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Another busy day...

I had a great birthday yesterday. Lots of phone calls, FB posts, private messages, text messages and even one visit from my dear friend Georgeanna. She made me this adorable ice cream bowl cozi. I love it. It even had a new bowl for my ice cream. Of course I had to use it last night.

She also brought me this cute little jar full of iced gingerbread cookies. It went perfect with this display in my kitchen.

I bought myself a new laptop. Mine died in August and they couldn't repair it. It had been worked on twice. It was going to cost more to fix it than it would for a new one. I had been using a loaner so I finally broke down and bought me one. I got a 17" HP Pavilion. I love it.  

I also forgot to share something I realized last week that cause me to created a little display. I have Rudolph and Clarisse and a dishtowel with Clarisse on it. I notice my cookie book has little reindeer setting behind the cookies so I created a little display with it all.

I wrapped some presents yesterday. I do have a few more to pick up this week so I'm going today to get them if I can find what I want. If not, I will have to go again the first of the week. I left my wrapping station set up. FYI I use a tape dispenser but the tape for those is more expensive than the tape on a plastic roll. So I buy the .57 cent tape roll and break it off the plastic and put it on my dispenser. Saves money. Yes, that is Snoopy in the background watching me work.

Last night I just laid on the couch and watched Christmas Comes to Willow Creek.  And yes that is Bo & Luke Duke from The Dukes of Hazard. Only in this movie they play brothers Pete & Ray. This is my favorite Christmas movie of all times and Christmas isn't officially "here" till I watch this movie.

I do have to run by Walmart to pick up an order that came in. I also want to head to Kohl's because nothing says Christmas like shopping at Kohl's.

All in all I really enjoyed my birthday yesterday and I am looking forward to doing some last minute shopping today. 


I'm turning 61 today

My life in pics. Me at just a week old... (Don't worry, there are not 61 pictures)

Me at 2 when I was going through the terrible twos and was mad because I had to wear shoes (I'm on the right).

Me at about 3 or 4

About 5 or 6

Me at 10 or so

Me at 18

Me in my early 20's

My mid 30's 

My late 40's

My early 50's

Me last year at 60.

Today I turn 61. But no photo on that because I don't do selfies. So I'll just wish myself a happy birthday and go bake a cake. Have a great day.


Customer Appreciation...

Thirty-One is a great company to work for. The past two years I have not worked my business as much as I did in years past as I made some life adjustments. But this year, I am going to totally focus on building my business. It's a great way to earn extra income, make new friends and get out of the house. They bestow a lot of freebies and great deals to their consultants. Since the company turns 15 this upcoming year, we are going to be seeing lots of celebrating. They are kicking it off today with a month long opportunity to purchase some items that include new items and new patterns for 40% off. Check this out.....

I want to purchase one of the new bags. I love that it comes with a shoulder strap as well as carrying straps. A $38 bag for $22 is a steal. This is going on my after Christmas shopping list. I don't know if I want the dots or the stripes. I like them both. But leaning toward the stripes. This could be the perfect work bag for me.

I also love that they actually have a bible case! This is on my wish list now as well.  

And these zipper pouches are a must. They are thermal. I love that. 

I am really going to focus on building my business in 2018. I can't wait to see the new catalog and what all they have in store as they celebrate their 15th year.


Weekend Wrap Up....

FRIDAY: It started off a little cloudy and overcast. Not gloomy overcast but winter overcast. It was cold. I layered on the clothes and headed out shopping. It was an amazing day. Got lots of things on my list and with bargain shopping and using coupons from my apps, I was able to get everything I headed out for at a price lower than I had budgeted for. I call that Power Shopping! It started snowing on my way home and that may it even more fun that I had been Christmas shopping. When I got home, I had time to wrap some presents before I had to head out again.

Next was dinner with my twins to celebrate birthdays. We went to Longhorns. I had been craving the Texas Tunions. I had them with the chicken tenders. It was so good. And for dessert they had some kind of chocolate and peanut butter with Reese cups that was out of this world.

