Throwback Thursday

Just a few old pics that popped up in my Facebook memories this week.

My Great Aunt Romaine. She lived to be 98 and smoked her corncob pipe, wore pioneer hats and dresses and combat boots till the day she died. I think it was the late 60's or early 70's that she died. 

My Great Grandpa Moses McComas. Reported to be about 4' 10" tall. His gun was taller than him.

My niece Cindi and my son Chris at the house I grew up in from the time I was 9 months old till I got married.

L-R Nieces Amy and Lori, then my daughter Diana, my nephew Jacob and my niece Cindi (Yes the same Cindi from above.)

 I grew up in a hollow (pronounced holler). This is our road taken from standing in our yard. Daddy's been gone 20 years and Mom moved into town when he passed. My brother owns the old home place so I still have an opportunity to go back and visit any time I want.  

Have a blessed Thursday.


Opening Pandora's box

If you will recall, a friend gave me this beautiful Pandora rope bracelet at the beginning of the year. 

Since I love charm bracelets of any kind, I was very excited. I started thinking about what I want on it and decided to make it a beach bracelet. I haven't bought anything yet, but I am starting to research what's available. I do love the sand bucket. Especially since this is the year I have a bucket list that I am actually doing things from. So I really want this one.

My daughter got this charm for Christmas for her bracelet and I just love it. May have to get one of my own.

Nothing says beach like a star fish with blue bubbles. This is a must.  

And I am a sucker for anything sea turtle. This glittery one is so me.

But my favorite one is so perfect for what I love. I love sparkly. I love pink. And we all know I LOVE flip flops. Do you think this might be the first one I try to purchase? I think so.

Have a great Wednesday.


Repurposing your Pretties

When my grandchildren were little, they never bothered my decor I had sitting around because my daughter-in-law coined the phrase "Mamaw's pretties" and they new they couldn't touch them. Here I am 19 years after the first grandchild and I still love my "pretties". But over the years, I have learned that you can have your pretties and make them useful as well. Here are some I have done over the years. I had a tea for one set that I put in my floral bathroom. The top tea pot part of it held Q-tips..

But the cup underneath held cottonballs. It was really cool. 

And I almost always have a teapot in my home office with paper clips in it.

I love putting flowers in a tea pot and this cute cup was too pretty to stick in a cabinet so I filled it with scissors and hole punches.

This teapot came with flowers in it, but it matched my kitchen colors at the time so I used it to hold utensils.

Another cup I found for .25 cents at a yard sale. I put it in my beach bathroom. I had Q-tips in it but changed that out and it now holds my toothbrush and tooth paste.

So I decided to go online and see what other people are repurposing pretty things for. I love this big cup they used as an outside flower pot. 

Here is an antique find of an old silver tea/coffee pot that they added vintage keys to and now they have a very unique wind chime for their porch. 

Another pretty to hold plants.

This lady made a pin cushion for the inside of her tea pot lid and keeps some sewing essentials in the bottom.

And if she is pinning something, she simply inverts the lid to access the pins easily.

Now I love this (more Q-tips!) but I like the brushes in it. More importantly is the fact that it was a tarnished silver set that the lady scrubbed up and painted. Isn't it pretty.

How cute. An old pitcher that they have hung up in the hopes a bird would build a home. 

You could do your own herb garden with tea cups.

Or try your hand at homemade candles. This one scares me a little. I would worry that the heat might eventually crack the cup. I'd have to do more research.

A great way to display African violets.

Now this is a neat way to use mismatched china pieces. I love it. 

Not sure how they mounted these, but again cute planters.

And I love this one. They painted a sterling silver one and then added ribbons, bows and pearls. I may have to do one of these for my bedroom! It is so feminine looking.

I hope you got some good ideas about repurposing today.


Weekend wrap up

I was off work Friday and it was an amazing day. One of my friends at work gave me a couple of milk glass vases that his dad didn't need anymore. This one was a little dingy and yellowed around the edges. 

But I always have Bar Keepers Friend on  hand to use on my vintage Pyrex to keep it colorful.

A little soft scrubbing with a tooth brush and it was back to pristine white.

He also gave me the hobnail flower pot I have been looking for. I have the smaller one, but have wanted the bigger one for about four years. Now I have it.

I also went to the Corningware outlet in Pigeon Forge after work. They are going out of business and everything was 75% off. I was thrilled to get the $16.48 cake pan and lid for just $4.12. 

And the Lucky in Love bowl was only $2.24 instead of $8.99.

My son-in-law has been looking for deep pasta dish bowls. They had some for $11.00 normal price but that would be $44 for the set. So I called to see if he wanted them since they were on sale. So I picked them up for her to save her the trip. All four of them was just a little over $10 total for the whole set. 

Then Saturday night I decided to try out the cake pan and made me a French Vanilla cake. Look how perfect it baked. 

Then I put some of my home made chocolate icing on it. It turned out great. I made brownies because I was in a baking mood. I should have gotten two of the glass bowls. 

Today at church we had five people baptized. It was an amazing day. All in all, it's been a pretty good weekend.


Sunday Song

Life is what you make it. I woke up this morning thinking about how tired I am and how much I have on my to do list. I just don't feel like being an adult today. So I went looking for some "feel good" music. Now, I'm ready to face the soon as I have a big piece of white cake with chocolate icing for breakfast!


Friday Foto Friends

I love the morning skies in East Tennessee where I live. You never know what you will find when you step out on your front porch. Earlier this week, I was able to step out at the perfect time to get some good pictures. Check out the amazing clouds as the sun was starting to break through.

It comes up over that ridge of trees and when there aren't as many clouds it is breathtaking. But I happen to love clouds so I was really happy with these pictures. 

And in another direction, I have a small view of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is not grand but I can see it and that makes my heart smile.

And from the back porch, I see the city water tower. Now that is not amazing and this picture was not taking that morning, it was taking later in the day. But I took it to show you something fun.

Here is the exact view that very morning when the sun broke through the clouds and was shining directly on the water tower. Isn't it amazing how it and the tops of some of the trees turned yellow when the sun was shining on it. It was pretty awesome to watch. 

I have the day off so I'm heading out in a little bit to have some "me" time today. Hope you have a great day. Be sure and stop by Jeremiah.2911 for some more Friday Foto Friends. 


It arrived today!

If you recall, on my New Year's post I mentioned my word for the year was Dare. Well, I am also staying very organized this year. I have my new Happy Planner, a journal, a new notebook and my new pencil case. 

I wanted a bag to carry them in so I ordered one from Thirty-One's new line of statement canvas bags. All my stuff fits in it for work each day.

And I did use my favorite phrase from the motivational poster my friend Jonnie made me.....Dare to be MORE! 

I am loving it.