My upside down life

When I was a little girl about 10 years old, I got an autograph book for Christmas. I remember Daddy writing in it something that I still think was funny today. He wrote "You must have been born upside down. Your nose runs and your feet smell." 

Over the years I have been such a contrast. I have been a tom boy, yet I have been the daintiest of little girls. I love running and playing while at the same time, I love frills and bubble baths. I love beautiful high heels and gorgeous dresses but I am just as happy in raggedy jean shorts, tank tops and barefoot.

When I was younger, I loved playing dolls and Barbies with my sister. We would build our "playhouse" and play with our dishes and mini appliances hours on end. But at the same time, some of my other fondest memories were me and Jack playing marbles, racing Matchbox cars or riding our invisible ponies all over the yard and hills at our house.

I loved make mud pies and playing baseball. I loved being outdoors. Whether we were running and playing, chasing lightning bugs, or simply laying on a blanket under the old oak tree reading a book.

I rarely remember wearing shoes when we were outside playing in the summertime. I remember walking up and down that old dirt road barefoot or in flip flops. I remember playing outside late at night. We lived out in the country where there were no street lights. Daddy had a couple of outside lights on the house, but we mostly played with just the sun going down and the moonlight coming out. I remember coming in the the blackest grungiest feet because I hadn't worn my shoes most of the day.

I remember being country before it was cool to be that way. Barefeet was just a way of life. Running around the hillsides was just a way of life. The "gang" from the ridge would always gather at somebodies house and there was always a mixture of boys and girls and we all got along great. No lines were drawn and nobody was left out because of their gender. We were all just "one of the gang." 


It's the big 40.

Wow. Forty years ago today the world of The Garretson family changed. My sister had a beautiful baby girl and became a Mom for the first time. My mom became a grandmother for the first time. And I became an Aunt for the first time.

Today, my precious niece, Christy Dawn turns the big 40. I can't believe it's been 40 years. She was our first baby in the family. I would "steal" her every chance I got and take her places or bring her home to stay all night. Here are some of my favorite pics of her growing up.

From the "no hair" days

Through the "baby fine" hair days....

...to the "finally has hair" days

...to the big hair days.

To the long hair beautiful hair days.

She is a true beauty in and out and I love her with all my heart. I hope you have a very happy birthday Christy. You still hold a piece of my heart and forever will. You were our first baby in the family and I love the fact that even after 40 years, you still remember to call and text me. 

Happy birthday, we love you.

A quick update....

Thank you everyone for the prayers for my friend with Cystic Fybrosis. It was touch and go for a couple of days, but with all the prayers across 7 states (that we know of), she had a quick turnaround and her levels started dropping back to a range the doctors felt safe with. She was returned to a regular room and after a couple of days she got to come home. Now to regain her strength and continue to improve. You can tell Momma and daughter are happy to be back together again.


Too cute for words

Check out these primitive free style embroidery applique wall hanging. talk about easy to do. I may have to just try some of these.

This is my favorite. My sister and I need to make one of these.


Trade Time

Yesterday was a great day for trading. When it comes to my Pyrex collection, I rarely buy my pieces any more. I try to do trades or old fashioned bartering. Yesterday was a very successful trade day. My friend Stevie had a mixing bowl set I have been trying to trade in our Pyrex group. She had decided it didn't go with her color scheme. She asked me what I had to trade. The only thing I had that she wanted was the yellow 503 fridgie.

So I took it to her yesterday to see what she would trade. She then asked me if in addition to trading it, I would make her 4 year old son a plastic canvas box in green with an R on it so Ray can keep his Power Ranger keys in it so they don't lost. She just wants a simple box, something like this only in the green.

Since those are so easy to make and I love to do it, I gladly agreed to do it for her. So what did I get in exchange for one piece of Pyrex and one plastic canvas project? I got the mixing bowl set I have had on my wish list for months. My Early American mixing bowl set. I am in love!

Then she blew my mind and said, "Here. Take these, too. I don't want to collect this pattern any more. Oh wow, oh wow! I was definitely doing a happy dance.

So as part of our trade, I agreed to help her do a couple of trades in my Pyrex groups. She had this JAJ that she got from Australia in the clover pattern. She wanted to trade it for something to add to her Friendship collection. So I posted it in group and the offers for trades immediately started pouring in. Since this is an Australian JAJ Pyrex piece, it is very, very rare here in the USA.

But she was able to trade for a piece she has desired that is also a hard to find piece. It is the Pyrex Friendship Pennsylvania Dutch Promo piece. There is a plate that it sets on so we are in search of that now to complete this set.

While I was at her house, she showed me her new cabinet for her craft room that she is going to keep fabric in. I loved the cabinet. The picture makes it look green but it was actually more of a blue than a green.

Whoever made it took out the glass on the doors and put in chicken wire, but what made it so adorable is the fact that they installed a coffee table on top of it and inserted a mirror. I just fell in love. Going to have to try to do this. Isn't the result gorgeous.

When I came home from all the excitement of the trades yesterday, I went to the mail box and my new tablecloth had arrived. I have been putting off redoing the kitchen decor and rearranging my Pyrex until I could get my Woodland bowls (which I got last week), my Early American and my new tablecloth. I have them all now. Time to get the re-do started.

I also forgot to show you my pretty flowers I got at Walmart for just $3.00. They are going to go in a display somewhere in the house for Memorial Day. I will leave them out for Flag Day in June and the 4th of July. I just love the fabric flowers.

Hope everybody has a great Wednesday.


Tonight's the night

For those who don't know, I am not a big TV fan. I have one or two shows I watch on a regular basis and that's about it. But the one show I try to never, ever miss is The Voice.

I made it through this entire season without missing one single minute of the show. Some nights on Tuesday's I would make it home at 7:58 just in time to slide on the couch and watch every minute of the live, the battles and the knockouts all the way through the live eliminations and the semi-finals. 

But the performances are all in. The Top 4 have done their final performances. The votes are being cast and tonight we find out the winner of season 8. I have my pics just like everyone else, but without a shadow of a doubt I would love to see Sawyer take it all home. He turned all 4 chairs on his blind audition and three of them turned after the first few notes. His voice is that awesome.

In 8 seasons only one time did my favorite end up going home. So I am hoping my record holds and my prediction will be true that Sawyer will take it home tonight. His style is so unique and different. He succeeds at every song he has tackled this year. Some of the finalists have had moments where I thought, why did they try that or what were they thinking. But he has been spot on with every song choice and his vocal abilities just blow me out of the water week after week. Can't wait to see who wins. My second choice would be Megan or Coryn and Joshua is good, but he's just not one of my favorites. Good luck, Sawyer!

Here are a couple of my favorite Sawyer performances.