Sneak peak....

Today begins the 2018 National Conference for Thirty-One. The business is 15 years old this year so I am sure it will be one big celebration. The company has been posted signs all week where they are preparing Columbus, Ohio for the pink invasion. I am not going this year, but will be watching a lot of it through social media sites. 

Ladies across the U.S. and Canada are visiting hair salons for new color and cuts. They are getting manicures and pedicures. You wouldn't believe how many pink nails you see at Conference. 

They are laying out their clothes and trying to decide what bags to pack. Today is a big travel day for the Thirty-One gals.

Some are already arriving at their hotels yesterday since they attend director day. You not only see a lot of Thirty-One gals you see a lot of Thirty-One products.

Tomorrow is the official first day. This was one year that I went and it ended up with over 14,000 women in attendance.

They have given us a sneak peak at the new kits for the Fall 2018 new consultants. This gives me some ideas of the new patterns they will be having. This is the regular kit. 

But this kit is fabulous for a second option. Normally, new consultants pay $99 for a kit, but this second option is $179. However, when you add all these items together they are about $600 so $179 isn't a bad price to pay. I am loving the new colors in this kit myself. I'll be receiving a new catalog next week and I can promise you I will getting my wish list started. Time to have some parties and earn me some free stuff.


A trip to the aquarium

I took the three youngest Grands to Ripley's Aquarium yesterday. We just love that place. I love when you walk up the sidewalk to go to the ticket line, there are facts in the concrete. Alexis loves to read them all. This was my favorite one yesterday.

They are always ready to get started, but they know that when they are with Mamaw there will be Kodak moments they have to pause for. 

I love this one of them. The back drop is a mural around the water area over the sharks where the glass bottom boat glides around. L-R: Shelby, the wanna be diva/actress/model. Colby, our future major league baseball player, and Alexis who starts high school this year and already has her future mapped out as a school teacher. She will make a great one because she loves knowledge.

Our favorite exhibit is going through the shark tank. It is a tank with a moving walkway that runs right through the sharks. They swim beside you on both sides and on top of you. There is one who normally likes to just lay and sleep on top of the glass over our head and he freaks me out. Tried to get his picture but moved a little too fast to get it. This guy followed us around a lot.

When I took this picture I started humming the Jaws theme music. I don't think anybody found me amusing. Ha ha.

We got done with Jaws oops the sharks and headed to the coral reef. So many beautiful little fishes. There is a big screen to the side of it and it displays the fish one at a time with their name and details about them. As you can see, our future teacher spent as much time sharing the facts with the rest of us as she did watching the fish. 

It was cool because when a fish would go by she was able to tell us what it was. 

Then came the moment we were all waiting for. The Mermaid Show. 

There was lots of diving. 

Crazy flips.

And tons of smiles and laughter. Even when she had to go up to the top to get some air to come back down, she was so graceful. It was beautiful. I was as mesmerized as the kids. Made me want to go home and watch every episode of Mako Mermaids on Netflix.

We love everything about the aquarium. But we all love spending time in history section where they talk about shipwrecks. It is very historical and extremely educational and interesting. But what I find the oddest thing in an aquarium that I have ever seen, is that there is a whole section devoted to Abraham Lincoln. I love going through it, but still can't fathom why he is in the Ripley's Aquarium. I need to Google that. Colby and Shelby did enjoy posing as The Lincolns. They both knew not to smile because, as Shelby put it, "Nobody ever smiled in old pictures."

The stingrays were very playful yesterday. I normally have a hard time getting pictures of them for some reason. But today I had some good luck.

They go by so fast you just have to aim and click and hope for the best. I like this shot.

And of course we HAVE to see the penguins. It's the last exhibit and one of our favorites. In a separate tank was two little babies, but they were up in a corner and I couldn't get a photo at that angle. But they were so cute.

As with any attraction in the world, you exit through the gift shop. And we loved ending our wonderful day on a note of humor.

It was a great way to spend over the hump day!


Random Wednesday

Just some things that have caught my fancy. First off, I have a ton of throw pillows and soft blankets I keep in my closet. The Grands love to lay on the pillows and cover with the blankies on the couch when they visit. I just saw this idea. How adorable is that basket to hold them. I need to check on this idea a little farther. 

I saw this on a site the other day. Need to find the original post somewhere. Does anybody have any idea on how to make the sparkling icy look. Do you think it could be some kind of glue mixed with Epsom salt, sea salt, or a kosher salt. Trying to figure this one out.

And oh my goodness. I am absolutely in love with this for winter. Just too cute. 

And just let me say...OH MY GOODNESS!!! Why, why in the world, was I not aware that Pyrex made a set of Halloween fridgies??? I am just dying here. This is not fake because now that I saw them, I have been able to see them in several displays on Pinterest and Pyrex sites. It is believed they were made in the late 50's but I can't find facts to back it up. But you know how I am about Pyrex and you know I love to decorate for Halloween. So I am sure you can just imaging how seeing this just boggled my mind. I am so in love with it!

One lady incorporated it with all black and orange Pyrex and added some Halloween decor. I would never ever be able to find the fridgies but I could look for some orange and black for sure. Just loving it all.


It was a hectic, crazy, random Monday.

I was supposed to work yesterday but due to some scheduling issues on Thursday we actually had to change one of my days off at the last minute. By then it was too late to get my grandchildren for the day. Then my friend Sherrie wanted me to go with her to Walmart. Nothing exciting to share from Walmart. I don't think you want to see pictures of soap and trash bags. But on the way home we made a quick decision to run to Mountainside Mercantile antique store in Kodak. Saw a lot of things that caught my eye, but not enough to buy them. But I did fall in love with this vintage Fire King yellow bowl for just a few dollars. So it did come home with me.

She dropped me off just in time for me to get ready to go to dinner with my sister who is visiting. She wanted to take me to a semi-famous local restaurant, Applewood Restaruant, at the Applebarn. Their portions of food are huge. 

The look on my great nieces face was priceless when they brought out her pot pie. She thought it would like Banquet size individual pot pie. Wow was she wrong. Biggest pot pie I ever saw for one person.

The food was delicious. My great nephew has been sampling various banana puddings while he has been here and declared this delicious. 

Me and Rachel were going to share a piece of Hershey Chocolate Cake. They put it in front of her and we tried it. She loved it, but I took one bite and it was to sweet for me. Which is odd considering the two of us I eat way more chocolate than she does. 

When I was pulling photos from my phone to put on my blog this morning, I found one my granddaughter Shelby apparently did last week when they were over and playing on my phone. She loves those crazy apps where you can do things with photos. This is a normal picture of Shelby.

When she had my phone, she took a picture and did "her thing" to doctor the picture up in that app. It's a little on the wild side, but then again our Shelby marches to the beat of a different drum than the rest the world. 

I do have to admit it's pretty cool what she does with that app.

Well, have a great Tuesday.


Let us pray....

Here is a milk glass piece I have never seen before. Isn't this amazing. I would love to find these. 

I used to have one of these small trays in clear glass. I would love to find one in the blue.

My day has been a crazy one so I am very late in posting. Praying that you had a great day.


My yarn addiction

I love yarn. All colors. All styles. There are a lot of things you can do with yarn that don't involve knitting or crocheting. I saw this pop up on a website and fell instantly in love. Let's face it, I try every year to find ideas to make for fall and Christmas and I fail miserably to find the time. So I am starting now on making things for the holidays.

What follows is a hodge podge of ideas of things to make with yarn that are simple, easy, and cheap. I won't make it all but at least I have things to choose from now. Plus it's an easy way to use up my old yarn from past projects. So here are some thoughts for the upcoming holidays.....