Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend wrap up....

Friday on the way home from work, I stopped at an estate sale. It was the second day so there wasn't much left. I did find this cute little jar that looked vintage. My niece found it online for me and it is from the 1930's. It was a tilted Lucky Joe mustard jar.

Friday night found me in a baking frenzy since I found out I could bring a dessert to the C & C Thirty-One meeting on Saturday. We were going to be discussing preparing for the Christmas season so she asked us to bring a favorite Christmas cookie...even if it was just a regular cookie. So I put my Lemon cookie cups in a Christmas container to add to the atmosphere.

For those who don't like lemon, I made Chocolate Chip in the mini muffin tins and stuck a red or green M & M in the center and line the pan with Christmas paper so it would keep with the theme. They turned out really good. I just bought the pre-made Toll House break apart cookie dough. I cut each cookie in 1/2 and dropped the dough in the cups and baked at 350 for 10-12 minutes and stuck an M & M in when I was done. I loved them. This recipe is perfect for children to make.


We got an awesome amenity. It is going to be available to hostesses only in December. If you are familiar with Thirty-One's large utility tote, you know that most people wish it stood up better when empty and wish it had pockets. With the new liner that snaps in, it it a very firm material and causes the tote to set up straight.

And it has 5 mesh pockets. I love it.

After the meeting, my daughter had to go to work and Shelby went to the 9 mile yard sale with me. Her mom accidentally took her sweater with her and she was freezing. We found booth that you could tell the people were clean and you could smell the clothing to tell it had been washed, so I snagged her a cute sweater for $1.00. She was so warm afterwards. (This was actually taken in Walmart's parking lot later in the day because she wanted to show mommy that she was warm.)

At the same yard sale, I found something I have been looking for for over two years. A hand crocheted shawl in a thicker yarn, not crochet thread. I don't like wearing jackets and this will be perfect until coat weather gets here. I am so thrilled that it was just $1.00 as well. 

(Back Side)

(Front Side)

I also picked up this cute little kitty figurine. I collect white porcelain cats. They still have some of their original coloring. I am going to leave them like that because you can tell they are old.

I picked up this cute Santa for my Santa collection.

I had to have this one to go with the red and turquoise decor I use in the kitchen at Christmas. It needs cleaned up, but it looks like dirt spots so should come clean just fine. 

I really liked this and I have several pill boxes for Christmas. Only problem is I think I may already have this one. Oh well, for .50 cents I could always use a second one.

I found this plaid napkin. I am going to do something crafty with it...just don't have any idea what.

I got this book for $1.00. I have read others by her and she is really good. 

After the yard sale, we went to Walmart and I picked up some Christmas material for making some crafts. I am not sure what I am making with it, but I really liked it and couldn't pass it up.

Today is a very special day because it is my sister, Rachel's birthday. She is just 13 months older than I am so we have always been very close. She is an amazing sister and I don't know what I would do without her. Love you Sis. Have a happy birthday. 

(Mom and Rachel)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The File Cabinet



The File Cabinet

My heart is like a drawer, for each thing there is a file. 
Some stay there forever and some for just a while. 
One day as I was kneeling, the Lord began to look. 
As he saw the files I kept, I watched as his head shook.

“My child, this will not do. These files do not belong. 
You felt that you would need them all, but oh you were so wrong.” 
I watched as He flipped through them, reading every tab. 
Leaving in the good ones and pulling out the bad. 

He left in peace and kindness, but hate went in the trash. 
It was followed by greed and gossip. They were destined to be ash. 
He pulled out jealousy and fear, but left in hope and faith. 
I watched as He worked diligently; determination on his face. 

When all the wickedness was gone, empty slots could be seen. 
I watched His face light up with joy; his eyes began to gleam. 
He filled each empty folder with all the love that it would hold. 
He slipped them back into my heart to stay as I grow old. 

He dusted off His hands and said “I’m finished. I must be on my way. 
Now that we’ve cleaned out those old files, I’m in your heart to stay. 
For though you thought I’d left you and you wondered where I’d been, 
I was here all along just waiting for room to enter in.”

Copyright Brenda Keefer 2000

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I need your help...

I stopped by an estate sale recently and found this little jar. It has a tilt bottom like the old candy store jars, but is smaller. From what research I have done, I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I'm putting feelers out to see if anybody can help me determine what it is and what time era it is from. Have you ever seen one?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Funnies...

