Wordless Wednesday

God's beauty is everywhere if you just take the time to look for it. 


Top 10 Tuesday

Some fun ideas for crafts that would be super simple and in many cases, you probably have some of the stuff for them laying around the house. These are adorable.

I would imagine this would be a wonderful sound as a wind chime.

I love when they glue jars to candle sticks. It's too cute.

Cheap ways to make your apartment look chic and nice! You do not have to spend a lot to make your apartment feel more like home! Follow these easy and simple DIY and decorating tips to create a home you are proud to show off to guests!:

Kleenix holders that are adorable. These would be a cute gift idea for someone you just want to brighten their day.

Mason Jar Tissue Holders | <a href="http://landeelu.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">landeelu.com</a> Such a cute and easy way to have tissues in any room! And you can decorate the mason jar however you want to fit into any decor!

I love this. And it would be easy to find the items at yard sales and thrift stores. So you wouldn't have much in them. 

Easy tutorial for taking items from the thrift store and making a distressed vintage-looking tiered jewelry tray.:

You all know how much I love my teapots. I am definitely going to do this. And I have everything I need right here at the house. So it won't cost a thing. Even have some stuffing for the pin cushion.

vintage teapot sewing caddy with hidden pincushion, crafts, diy, repurposing upcycling:

I love these scrapbook paper clipboards. Too adorable. 

I love this simple idea: embellish old clipboards with vintage (or new) paper to bring your personality to the office!:

I have posted this before but never got around to making it. I need to see what kind of ribbon and fabric I have.

American Flag With Stars and  Vintage Lace & Ribbon Stripes fun idea for the 4th of July party..:):

Oh my gosh! This is the ultimate birdhouse for somebody like me that likes books. I am going to accumulate some old books at yard sales to go with some I already have and try this. 

Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages:

And last but not least, I am forever seeing little plates and saucers for just .25 - .50 cents at yard sales. I love them but don't buy them because I don't have a use for them. Well, I will now. 

DIY Dessert stand from thrift store plates and candlesticks:

There you have it. My top 10 for this Tuesday.


Monday Mornings....

noun: the day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday. 

.....and that is about the best thing I can say about Monday.

I am looking forward to my day. Lots of exciting things ahead.

Going to dinner tonight at Cracker Barrel with my Thirty-One sisters to discuss our conference travel plans and new updates on what to expect at conference this year.

One of the speakers at conference this year is Andy Andrews. He wrote a book called The Traveler's Gift and we had a session at our retreat in February from this book. I found it in good condition for a penny and $3.99 shipping on Amazon. It's supposed to arrive this week. I can't wait to read it before we hear him speak.

And I have a few more orders to collect over the next couple of days to close out my Thirty-One Party. Right now, I am at $90 worth of free products since I am the hostess. One thing I am getting is the Go To Tote to carry to conference. I have this bag in Navy for the fall/winter. But I want one for spring/summer. Since it will be for conference and to carry to advertise Thirty-One. I am trying to decide which of these I like the best. Opinions are welcome! What do you think?


Oh Happy Day

My favorite rendition of this song was from the movie Sister Act 2. May God bless you on this beautiful Sunday and may He always give you happy days. 


My Meandering Mind

Last night it was about 5 or 10 after midnight and I had been working on some decorations for a shower. As I walked into the living room to turn off the TV, the show that had come on caught my eye. I sat down a second to see that scene. Fast forward it is 1:00 a.m. and I have been glued to the screen. I am now officially addicted to Saving Hope. Since I rarely watch TV, I'm not sure if this show is new or 10 years old. I just know I really liked it.

By the time it went off, I was wide awake again so I went back to folding fans for the decor for a wedding shower tomorrow. The hubby-to-be will be at the shower as well and they want baseball incorporated into the decor since he is a huge fan. We are going to incorporate an old bat, ball and glove. My daughter is helping so she has some of the decor that she is gathering. Not sure how this is all going to turn out, but I know it will be fun.

Woke up to the fog laying low this morning in the trees. 

I love the fact I can watch the sunrise...if I just didn't have all the wires in the way. I don't really notice them until I take a picture.

I love enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on my porch while the sun rises. 

I'm heading out this morning for a quick run to East Knoxville. I need some material from Joann's for bathroom curtains. It's a beach theme so I am hoping to find some "beachy".

Hope you have a great weekend.


Faith Filled Friday - The Open Door

For the past 6 months, my life has been filled with old doors closing and new doors opening. Moments of deep despair and days of optimistic hope. The loss of a loved one, changing jobs, moving homes. And through it all I have found the strength to just step out of one door and enter through the next one. I wrote this blog many years ago. It is so appropriate to my life now that I had to post it again for Faith Filled Friday.

We have all heard it said that when God closes one door, another door opens. I believe this is true. I also believe that the open doors are there all along. But because of our stubborn ways and willful nature, we are unable to see the open door God is providing us. We are too interested in doing things are own way, choosing our own paths. We will walk through the wrong door...day after day, month after month. God provides us instructions and courage to take the road less traveled and head through the open door.

But sometimes, when we can't see our way to do His will, He will close a door to us so we are forced to step out on faith alone and walk through the new door He has opened. When we do, we find joy and peace unknown. Opportunities begin to come our way and the benefits of obeying His will are innumerable.

It is a sad commentary on our lives that we have become so obstinate and so self-absorbed that when we pray asking for His help, we still want to continue trying to do it our way...or worse yet, try to tell God how He should handle it.

My prayer for each of you is that you take that step of faith and walk through the door God is providing for you. Do not be afraid or dismayed. Look at it as a new journey, an uplifting opportunity and a road to rewards that are beyond our wildest dreams.


Altoids Tin

When I was at the beach, this was in a General Store and I thought it was so cute. 

Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was simply an Altoids box covered up. So last night, I decided to see what else you could make with those cute little tins. I was blown away. You could spend hours finding new ideas. Here are a few of my favorites. Perfect for tea bags. Place some of your favorite bags in the tin, get a small gift basket and add a new coffee cup, a pretty coaster and maybe a favorite book or some snack cookies and you have an amazing "anytime" gift.

Back to school kit.

What a wonderful Countdown to Christmas.  

A cute tooth fairy spot.

An emergency kit for those times you need a little repair.

This is my favorite. Look at the pics "framed" in the lid. They add little beads to make legs, covered cardboard to divide the box and a pretty clasp.

They just rolled up felt and inserted in this box to make a ring box. I am definitely doing this before I go to conference.

Aww, a cute teddy tin. But I would put something on the lid of the box. Paint or scrapbook paper. 

Tic Tac Toe fun. Great to keep in the car for kids on long trips.

Another great one for kids. They can draw with chalk on the lid, or use the notepad and crayons inside to draw that way.

I love this one. I think because my grandson Colby would probably love this. Especially when he is having to patiently way somewhere like a restaurant or something. 

I saw several ideas I may try to do. I will update with pics if I do. 


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