Weekend wrap up

I have been doing some shopping the last few days and I'm very excited about some new things for my sewing room redo project. I love the 10 from Hobby Lobby for Simplicity patterns. I have a friend who thinks she can get me some vintage patterns from her mother to put in it.

I found this cute little wire basket that I want to put vintage spools of thread in.

The above basket and the little wire when below both came from Hobby Lobby. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to put in the one below but I really fell in love with it and it was only $4.

I found some buttons and material that I want to use for making my sewing machine cover.

I have a friend who is going to give me a sewing machine cabinet to put my sewing machine in. I can't wait to get it. But my favorite purchase this weekend was this little red shelf for my sewing room. I am beyond thrilled with it and the whole thing folded flat which made it easy to bring home.

I can't wait till my days off next week to start putting some of this stuff together to decorate my room. 


Let's have a laugh

After working about an 11 hour day yesterday, my brain is fried this morning. We had a health fair combined with a show plus 2 regular shows at work yesterday. PLUS I went down to our sister show and worked one of their shows. Talk about a busy day! But today is an easy 6 hour day with just one show ending with food and fun and celebration for our monthly employee event after work. I am really looking forward to an easy day today. Going to work is always fun for me, whether it is a long day or a short day. And the fall decorations we have really adds to the festive air around the office. My favorite is our horse fall display.

When you have days like yesterday, if you just learn to laugh you can get through the craziness. Here's some of my favorite funnies that made me laugh recently.


It's a start....

I have been struggling for about three years with how to redo my craft/sewing room. Been through so many Pinterest photos it would make your head swim. Through it all, the only thing that always got me thrown off track was the three pieces of cherry bookshelf that took up one whole wall. I wanted to go vintage but couldn't get past this stupid cherry furniture that was way to fancy to go vintage with.

Then on a trip to WV this summer, I found a vintage sewing kit in red and creamy white. I have been looking for a vintage sewing kit for a long time and I had been toying with the idea to do some red in my sewing room.

I finally realized the only way to do what I want and be happy was to get rid of the bookcases and a matching file cabinet. I sold them last weekend and now I have a fresh clean slate. Now to decide what to do. 

My friend Georgeanna blessed me with the tomato pin cushion I want for my new sewing (Plus some Halloween Junior Mints). So I knew it was time to start accumulating ideas of things that may be good for the room. 

I will still need either a cabinet or shelves for my supplies and maybe a smaller cabinet but for now, the only thing I have seen that caught my eye are these crates from Hobby Lobby. Not sure they are the way to go, but I am going to look at a lot of options and do a layout before I ever start purchasing anything. I want to take the time to get it how I want it this time. 

Since I am going to go with red and white with a pop of yellow or navy, I appreciate in thoughts or sample ideas.


Sunday morning.....

There is just something about a sweet Sunday morning where you can set outside on your porch in the early morning coolness and watch the sun come up. I was also watching the deer out in the field across from my house. I love moments like this.


Fall Food Festivities

One thing about my job is we ALL love to eat. We have some great cooks and amazing bakers so we are always looking for an excuse to bring in food. And most of the time is is a theme. For example, the other day was Italian day. We had lots of great food to sample. This is just the bare minimum, we had a ton of food.

In a few weeks we are doing a chili with grilled cheese day. One of the bosses brings her griddle and makes us fresh grilled cheese. They are amazing. Can't wait to sample all the chili variations. 

And then of course we had to plan something for Halloween. We are actually closed that day but will be there for phones and decorating for Christmas so it was another perfect excuse to eat.

I'm trying find some different Halloween themed foods to eat. I love these spiders on cookies. Talk about easy to make!

I won't be taking these, but I did think it was a cute idea if you are having a few friends over.

I am going to fix this and take it in for October. I mix candy corn with honey roasted peanuts and it tasts exactly like a Pay Day candy bar.  

Too cute and super simple. Only I want to dip the pretzel in chocolate.

Oh how adorable! White chocolate pretzel ghosts!

This make me crack up. Plastic teeth, chocolate chips and Krispy Kreme donuts. This is a definite MUST for our Halloween feast. We are just a couple of blocks away from Krispy Kreme and we are forever getting them. 

I have always wanted to make these. Mummy pigs in a blanket or as they called them on Big Bang Theory "Halloweenies".

And for those that do not eat sweets. What a cute idea. Yep, I want to do these as well.

Nutter Butter cookies dipped in white chocolate. Talk about easy.

I did this for Children's church one time. They loved the homemade popcorn cones made from scrapbook paper. I think I will do these for sure. 

Now to just narrow it down to which of these cute ideas I want to do for our party. What gets your vote?


Friday Foto Friends

A lady went to the Pastor of her church and said... I won't be attending Church anymore..
He said, may I ask why??
She said, I see people on their cell phones texting and typing during the service, some are gossiping, some just ain't living right, some are sleeping, some are staring at me, they are all just hypocrites...
The Pastor got silent, and then he said, OK... But can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?
She said, sure, what's that?
He said, take a glass of water and walk around the Church 2 times and don't let any water fall out the glass.
She said, yes I can do that! And went and got the glass of water.
She came back and said it's done. Proudly.
He asked her these questions:
1. Did you see anybody on their phone?
2. Did you see anybody gossiping?
3. Was anybody living wrong? 
4. Did you see anyone sleeping? 
She said, I didn't see anything because I was so focused on this glass, so the water wouldn't fall.
He told her, when you come to Church , you should be just that focused on God , so that YOU don't fall.
He did not say follow Christians.
Don't let your relationship with God be determined by how others relate with God. Let it be determined by how focused you are with God.

Please pass this on. 



Happy birthday Alexis Caroline

Our little miracle granddaughter turns 13 today. Starting out at just 1 pound and about 12 or 13 ounces, she has been our little miracle. At two months early, she grew quickly and healthy. But just two months later, she came home right around the time she was originally due to be born. She was so itty bitty.

Papaw holding her at our house for the first time. They have shared a special bond. He used to set and comb out her long hair after I would wash it when she stayed all night. She would look through his Food Network magazine while he did. Whenever she was over, she would climb up in his lap and snuggle and watch TV for an hour or two.

I will warn you this may be picture overload in this post because she is just so stinking cute I couldn't decide which ones to post.

I loved this picture. That is her real hair. Love the curls. This was the year we went to Disney Princesses on Ice. I spent more time watching her excitement than I did watching the ice show.

Of all the pictures I have ever taken of her at my house, this has always been my favorite. It just captures that little happy girl that is full of love and joy. 

Watching TV with Barbie. 

How can you just not fall in love with that sweet smile. 

She has always been so loving. Even today, we share a bazillion hugs when we are together.

And those big beautiful blue eyes!

She is the one that loves to sing and perform. She is in every school Christmas program and one of the main characters every year in her church Christmas play. I love to watch her. She is quite a good actress. She puts personality plus into the part and learns her lines perfectly. 

She's our cheerleader and I love the way she looks in her cheer uniform. 

We go to Applebee's for her birthday every year. Just me and her. She has some kind of chicken and mashed potatoes. She loves her potatoes anywhere we go. But we really love to share the brownie and ice cream.

No matter how old she gets that smile always melts my heart.

She is a true light of my life and we have so much fun together. I love you Alexis Caroline and hope you have an amazing day. Happy birthday, sweetheart. 


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