Some mason jar ideas....

I just love the navy and white theme of these jars. 

This one is so cute and simple. I saw it on sale online for $29.00 and I thought "What???" So I am going to get the flowers, paint and anchor and I guarantee you I won't have $29 in it.

A cute idea for Mother's day.

I think I might do this herb garden for my kitchen.

Now this is precious. A soup can covered with photos. This would be good for me to do and send to Mom.

I am getting some really good ideas from Pinterest this week.


When Pinterest works

I love looking at Pinterest and I love it even more when something clicks and I have what I need. I saw this picture one time on Pinterest and it just so happened I add just found this bowl the week before in an antique store. So far I have collected four pairs of scissors and a bowl of pins for mine. I am still looking for more scissors. I'd like to find some of the scissors like they have in this sample picture.

The other day I was going through Pinterest and this popped up in my recommendations. I just thought they were so cute.

Then it hit me I already had similar fabric and some jute. So I pulled out the fabric and I am going to make some of these.

I posted it this on my Facebook phase and mentioned I only needed to get the fiber fill. A friend at work told me yesterday she has a 20# of it she bought then never had time to make anything. She wants to get rid of it so she is just bringing it to me tomorrow. I offered to pay but she just wants it out of her way. 

I also saw this patriotic bracelet. I may get some beads and try to make a smaller version of this. 

I am looking for more ideas and will keep you posted. 


And update in my world...

I should never have fussed about the weather yesterday. It ended up being so cold that we had snow flurries...IN APRIL!!! I am over all this cold weather. We just had flurries but about 45 minutes east of us it did this.

But on a happy note, I was the hostess for a Paparazzi party on Facebook Sunday and earned me two free pieces of jewelry. I picked out this necklace with one of my favorite words and beads in one of my favorite colors.

I also got this adorable heart necklace. 

One is a long chain and one is a short chain.

So I layered them together. I love layering necklaces.

Ignore the gray in my hair. This pic was Sunday. Last night I had it cut and I colored it when I got home. I'll have to get a pic of the new hairdo and post it later on. Hope you have a great Tuesday. 


I am over the weather...

The weather is driving me crazy. The two most beautiful days we have had here were Friday and Saturday. Friday I was so sick with a horrible head cold that I never even felt like opening my blind or going outside. Spent most of my day off on the couch napping. Saturday was still gorgeous but temps dipped just a little. Problem was I worked till around 6 so I spent all days inside. So much for enjoying a gorgeous day. Woke up yesterday morning with it about 17 degrees cooler, but it did show the promise of a beautiful day. Only to poor the rain on and off all day long. I am sick of this cool, dreary weather. I need the beach and sunshine. 

But since that is not in my future and I am off later in the week when it is supposed to be in the 60's or 70's, I do believe I will take myself on a drive to Cade's Cove. 

Our beautiful mountains are a sight to behold. Cades Cove is nestle deep in the foothills of the Great Smokies. It provide views of grandeur while it still has some of the original settlements. I may play tourist later this week and get a little "me" time.

But most importantly, I need that sunshine they promise is coming.


Teen sensation

The older generation had Hank Williams. The next heartthrob to hit the air waves was Elvis Presley. But in my day, Donny and the Osmond Brothers was what turned our heads. They were my teen idol. I would buy Sixteen magazine just to read all about them. I would cut out every picture and put it on my bulletin board. They were my teen idols. They sounded fantastic then......

And they still sound fantastic now.....

I guess it is true that if you got it, you got it. 


I was gifted....

Well, I sure got my share of gifts yesterday for somebody who barely left the house. First off, I finished the design work on the website of a friend who owns a produce store. I had to run over to show it to him and make any adjustments. He loved it as was. But it just took me a few minutes to get it fixed after we talked about the easiest way to do it. I would take any money so he made sure I left with some produce. 

Then I got home and my maintenance man in my subdivision had left some light bulbs by my door for me to try. He was telling me about them and how much he has saved on his electric bill since he switched to these. So my landlady told him to bring me some from their stock so I could try them out. He said just changing these out in all his life cut his electric bill back and average of $40 per month. I know one thing, my rooms are all a lot brighter.

My daughter was given a couple of pictures yesterday that had been left behind at work and nobody wanted them. She gave them to me for my beach room. The picture doesn't do them justice. It is hard to take a picture of a picture with light glaring off of it.

This one with chairs goes great with my little wood block painted with chairs.

It's been a pretty good day yesterday. Plus I took a 2 hour nap so that helped me a lot and I now feel like I am on the mend.


Time to regroup...

I have done it again. I let myself get run down. These past two weeks we have been shorthanded at work so I have worked over, done jobs I wasn't scheduled for that day, and just basically helped out where I could. 

In addition to 40+ hours at work, I have studied a new Children's Church work book and created my lesson plans for the weeks I have it for the next month. 

I have also been doing research on crafts for VBS and decorations for VBS for our craft room. I did those ordered this week and it was a major undertaking to decide what I wanted to do. I had to get orders place now so the items I want don't get sold out or back ordered before VBS. 

We are also doing a church directory and since I am the Co-ordinator I have been staying after church to sign people up and putting them in the computer system so the appointments don't get double booked. 

Working on redoing a website for a friend. 

Add to that my recent obsession with redoing my craft room and since I am going through boxes and seeing what I have and don't have, I just went ahead and started pulling out and pricing items for my spring yard sale. 

Then one day at work we greeted groups in the damp cold rain and I woke up with a sore throat. And now I have a full blown head cold. I know it is because I have let myself get ran down. So I've been used my tried and true remedies to help me get back to normal...whatever normal is.

But y'all know me. One day of rest and I'll be right back at it till I have another crash. But the good news is the Children's Church lesson is ready, the VBS stuff is ordered and the Directory entries are caught up to date. I also finished the website this morning. 

Now for some much needed R & R on the rest of my day off. Have a great day. 

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