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Another day...

I am downsizing and decluttering my life. I am moving to a small home and getting rid of things I don't need. How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff. As I was packing to move yesterday, my daughter was helping. She summed it up best by saying "Mother, you sure have a lot of crap." As I looked around at all the boxes so far and realize we are only about 1/3 of the way done, I decided I agree. 

Nobody needs this much stuff. Why do I need two desks and two desk chairs. Yes they were great when hubby was still alive and I was working from home a lot. But now? Not so much. 

Why do I need an oak craft table when I do 99% of my crafting on a folding table so I don't get glue or anything on the oak table. (Which by the way, I bought at a yard sale for the sole purpose of crafting on it.)

Let's face it. I just have way to much stuff. 

I went to the new place last nice and measured and designed where the furniture will go in each room. I was so thrilled to see that all my favorite pieces are going to be able to fit quite well and the things that don't fit, I will gladly part with because they actually are rarely used. 

So, anyway, my goal is to get all packed up and move this weekend. I don't want to live out of boxes for much longer than a few days. 


A little sentimental today.....

Oh how I miss that smile. He was my life. I miss him so much. 

I love this song. It popped up on my Facebook memories today and set off this string of memories. Most days I do really good. I strive to be strong. I am making changes. Making adjustments. But every once in awhile something triggers the tears. 


Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to my son and daughter-in-law. May you have many more. 


And now.....

I love you both.


My memories from today....

Do you ever click on your Facebook Memories to see what happened on this day in your past Facebook years? 

Well, today my plans are to clean house and get it finally straightened back up from my busy past three weeks. I should be done by noon. Then I'm taking the grandkids to the local playground/park in Kodak for a picnic and to let them play. After that, when we are going to come back and make brownies and I am going to make a lemon pound cake. I am really energized and motivated today to get things done. But first, I always check my Facebook. In light of my plans for today, I found it extremely hilarious that these were my first two memories...

Apparently, I was not as motivated on April 30th in years past. The next things that I found funny was that the rest of my memories were about baking on a day I had planned to do some baking. First was something I experimented with. I cut Crescent rolls in to wide strips and rolled them up, baked them and then coated them in cinnamon sugar. They were delicious. May try to do that again soon. 

These were some type of apple cinnamon churro bites that was a recipe I saw online.

And I was intrigued by these little muffins so I ended up making these but just in cinnamon sugar and I made a batch of some in lemon supreme.

A french toast bake that hubby shared with me but we never did get around to trying it.

One of these days I am going to go back and try this caramel pound cake. 

The lemon pound cake is what I am making later today, but my glaze won't be that thick. I just like a thin glaze all over.

There were two more things I liked in my memories and it was this vacation poster. This is so me. I take several books to the beach with me because there is absolutely positively nothing in the world as relaxing as sitting on the beach and reading a book. I get lost in my book and get sunburned every time, but it is so restful.

Well, those were my memories for the day. Now I'm ready to make some more memories. Have a great day.


Friday Foto Friends

I am linking up with Friday Foto Friends at Breathing in Grace

Ms. Debbie has some beautiful spring flowers over at Breathing in Grace. I am not a gardener by any means. But when my house 4 years ago, we had a snowball bush and I had no idea how to care for it so I just let nature take its course. It gets more beautiful every year. 

We had horrible rains Wednesday night and I was afraid it would take a beating, but it is still looking great. 

We also had a rose bush. I know nothing about rose bushes and I googled how to care for them and there was so many different answers that I decided not to worry with it. But I couldn't bring myself to cut it down. It is up against my porch on the other side that we don't go up and down much. I went out to check on my yard yesterday and was shocked when I saw these beautiful roses on my rose bush. 

So of course I had to share it. I loved the way the sun was caught shining in the background on this picture of it. 

A couple of the roses were in full bloom and beautiful.

But look at all the wholes in the leaves (the white spots). Apparently it has something wrong. How do I treat it?

All the blooms are on only one stem. But on the other side of the bush, this lone bud was just too precious not to get a picture of. 

Don't forget to head to Breathing in Grace to see her amazing flowers.


Some fun finds on Etsy...

I check things out and blog a lot of my finds on Pinterest. But today, I want to show a few of my faves from Etsy. Starting with these adorable beach ankle bracelets. Of course you know it has to have a flip flop on it. 

Flip Flop Jewelry Anklets for Women Cats Eye Light Blue Adjustable Chain Ankle Bracelet Silver Charm Body Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

And I am starting to like the knuckle rings that I have seen some ladies wearing. I like the super think silver ones. 

Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring, Stacking Ring, Hammered Ring, Pinkie Rings, Sterling Silver Jewellery

Here is my next dream set of mixing bowls from Pyrex. Let the search begin. 

I really, really want a pair of barefoot sandals to wear to walk on the beach. I had a pair years ago that Avon sold but over the years I lost them. It's like foot jewelry for barefeet. Very cute. Check out this pair. 

Blue Crystal Barefoot Sandals Beach Barefoot Sandals Foot Jewelry Starfish Wedding

And I am always crazy about anything with anchors. 

Gold Anchor Bracelet, Nautical Bracelet, Anchor Jewelry, Nautical Jewelry, Mint Bracelet, Macrame Bracelet, Friend Gift, Girlfriend Gift

I also like this mixing bowl set from Pyrex. 

And the Horizon Blue set. 

What have you seen online that caught your fancy lately?


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