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My no-sew pillow from a placemat ...

My sister does no-sew pillows all the time. People on the Dollar Tree Crafts Facebook page doing them constantly. So I decided to join the crowd. I had some Poly Fill, a seam ripper and a hot glue gun. So I spent $2.00 on a placemat at Family Dollar. I gathered everything together.

Then I sat down on the couch and ripped the seam out. Didn't take but a few minutes. 

Because of the lining in the placemat, I had to gently work my hand in it to loosen it up from the back side, creating my pillow case effect.

This I started stuffing with the Poly Fill and moving it around and shaping and bunching until I had my pillow shape.

Next, I started hot gluing the seams back together that I had ripped open. I worked a little at a time so the glue wouldn't set too early. I pressed it together tightly until it was good and sealed.

And this was the finished project.

It now rests in Hubby's chair along with my favorite cream afghan. I loved doing this so now I am committed to make four for my friends.

This morning I was organizing the desk in the living room to make room for my printer. We had this bulky pencil holder that I have always hated. So I moved it off the desk and went in search of a better one. It was too plain for me.

After thinking and thinking, I grabbed an empty Hellman's jar. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper that was Christmas-y. I just rolled it up, inserted it in the jar and it unwound. Then I pulled out some coordinating ribbon I had on hand and wrapped it around and sealed the back side with two sided tape. And I had a nice snazzy pencil holder for the holidays. The beauty is that with the two side tape, I can remove the ribbon, pull out the paper and replace it with something blue and snowy for January, hearts for February, shamrocks for March...I guess you can see where I am going with this. I must say I love my little pencil holder now.

What have you been crafting on lately?


Weekend Wrap Up

It was a very exhausting but fabulously fun weekend. I had 4 days to enjoy it. It started off with Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's house. The first year that my son-in-law cooked Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. Then my daughter and her family and my son and his family all gathered that evening for desserts at my house. We had an awesome time. It was different than any of our other Thanksgivings and I really missed Allen being with us. I failed to get any pictures. But we did pour over the Black Friday ads. I shopped on Friday and Saturday and was able to pic up some good deals. Like buying 7 items at Kohl's. My total cost for all 7 was $46.37. My savings was $123.87. So that alone made it worth my while to fight the crazy crowds. I went again with my daughter on Saturday and got even more savings. I picked up a cute basket with fresh greenery for just $8.00 for my coffee table. And when I came home I had a package that was a vintage trade I did. I got these two little carolers as part of the trade. I love the way they look with my vintage deer I found last year.

I was looking at pictures this weekend and found this one. This is my twins 37 years ago. They had just turned 1 year old so I had their birthday/Christmas picture made. One of my favorite pictures of them. 

That was also the year they were crawling and starting to walk and getting into all kinds of mischief.

I also found a picture of me and my sister and one of my brothers. The baby brother didn't come along for about 4 or 5 years after this picture.

One of my favorite pictures of me and my sister at Christmas time. That was the year we got TWO baby dolls each for Christmas.

I didn't get my tree put up yet, but that is a story for another day. Other than my coffee table and couch, I haven't done any decorating yet. Hoping to get started on it this evening. have a great last day of November.


It's officially the Christmas season.....

I am not ashamed of saying Merry Christmas. I am not embarrassed if I am not considered "politically correct". Since when do we have to leave Christ out of the holiday when he is the ONE and ONLY reason we have the holiday. Had he not come to save the world, December 25 would be one thing and one thing only...December 25. Our Lord and Saviour is the reason for the season. I apologize if I offend anyone but I will not apologize for my belief in God my Father.   

The best song ever written.


Black Friday is running into Saturday....

I had an amazing shopping day yesterday. My daughter-in-law and I always go the same general direction so I was able to meet up with her several times. That always makes the day better when you share shopping experiences. We seem to always end up at Target at the same time. I love shopping there on Black Friday. 

My daughter worked yesterday so I promised her we would Black Friday shop together today. So we are having Black Saturday. In our tradition, we will head out to Turkey Creek & The Pinnacle in Knoxville. Looking forward to some good deals. Yesterday was full of some great bargains. My favorite deals of the day was at Kohl's. I bought 7 items on my list at Kohl's. After their sales deals and my 15% off entire purchase coupon, my total with tax was.....$46.74 for SEVEN really nice gifts. But the amazing fact was they show you what you saved off of their regular retail price. My savings? Are you ready for this......

$123.21 SAVED 

 You can't beat a deal like that! Wonder what awesome bargains I will get today?

I am really excited about lunch because we always eat at my favorite place when we go to Turkey Creek. Steak & Shake.

Steak 'n Shake - Cape Coral, FL, United States. Classic double cheeseburger & fries with a chocolate banana milkshake!!!

It's going to be another great day.

Black Friday

By the time this scheduled post actually posts, I will be well on my way for some Black Friday shopping. I start my Black Friday around 5:00 a.m. on FRIDAY. I don't care how good the deals are, I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day or after the midnight hour on Thanksgiving. To me, it is not about the wonderful bargains (although I do enjoy that). It is more about the thrill and excitement of the hunt. The gathering of ideas. The finding of THE perfect present. 

The crowds don't bother me. I just like the thrill of being in the thick of things. I know people think I am crazy and I will admit it is not for everybody. But I do enjoy it. So whether you are off shopping in the crowds as I am, spending a nice day with your family, decorating for Christmas....whatever you may be doing today, have a great day!


Happy Thanksgiving

From my house to your house......


It's beginning to look like Christmas....

My boss's wife, who also happens to be one of my dear friends, came and kidnapped me yesterday to go to Hobby Lobby. Since we have a new office this Christmas, she wanted to get us new decorations. Then when we got back, we had a pizza party for lunch and got the office decorated. Of course, I think all I did was "hover" over everything. Everybody was doing a good enough job without my input. The results were gorgeous. 

My favorite is the tall slim Santa that we placed by our fireplace. 

The office is very cheerful and Christmas'y' today. I hope everyone has happy plans for Thanksgiving. I am going to my daughter's house for Thanksgiving dinner around noon. My son will be eating with his in-laws around that time. Then that evening we are all going to gather at my house for Thanksgiving dessert. I am baking a chocolate cake, brownie cookies, no bake oatmeal cookies, a pecan pie and a graham cracker pie.