Weekend wrap-up

Not much happening in this neck of the woods. I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Didn't even go to Walmart which is MAJOR for me. I normally have to make at least one Walmart run per week, but haven't been since in 9 days now. I did some house cleaning, some laundry and a little cooking. Thrill a minute, huh? I did spend some time going through my craft supplies. I posted recently about making a picture frame dry erase board. Well, I found some buttons at Joann's that I like and had some frames, ribbon and paper at home so I decided to make another one. This one I used some embellishments on and it turned out really cute.

We are going to make some of these at our upcoming Thirty-One retreat. I had some blue sparkly paper so I thought I would change out the paper to see how I like it with plain. 

I decided I like it either way. Have a great week.



Some crafting today..

Today is going to be a quick run to Joann's and Dollar Tree for some pipe cleaners for children's church and a picture frame for a craft project for my upcoming Thirty-One retreat next month in the Smoky Mountains. . 

Yesterday I got some happy mail from my Thirty-One director because I sold a pillow during a challenge she gave us. Lots of goodies for my business and for me. 


Last night, I found some top cut hot dog buns (known as lobster rolls in New England). I love these because the sides are like regular bread and you can grill them with butter to make them like what Dairy Queen in WV used to call English Hot Dog Buns. They are awesome. It was really, really good.

Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.


Faith filled Friday

Faith Filled Friday

I was listening to some of my favorite Southern Gospel songs last night, while I searched my mind for what to write about. I remembered back when Friday's were my day to write about faith. We are having an awesome Sunday school lesson this coming Sunday about faith. As I was thinking about how to approach this post, this song came on "Oh What a Saviour!"

As they sang the words ...His heart was broken on Calvary; His hands were nail scarred
His side was riven; He gave His life-blood for even me, it got me to thinking. 

I have talked for years about my faith in My Lord. I love the stories of faith in the bible. But something hit me last night. Faith is actually a two way street if you think about it. 

Don't you wonder about the faith God places in us? 

Don't you think that He himself showed great faith in us to send His only Son to die on Calvary that we could go free. He gives us paths to follow and options to take. He allows us to be tempted and trusts us to make the right decisions. He gives us choices and allows us the power to make the right choice. He laid out the perfect plan of salvation with great faith that many would choose the right road when it came time to make a decision. And the thing is, no matter how many millions, or thousands or just even hundreds would choose Him, He would do it all again just to save ONE lost soul. The song says it all when it says "...for even ME." 

So if He had that much faith in us to make the right decision and follow Jesus, shouldn't we in return have an amazing faith in Him? No wonder we sing Oh, What a Saviour


Warm weather

We had an unseasonably warm day yesterday. It go up to around 70 if not more. I sat in my office with the windows and door open trying to cool it down. Of course, I had on hot socks and tennis shoes along with a sweater. I just about burned up.

When I got off work, I had to run home and get ready for my Thirty-One party at a friends house. I couldn't help myself. The weather was perfect for it. I knew it was only February, but what the heck. I decided to go for it. 

Yes, you guessed it FLIP FLOP time!

This morning we woke up to torrential rain and howling wind. So it's back to shoes and socks today. But I am not putting a hot sweater on. Going to revert to a long sleep cotton top.

If you are going through these storms in your area, stay safe.


The Pillow Possibilities....

Yesterday the new spring Thirty-One catalog launched. I think one of the most exciting things about the catalog is the fact that it they now have custom designed pillows. You pick the style pillow and personalize it with whatever you want. 

I decided to play with the program yesterday to see what they looked like. Here is one I designed for my beach bedroom using colors that are in my quilt.

I want this one for the bed as well. It has words from mine and Allen's favorite song. 

But I think this one may be my favorite of all. 

And those are just a couple of styles there are several more. But I think they are going to be a big success.