So happy!

I just love that moment when you have been looking for something and you may an impromptu stop to see if you can find it. And BAM! There it sits. You know I am collecting pie birds. I have been going back every week to the same store to try to find a black one. They finally had one. Now keep in mind, these are reproductions not true vintage. A local shop carries these for $5 each. But some guy who has a booth in another store has been beating me to the punch and buying them up almost as soon as they get them in. He resells them for $15 and no way I will pay that. But I beat him yesterday and got the beloved black one I have wanted.

He looks adorable on the shelf with the yellow one.

Well, I have four now. So the search continues. My next goal is to get the orange one. 

I did find a pie bird online that I fell in love with. Since this post today is hooking up with Ms. Debbie's Friday Foto Friends, I thought I would share it. Ms. Debbie just imagine baking hubby a pie with this in the middle for the pie vent. Isn't it adorable?

And I also would like to find this one. It has eye lashes! How cute is that. Seriously, eyelashes on a pie bird. Just too adorable.

And on another happy note.... I get the pie bird at the same place I get the reproduction hen on the next salt dip. As I was getting the pie bird, I looked down and found the clear glass one I have been wanting and right beside that was the milk glass one. My friend got the milk glass a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with it since I have milk glass mini cream & sugar and toothpick holder set. 

Happy dance. They look cute on my shelf.

While I was adding my new items to the kitchen, I decided to stick a couple of flags in my flowers and put out my $1 place mats for July 4th. 

I finally am getting motivated to start with my home office now that I got the little desk I wanted. So I put a few things on top my shelf.

And moved the chest over by the shelf and fixed up the top of it. I love my wooden chair I got a few weeks back.

I am happy with that part of the room anyway. The rest is still a national disaster as I am sorting, clearing and tossing things. Check out the pink bucket. I have decided that is where I will keep the bazillion pens, pencils, and markers that I accumulate. I am obsessed with a good pen and change my pen depending on my mood. I do want to get some beach colored fabric organizers to replace the black and white ones, but these will do for now.

You can tell it's been a great couple of days off. I had three of the grandbabies and we vegged so much that I didn't get a picture with all three of them. But we went to the movies and just hung out around the house the rest of the time. Back to work today but it's still Friday and that always brings some excitement to the day. So have a great one!


What a way to end a day....

I wanted to show you the vintage kissing Santa & his Mrs. that a friend of mine found at a yard sale. I have wanted these forever. Thanks to my friend Georegeanna I now have a pair.

I had a nice surprise last night. My daughter called when I got home from work and invited me over for supper. They had made meatloaf, fried potatoes, okra, and deviled eggs. It was out of this world...well, except the okra. I don't do okra. After dinner was over, my son-in-law built a fire in their fire pit.

I agreed to stay a little while longer and see the fire. Stayed so long that it got dark. My grandson went in and got the speaker for his phone and played DJ for us as we requested our favorite music. Loved listening to Chris Stapleton and Jamie Johnson while the fire burned. It was a great night.

But alas, all good things come to an end and now it is morning. On a work day. Ugh.

Have a blessed day!


Weekend Wrap Up

 I went to an antique store and to the new Mega Peddler's Mart on Saturday and found another little King's Crown Thumbprint dish. It is still not the carnival glass green/blue that I'm looking for. But I was thrilled just the same because I want to collect a few different colors. It was $15 marked down to $5 which is a good deal at an antique store.

I also this cute tin. I love tins and have a few cute ones around the house. This one is going in my bedroom because that is where all my dolls I collected are.

In addition to those two thing I got a tin for my beach room, a new salt dip and a 1 quart vintage Pyrex casserole dish. It needs to be soaked and cleaned up and then it is going to become my baked bean dish. All the items below totaled $13.00. 

Then a stop at Walmart found me a cute bucket, a gray basket and a pineapple mouse pad for my beach room.

I have been needing a new mouse pad but couldn't find what I wanted. So I was thrilled when I found this one. 

But the award for deal of the day goes to this little computer desk from the Mega Peddlers mart. I have been looking for a small desk for my home office and wanted just something little with a pull out keyboard tray. My eyes spied this in the first aisle I went down. The price? Just $12.00. Happy dance. So it came home with me without a second thought. Now to rearrange my home office to decide where I want it. 

Have a great Monday. 


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Happy Father's Day, Hubby.

I love and miss you both.