Sunday Songs

There is a gentleman I work with who sang for years with the Freedom Quartet. I found a few videos of the group while John was the tenor for them. The words to this song are absolutely beautiful. John does a great job so I wanted to feature this quartet today.

This one does a great job featuring his tenor abilities. 


Just a few things ...

Now that Christmas and New Year's is over and we are 1/2 way through January, it is time to start planning ahead. My daughter has gotten me interested in succulent plants. Does anybody know anything about them or having any experience growing them. I of course will Google it, but just want to hear from first hand experiences.

I am accumulating my wish list for when I go antiquing and thrift shopping. I am in the market for a black rotary phone. It can have the plastic dial or the metal, but I want a black one for nostalgic reasons. I missed a great deal on Facebook Marketplace. Two different people had one for just $5. First guy already sold his. But second guy still has his. He is however one hour and 10 minutes away from
where I live. Not only is that a lot of gas to pay for a $5 item, but he meets in his town and he doesn't look like someone I want to meet by myself. So I'll just hold off.  

I ended up returning the primitive red & blue quilt my friend was letting me test driving this past fall. It just was not what I wanted. This was the quilt that started my quest. But I still can't find it anywhere at a price I am willing to pay for it. 

I did find this one that I like and it is a contender as they say. Just not positive on it yet. 

But I saw this one and really liked it. I am a patchwork gal. I love anything in patchwork.

But then I saw this. Be still my heart. Has the reddish tone I wanted but that pop of yellow is just what I want. So I think this may be the one. Only problem is the website has a link to your shopping cart but no link to actually PUT anything in your shopping cart. I despair of ever finding what I want. 

Have a great Saturday.


When we get up to heaven...

This is a repost of something I wrote in January 2011. A following commented on it yesterday and I decided to reprint it today. It is just my thoughts on what it will be like when we get up to heaven. 

Do you ever stop and really think about what it is going to be like when you get to heaven? Do you imagine the streets of gold? Just close your eyes and imagine what your days will be like when you get to heaven.....

The gates will swing open, not with a grinding slow motion, but in a grand gesture of welcome. The Father and Son will be waiting there with arms wide open, huge smiles on their face and those wonderful words "My child, welcome home". They will embrace you and there will be laughter and hugs and the sweetest joy ever known.

Once you have spent time in their embrace, one of the angels will show you around your new home. Your eyes will take in so much beauty that it will be unbelievable. Once you get adjusted to your new home, you will be able to visit. I can imagine walking the streets of Heaven, visiting with loved ones. You'll be walking along one day with those who have gone on before and someone will say "That's where Moses lives." Or "Look, there goes Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." You'll want to set down and talk with those saints of old.

Then you'll meet up with the angels and sing songs of such grandeur and beauty that it would take your breath away. I can imagine love, laughter, joy, peace, contentment. But I think most of all, no matter what you see or do in Heaven, about every 5 minutes you will be running back to Jesus just to get a quick hug or just to talk with Him. I think you will be like a little kid full of excitement.

It will be a wonderful time of rejoicing. We will never grow old; our ailments will be gone and we will spend eternity in the arms of our Saviour.


Absolutely gorgeous vintage displays

Some of the best vintage Pyrex displays I have seen online. I love all of these. No commentary today. Just set back and enjoy.


Random Wednesday

It is cold in our neck of the woods. Normally, I consider 16° cold for our winters. Well today it is 10° with a feels like of 1° as of 6:27 a.m. That is cold. 

It started snowing around 3:00 or 3:30 yesterday and I was not doing much at work because I was just watching the girl I had trained to see if she had questions. So they told me to go on home. Check out the big snowflakes.

Oh, and yes, I took the pics at the red light. Not while I was driving.

By the time I got home, my steps were covered.

This is my yard and road when I went to bed last night. I'm not far from the main road, but they don't treat back here.

Of course, since it was freezing cold outside I did what any normal crazy person would do and fixed me a bowl of ice cream.

Hope everybody has a great day and stay warm if you are in the cold and if you are in the warm sunny beaches....I don't want to know. 


Just some stuff....

Remember the little yarn creatures from yesterdays blog? Well, I had all the supplies in my craft stuff (even little heart stickers). So I decided to try my hand at one. I could find the link to the directions so I just winged it. If I make another one I will use more yarn to make it set up better. But he turned out cute. 

He's standing guard at my candy dish. :)

I am in love with this barefoot sandal. It even has a K for my last name. Just too adorable. I would love to have a set of these for my beach trip later this year.  

I want some blue Pyrex and the big bird pattern bowl. I have the small one. I just love the look of these together. 

Saw this neat cactus garden. These are painted rocks. Talk about easy. I am going to go to my daughter's and "borrow" about four rocks from her landscaping. In all fairness I did warn her I was going to. 

Saw this little pillow on Pinterest and thought it was very true. I love it.

Well, that's all for today. Have a great Tuesday.


Weekend Wrap Up

Was going to post my weekend wrap-but it is actually going to go all the way back to Thursday because I have some things to share. 

I am blessed with a friend who gives me all her old books to take back to McKay's. I went on Thursday and took some books back. They took some and gave me store credit, they took some and gave me $16.00 cash back and after what I bought I still have around $5 in store credit to use next time because I couldn't find all the books I was looking for this time. But I did quite a few of the ones in one series I am finishing and a bunch in a new series I am starting. Here's what I did get.

After McKay's Book Store we went to AC Moore. They have remodeled and now their front checkout is like Joann's where they put what retailers call impulse buys. I picked up four of these items for $1 each and the jars were on sale .50 each. So I was very happy. I love the little change purse. It is so soft. Similar ones at Walmart were $4.97. So I was happy to pay a dollar for it.

Next stop was Dollar Tree. I have a running list of things I look for when I am at a Dollar Tree. I was able to scratch off the rugs I wanted for both doors, the little white buckets (stay tuned in weeks to come as to what I am doing with them). I got the white flowers for a craft project I am doing. Stay tune for that as well. 

I adore the rugs. I am going back to a different Dollar Tree to buy the roll of non-skid backing I saw and gluing it on the back of these new rugs because the wind whips through my back porch and I have lost several rugs that don't have a backing. I don't want to lose these since I have been to four different stores trying to find them in the past month.

I took a nasty fall at work last week. Skinned up my knee really bad. It will be a week tomorrow and the torn skin is healing, but it hurts to bend it because it stretches the skin and makes it hurt. Ugh. I'm just glad I didn't hurt myself. However, I realized a couple of day ago that when I fell, I cracked my watch face. Now I am really mad at myself for falling because I loved this watch. I'll have to see if I can find another one. It was a Walmart $8.00 watch so should be able to. But just aggravated about the whole thing.

I am happy to announce I finally got a hair cut. I have needed one for two months but kept putting it off until after we put up the Santa hats we were required to wear for work in November and December. The hat doesn't look right when you have short hair. So I'm back to my "happy hair."

This popped up in my Facebook memories today. Since I am off and I do have all the supplies on hand, I may make one to see how they turn out. But I need to focus on housecleaning and laundry first. 

I  hope everyone has a great Monday. Just glad I am spending it at home.


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