Throw back Thursday....

Lots of things from my childhood and teen years that you just don't see any more. One thing I miss that I wish we still had was our old Brother portable typewriter. Rachel got it for Christmas when she took typing. She may still have it for all I know. I thought it was so cool to get to type on it. 

Do you remember when Pizza Hut had these red plastic glasses. We didn't go out to eat much, but when we did it was usually fast food. I remember the first time I dined in at a Pizza Hut and it had dim lights and red checkered table clothes and these glasses. I wanted one of the glasses so bad. I thought it was so cool. Now I hate to drink out of plastic glasses. 

Did any of you ever have homemade Popsicle's made out of Kool-Aid with Tupperware's Popsicle freezable containers. It was so awesome.

And I loved when I first started homemaking and Tupperware carried all this amazing colors of containers. I loved it all. My favorite was the pitchers. For making the Kool-Aid that used to pour to make the popsicles.

So many people have ice makers nowadays that ice trays are slowing becoming something you don't see much. I must say though that the new plastic ice trays are a lot easier to pop out the ice than these old metal ones.

Jack always had a set of toy cap pistols and we loved buying these. As we got older, we would roll them out on the sidewalk and hit each dot with a rock to make it explode. 

I loved these little things, even though I don't know what they called them. But they could drive you absolutely crazy!

And who in my generation never played with Tinker Toys. I loved, loved, loved building things with Tinker Toys. 

When you had a cut did you get Mecurochrome or Merthiolate on it. That stuff burned like the dickens but we never got an infection so it must have worked. Mom would blow on the cut while she put it on and I would cry anyway. FYI blowing on it while administering it was no help at all.

Do you remember the old metal glasses? They had a matching pitcher. I never see these that I don't remember drinking out of them at Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Louise's house.

And my favorite memory today is the View Master. I remember we had one and Daddy had gotten some disks of the Grand Canyon. He loved sitting and looking at those. I loved my View Master. 

What are some of your favorite things you remember?


Just some stuff....

First I wanted to share my new little heart I got at Hobby Lobby. It was $4.99 less my 40% coupon so I got it for $2.99. You know how much I love a bargain.

I came home from work the other night and wanted some ice cream. Couldn't decide on vanilla or chocolate so I settled for both. I have this misconceived notion that if I eat my ice cream from a Pampered Chef bowl that says NOURISH it is healthier for me. Right?

I am having a Pampered Chef party Thursday. We are going to have the Chicken Parm Soup. I love this stuff. It's delicious. It's the only soup I eat that I will eat some of the ingredients and not just the broth. The chicken and croutons are so good and it is made with Ragu spaghetti sauce and cheese so you can't go wrong. I do pick around the tomatoes though. They are good for flavor but I just can't eat them. 

I'm making the dessert. It is a brookie bar. That's a brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough on top of it baked in a 9 x 13 cake pan for 25-35 minutes at 350°. I thought it sounded gross, but then I had to make one for work so I realized it is heavenly. 

Pampered Chef has a lot of new stuff out and one thing I want is this drizzler. A lot of time I make muffins or cookies that I want to drizzle with a glaze but I'm not good at using a spoon to drizzle. I glob it up to bad. But this will be perfect. And at just $5.00 it's a bargain.

It's double hostess points month so I'm going to try to get a big enough order to get the deep dish baker. I want it to be able to bake chicken, make beef stew and anything else that hits my fancy. I love the color of gray it is coming in this year. 

By the way, if you need anything from Pampered Chef or just want to look at what they have, Michele created a link for my party. If you order online from my party, it will ship direct to you. We are closing it on January 27th. The link to the party and catalog is Brenda's PC Party

Have a happy over the hump day.


Some cute signs...

This is so me. I can't focus on finding where I'm going if my car radio is on so I always have to turn it off. Why don't I use my GPS you may ask? That's easy to answer. I forget I have it on my phone sometimes. I also can't talk to anybody without my glasses on. I have to "see" them before I can "hear" them. And I'm not deaf or anything. I'm just weird like that. It's psychological or psycho. Whichever way you want to look at it.

Yes, this would be very strange to come home and see this if you didn't own a cat. I'd run from my house screaming.

I just thought this was hilarious so I wanted to share it with you.

How many times do we take one simple little thing and "What if...." it to pieces until we freak ourselves out with stress and it is normally something that if we didn't worry so much about it we probably wouldn't even notice it.

Definitely the definition of lazy. I admit there are days I probably would have just done the same thing.