I am so ready for the weekend. I have my Celebrate & Connect Thirty-One meeting tomorrow. But first, lots of work to get through today and some projects around the house tonight. So I spend some relaxing time this morning finding us some funny Halloween humor. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pretty in Pink

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of sports teams are doing the "pink out" day for one of their games. My granddaughter, Alexis, was definitely pinked-out this past weekend. I just love this picture.

My Mom is a breast cancer survivor. She had surgery this past March at age 83. Within hours of the surgery she was pronounced Cancer free. We are very blessed. Here she is just about an hour after her surgery. 

I have an who is a survivor for over 20 years and cousins on both sides of the family who have fought this horrible disease and won. I admire them all for beating the odds.

I posted this on Facebook the other day. It was just too cute for words. One of my cousins has a birthday on Halloween and is a breast cancer survivor. She fell in love with it as well.

So if you haven't yet, wear your pink and show your support of all the ladies who have battled this horrible disease.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An awesome trade....

I paid a visit to my favorite antique store on my day off Monday. It's funny because I used to never go in there because the name sounded fancy. But my daughter-in-law found a piece of my favorite pattern of Pyrex in there and when she told me how the inside was, now it is my favorite.

I took some of my trade Pyrex for her to see and she decided on three of the 403 mixing bowls I had. So I went shopping for my trade items. The first thing I spotted guessed it a snowflake pattern. It is a 474 Snowflake Garland bowl. 

The next piece I found was the 024 Garland Branch

I have been looking everywhere for the pitcher in milk glass that is not a creamer, but not a tea pitcher. She had one yesterday and I snapped it up. I have plans for this at Christmas. Stay tuned.

And last but so exciting was this vintage Dickson deer and sleigh from the 1950's. I fell in love with it and added it to my pile. It did come outside the range of my trade value. But it was only $6.00 so I gladly paid that for it. I came home and Googled it. The only one I can find on line is on an Etsy shop and it is going for $95.00! Apparently I got a good deal. I always think of the Thrifter Sisters when I find vintage Christmas. I really wish they could make a trip to Tudor House. One entire section is nothing but vintage Christmas and the prices are awesome. 

I was very excited with all my trades. Now I just have one more piece of Pyrex for my snowflake collection that I am looking for. I will probably make the rounds on Saturday after my C & C meeting to see if I can find the Snowflake divided dish.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Craft Time....

I don't know what it is about this time of year that makes people want to start crafting, but the bug has hit. My friend, Theresa, decided to try her hand at the mesh wreaths that are all the rage. She had never made one before. 

She enjoyed making her fall one so much that she went and bought stuff to make a Christmas one. She has around $12 in each one. 

Another friend of mine, Tammy, bought some of those unfinished wooden frames from AC Moore. She covered them using modge podge, tissue paper and pigeon glue. They turned out beautiful. I would never in a million years think to use tissue paper. I am going to have to try this. 

So that got me in the mood to try my hand at a little crafting. I am going to get a small tree to put in my craft room at Christmas and put nothing but handmade crafts on it. Since I do so much with yarn, I decided to try the little mini yarn balls. I rolled the ball of yarn and inserted a ornament hanger in the top. I put a touch of hot glue to hold it in. Then I glued little beads on the end of toothpicks, making them look like knitting needles. I simply inserted them tightly in the yarn. I already had everything in my craft stash so I didn't have to spend anything to make these. I am loving them. I also have solid green sparkly yarn and red sparkly yarn to make more. These were so fun and so fast. Took about 5 minutes to make.

I had some brown and some red burlap in my surplus of items. I also had a ball of Jute string. I cut out this little birdie. I cut two pieces exactly alike to give it thickness. I laid down the back piece first and then looped my jute and laid the string on top of the back piece and let it hang down. I took a black scrapbook tack and put through the top piece for the eye and hot glued the red wing on. Then I ran a bead of glue around the edges of the bottom piece and laid the top piece on it. I knotted the Jute and cut the excess off to create legs. Easy as pie.

The only thing I noticed after the fact was the wing is backwards. It is supposed to have the big side on the left side, not the right. I will change that when I make some more of them. What have you been crafting?