Happy July 4th

From the lakes of Minnesota

To the hills of Tennessee

Across the plains of Texas

From sea to shining sea

From Detroit 

Down to Houston

And New York 

To L.A.

Where there's pride in every American heart
And it's time we stand and say.....


A day off....

So happy to have a day off today! Here are a few of my fave funnies to tickle your fancy and start your day.

And my favorite....


Moving Day!

If you will recall a year ago this past March, our offices moved to a new building. We have outgrown our current office so we are moving today. Can I just say I hate packing? Fortunately, we just have to pack the small stuff. The movers will be here this morning to dismantle, move and put back together all the desks and various other furniture. It is also a blessing that we are literally moving just across the street. So that is a good thing. Maybe the move won't take to long. We have lots of shade trees around the new office. 

It has beautiful hardwood floors. This is my office. Since it was originally built as a home, I am in what was considered the Master Bedroom.

One of my walls is actually angled into three small walls. Will be interesting to set up the furniture. 

I love the wood window shades. The metal racks will be going back in my closet for storage.

Since it was a master bedroom, I ended up with a private bathroom in my office. 

It is a two story and sets up on a hill but down below is a creek that is getting a little high with all the rains we have had. 

But it would have to come an awful big flood for it to get in the house. But I do love having water running behind us.

Well, I am off to start loading the small stuff from my existing office into my car. So glad we are doing this today and then going right into a three day weekend.


Delectably delicious...

 I have always loved Milky Ways. Other candy bars come and go as some of my favorites, but Milky Way is always my #1 pick on a go-to-snack. 

When they came out with the Midnight one, it reminded me of the old Forever Yours bars which I loved so I also love the Midnight Milky Way. 

Image result for milky way marshmallow
And since my first piece of candy out of a box of chocolates is the chocolate covered caramel, I was ecstatic when Milky Way introduced the Milky Way Simply Caramel bar. 

Well yesterday I stopped to get gas and new Milky Way wrapper caught my eye...Milky Way Marshmallow. You know I had to try it. Suffice it to say Oh. My. Gosh. Milky Way has done it again. Proving to meet they are the #1 Candy Bar of all time. 

The only problem with the new Marshmallow version is that I wanted to run out and melt it on some graham crackers. 

I ran errands at lunch and stopped at Courthouse Donuts. After I got home, I decided that next time I go there, I need to ask them to come up with a Milky Way topped donut.

What is YOUR favorite candy bar?


Some beautiful flag pics

There is nothing prettier than our flag flying against a blue, clear sky. 

My daughter took this one last night at our local grocery store. The sky was so unique. Instead of the sun's rays beaming down through the clouds, they looked like they were coming from the ground up. It was really cool. 

As we approach the 4th of July, we will see more and more flags displayed. One of my favorite sites is a flag displayed on a front porch.

I love the painted wooden flags I see on Pinterest. People are so creative.

And how cute is this crochet afghan in a flag pattern?

I love when I find crafts that are as simple as this. I may have to make this before next year. I really like it. 

My current favorite "flag" decor are my fabric flowers I bought at Walmart for just a couple of bucks. Loving them!

We have had some of the worst storms throughout the night. Normally I don't hear the rain because I sleep with a fan on. But last night I couldn't hear the fan because of the rain, wind, and thunder. I am heading to work on about 3 hours of sleep. One thing to be thankful for.....All the umbrellas are in the house and not in the car! Not that an umbrella will have much hope of keeping me dry in these torrential downpours. 

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday.


Blast from the past....

I love seeing old photos of the town I grew up in. One of my Facebook groups posted some old pictures of Huntington, WV which was where we went when we wanted to shop in the "big" city. Our little town of Barboursville didn't have everything Huntington did. It will be interesting to see if any of my West Virginia family and friends recognize any of these places.