Oh how easy life would be if people just did this and accepted things the way they are when you can't change them. Would be a lot less drama in the world. Just shrug, say "Oh well" and move forward with life. There are always going to be twists and turns.

That's how I feel today. I just finished my four day work week. Now I'm off the next three days. Since I cleaned and reorganized and did the spare room closet last week, the only things I need to do today are pick up those few little things that just get dumped on the table when I get home from work. Then I have one more load of laundry to do. After that, today and the next two days are mine to do what I want. Question is, what do I want? It's a toss up between nothing, crafting, watching tv and baking. I'm pretty sure baking and crafting will win out because I'm not much on watching tv and I can't stand not doing anything. I still have the bedroom closet that needs cleaned out and that will take just about an hour cause it's not bad. I may wait and tackle that tomorrow. I really just want to bake.

Have a great Tuesday. 


My Pryex/Vintage Fix

Saturday morning I went to a local antique store and saw some gorgeous stuff. I really stood and debated a long time about this but ended up not getting it. I personally thought $28 was a little high for it a pitcher and four glasses. But it was beautiful.

So many booths had vintage Pyrex, Fire King and Glasbake. But this one particular set is one I just posted the other day that I wanted. But it was $60.00. Yes, that right a 6 and an 0. Wow. Way on the pricey side for me. I know that is an average of $20 per bowl but when I get deals like $6 - $12 per bowl I just can't make myself pay that.

She did have some amazing pieces. Everything on this section was a little high.

Other than the pink on the top, this section was more reasonable. Although some of it was still high.

But in other booths I did find me a few things. Like this 502 Homestead for just $5.75.

And this Glasbake Loaf Pan for just $5.00.

And this little adorable Fire King bowl and lid for $3.75

They were marked higher than that but when I got up to the counter one of them was 10% off and the other two were 25% off so I got a great bargain. Last  night, I went to the Dixie Stampede to see this season's show. It is a mandatory part of our job to see the show again at every season change so we can tell guests more about the show. The most significant change this season is the return of the Longhorns. They were amazing.

There is going to be a fourth one as soon as he learns his routine. Can't wait to see what he looks like. These picture were from faraway so they don't do them justice but these were some BIG steers with some HUGE horns.

It was a very good weekend, plus I managed to even get some rest in. 


Sunday Songs

My Sunday songs are a little different than usual today. These are just a few songs that I absolutely love and the performance by these artists are my faves.


Feeling a little blue today...

Yes, I'm feeling a little blue today....but not in the way you think. In my many searches for things on the internet, I keep finding things I like ... that are BLUE. So I thought I would share some of my favorite blue items I've found recently.

Of course, topping my list is going to be blue flip flops. Seriously? Who didn't see this coming? Aren't they comfortable looking.

And I can't list my fave things in any color without showing some Pyrex that is currently on my wish list.

The queen of purses, totes and bags always has a bag on any list. My current love is this Vera Bradley. I just love the pattern and the style of the purse. What I don't like is the price so I will just admire it at the mall.

I love vintage items and I would love to have a vintage pie vent...even though I don't make pie. I just want one to add to my vintage collection items.

This is a gorgeous juicer. Even though it is in Pyrex snowflake garland pattern, I would use it year round if I could find one.

As spring starts to roll around, I will be looking for a new tablecloth. I want something in blue and white. I really like this one.

What a cute compact. I have a thing about whimsical birds. Even though real life birds scare me if they get to close or when they gather on a wire.  

Who wouldn't love to have a cozy corner in their home like this. It would be a perfect spot to snuggle up with hot chocolate and a good book on a winter day.

If I could fine this dress, I would buy it. But that would be a problem because I would have to find my waistline before I could wear it. Oh, how I miss the days when I weighed 110.

And no list of blue would be complete with out my favorite blue in the entire world. The beach.

Now you can see my top 10 reasons why I'm feeling a little blue today. I don't work until later today so I do believe I will do a little vintage shopping today on my way to work. There are several great antique stores I can stop at along the way. Have a great Saturday!


Friday Foto Friends

Only in Tennessee can you go from -6° on a Sunday morning after having anywhere from 3"-5" of snow across the county to waking up 5 days later on a Friday and have it a nice balmy 60° at 7:00 in the morning.

Sunday it looked like this....

By Thursday we had some pretty clouds hanging low after a morning rain and it was inching it's way up to the 60's.

As I was leaving for work yesterday at 8:30, I saw this in the sky. What a huge difference from Sunday.

What a wild weather week. According to WBIR weather, we are going to have another spring-like day in East Tennessee with spotty showers. Have a great Friday and be sure to visit Friday Foto Friends.


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