Sunday Songs

These guys are awesome. The group's name is Anthem Lights. I read where the vocalist, Kyle Kupecky, commented about the meaning behind the name of the group. He said,

"These songs and this record is our anthem to the world saying, "Listen, we know there's a lot of darkness in this life, but in the end, light is gonna win." 

I hope their music blesses you on this lovely Sunday.


Happy birthday Garret

Nineteen. Where have the years gone. My first grandbaby turns 19 years old today. I find that so hard to believe. I can turn back the clock in my mind and remember the exact moment I held him for the very first time. Time stood still. My heart just melted. I was mesmerized by this beautiful little creature.

His beautiful eyes and contagious smile have continued to make my heart melt.

I remember the time him and my mom were at my house and she was letting him help make homemade biscuits. That was a wonderful day.

He was not one of those children that wouldn't smile for the camera. He always had a smile ready for me when I went to snap. Of course as he has gotten older, he's not so fond of getting a picture taken as he was in his younger days. 

It wasn't long before he started shooting up in height and losing that little boy look. 

He is definitely an outdoorsy child. He loves to hunt and fish and just be outside.

As a matter of fact, when I took this picture years ago, I titled it "Wishin' I was Fishin'." I'm pretty sure that is what he was thinking.

But they grow up way too fast and he has turned into a fine young man who is in college now and I don't get to see him like I wish I could. I miss those days of him coming over and us playing zoo together in the toy room. I miss the memories of going to the Deer Farm and the Zoo and Rainforest Adventure. I miss the days of miniature golf and going to the movies. I miss the game nights when Papaw would be working and me and Garret would play games all night and eat pizza and wings. 

Happy birthday, Garret. I hope you have a great day! 


A little piece of heaven...

I love photos of the sun shining through the clouds. I always feel like God is opening up heaven to share a little bit of the glory contained within.

This one I took because I felt like this really was heaven. I cropped it for you to see the beauty a little clearer.

Then I noticed something in the original one. A Krispy Kreme donut sign. I had to chuckle because I always feel like I'm in heaven with the first bite of a Krispy Kreme when the hot donut sign is on.

I have to grab pictures while I'm driving when I'm at a stop light. But no matter how the picture turns out, there is nothing I enjoy more than driving to work with a clear view of the mountains up ahead.

I stopped at Shoney's to eat the other evening after work. Their Bradford pear was gorgeous. Yes, I did crop out the tree trunk because this tree was in front of their dumpster and I didn't really want to post pictures of the trash.

But I guess one of the best pieces of heaven this week was when a lady at work made an Arby's run for milkshakes while they were $1.00 each. I love a good chocolate milkshake.

I hope you had a great week and got lots of pics for Friday Foto Friends.


Probably not going to be a diet day....

Not that I ever diet, but if I did diet I would blow it today. I woke up at 6:00 craving pizza. It is 7:30 a.m. and I'm still craving pizza. So what's for dinner when I get home from work today....PIZZA! And breadsticks AND that big round warm chocolate chip cookies that Pizza Hut makes. Yep, going to be a great day!


Some goodies....

You know how much I love my Thirty-One products. Simply by exceeding $500 in sales in February, I received a new large utility tote that isn't even available for ordering yet. It is a newer style that has a sturdier frame for standing easier when it is empty. Plus it has soft leather on the strap at the top. I love it.

Everybody got the same pattern. We didn't get to choose. Imagine my delight when it arrived and the pattern was the same as my Retro Metro Hobo bag I got last month. It was free as well because I had hostessed a small online party and got this FREE with my hostess rewards. 

Then this past Saturday I attended our Thirty-One Celebrate & Connect meeting we have every other month. They always give us an amenity for attending. This month it was the new snap-top eye glasses case they are bringing back in April. Again, another free product. And guess what pattern they gave everyone. You got it! The one I already had stuff in.

Now I have a lovely matching set of products that didn't cost me a single penny. And people wonder why I love being a consultant! 

And the best part is, the freebies for my sales volume also earned me over $200 in commission in February. Free products, amenities AND commission! You can't beat a deal like that. I took $12 of the commission and ordered me a mini zipper pouch for my purse. So now I truly do have a matching set. 


It's beginning to feel like Spring....

It is beginning to feel like spring...in my house. Not outside. Freezing temps yesterday and wet snow mixed on and off with rain. It was a dreary day. There wasn't enough snow to stick but it was still a yucky day.

You will remember I had started on my three tier stand and got Easter done. 

I am combining Easter and spring so I can make a couple miner adjustments after Easter to do me through the rest of April and May. So I added some spring colors and a chick.

And if I am going to do Easter, it had to have a few eggs.

I am pleased with the way it turned out.

My friend Jennie has been bringing spring into her house as well. Look at these two gorgeous flower arrangements she completed the other day. I love them both but I really, really love the one on the left. I need to see about doing something like that one for my desk at work.

Have you started with any spring yet?


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