ideas. 


Terri D said...

As always...wonderful, creative ideas!!

Leslie said...

wow! so many great ideas! I love the dollar tree. : )