The three youngest Grands came home with me to spend the weekend. We woke up to a little snow. It had snowed way more than that at their house, but it was still fun to head out to Christmas shop with them while we had some snow.

We bundled up and headed out with the first stop being breakfast at McDonald's.

We went to Target and Kohl's and got a couple of things. Alexis was doing a little gift shopping as well. The store she wanted to go to was at East Town Mall. Colby had to stop on the University of Tennessee map to get a photo on Neyland Stadium.

Then he had me take his picture in front of The Joker. He wanted me to keep it on my phone to scare his sister. He's a hoot.

We went into one of those comic book/gaming stores and I swear I felt like Sheldon or Leonard would walk around the corner any minute. Just like being in an episode of Big Bang Theory. There was even one guy in there that looked like Captain Sweatpants from the show.

We came home to find Edgar had been at some tricks. I guess he wanted us to make brownies. Unfortunately, by the time we did everything else we wanted to do, we forgot to make the brownies. They decided to eat Reese cups and Hershey bars instead.

We rested about an hour and a half and then it was time to head out for the Kodak Community Christmas parade. Due to the cold weather, we had so many cancellations that it was a small parade, but they had fun. Even if we froze to pieces. Colby and Shelby were in the front but Alexis went to the back figuring it might block some of the wind. She piled on the blankets up to her nose and pulled her hat down to her eyes. Next year, I'm not going to be the organizer because it was so much hard work for such a little turn out. 

After getting home, everybody took their turn at a hot shower and got in their warm jammies. We turned on the fireplace and ordered pieces. We watched Barbie's Christmas Carol movie while we ate supper on TV trays. It's a cute little movie. 

Sunday morning we got up for Sunday School and church. The church children's play was yesterday so we watched it. It was a good little play. It was Jingle Beach, hence the palm tree. It was a sing off between some beach kids and The Snowflakes, a singing group from winter country. It was adorable. 

After church we went to lunch and then to the movies to see The Star. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it....even if you don't take any kids. There were a lot of adults there my age with no children. It was such a good movie. It is definitely one I will buy on DVD for future viewing. The kids loved it. We kept talking about our favorite parts all the way home. 

After that I delivered everybody back to their parents. I went home and straightened up the house. It wasn't bad, it was just where we were in and out so much, I had a few things to pick up and some laundry to do. After that, I settled down with my lights on and watched Charlie Brown Christmas while I had leftover pizza for supper. 

After the show went off, I was checking for what I missed on Facebook and my cousin Amy had tagged me in these ornaments she made. She figured I had some button stock, which I did, and said they were really simple to make. I saved the pic so I could try them sometime.

Then about 7:30, I figured well they do look simple and I'm dying to try one. So I got out the buttons. I didn't have gold wire, but I had some green so I used that. Here was mine that I did.

It was really adorable so I put it on my tree. Oh, and FYI, even though I said this was the first time in 35 years I didn't put icicles on my tree, I ended up putting some on this past Friday. It just looked too naked and not right. But I love my little button tree hanging among them.

Of course when my daughter saw it, she wanted one. So I made her one as well. I couldn't believe I just happened to have star buttons for both trees. This is the very reason when I button a pack or card of buttons to get one or two buttons, I never, ever throw the remaining ones away. I had them to my jar because you never know when you will need more buttons for something.

Well, my cinnamon rolls are done so I need to go eat some with a big tall glass of ice cold milk and start getting ready to go to work. One thing I can say about myself is that I sure know how to pack a three-day weekend full. Have a great Monday.


Happy 40th birthday....

Being a mother is one of the greatest joys a woman can experience. I am so blessed to be the mother of twins who have filled my heart with love since the moment I held them in my arms. Happy 40th birthday to my precious babies, Chris and Diana. May you have many, many more. I love you.