Weekend wrap up....

I had an amazing weekend with three of the grandchildren. They came over Friday night and stayed until about 5:00 on Sunday. It took awhile to get them all up on Saturday. Shelby was laying down on one couch and Colby told her to wake up. She said she was awake but when we looked at her couch this is what we saw. 

So Colby went over and tried to wake her up a little better and then collapsed on her.

In a few minutes they both were about to go back to sleep. 

So Alexis turned the recliner around and put the TV on something she wanted to watch and gave up on waking them up. But we finally got them going.

Our first stop was at Magi Quest. I love that place as much as the kids do. 

It's fun running around with a wand trying to reach Master Magi status. I think they are all three at Junior Magi right now and I believe I am too but forgot to check. I will never go there without Alexis. She's the best person to read the directions and remember where we have been and lead us where we need to go next. Sixty minutes of this and you are worn out. Trust me.

But it also has indoor miniature golf course so we did 18 holes next. It is with a Pirate theme and mostly under black lights so you come out of their exhausted as well. I thought maybe I was just getting old until the kids collapsed in the car and said they needed to rest.

They loved climbing on the big pirate ship in the middle of the course.

We had lunch at Wendy's before Magi Quest so we went straight home and had a snack of popcorn and lounged around and rested. Then that night we went to Dolly Parton's Stampede for dinner and the show. We had great seats on the second row. 

I like sitting there because the longhorn steer fascinate me and we had a great view of them. 

The grand finale is always so beautiful as Dolly sings Color Me America. 

It is absolutely beautiful and touching.

Then after the show the kids wanted to go meet the Emcee and pet some of the horses so we hung out and did that. They got his autograph on their mugs and were so happy about it. He has a new horse this year and it loves to prance around. We had a wonderful time.

We didn't get home until 11:15 Saturday night and crashed right in the bed. But we got up and went to church Sunday morning. After church we stopped at my friend's house that sales Paparazzi and picked up my new bracelet. It says "She believed she could so she did." That is kind of a slogan with Thirty-One consultants so I wanted it to wear to parties, meetings and the conference. I love it. 

After that, we went home and had homemade pizzas for lunch on flatbread and watched a couple of movies. I took them home around 5:00 and came back home and fixed me a light supper. After that, I just relaxed and went to bed around 11:00. I am a little tired this morning, but it's back to work today. I do get tomorrow off so I can catch up on some rest tomorrow.


A thought for Sunday....

As I sit here on Saturday night, I am listening once again to the heavy, heavy rain pouring down from heaven. I am reminded of Noah and his family. We have had rain for several weeks, nearly every day and extremely heavy at times. Fortunately, the waters abate before any major floods have occurred. I complain about the rain and wish it would stop. But then I think what it must have been like to be in the ark for 40 days and 40 nights and rain and water everywhere and I shouldn't complain.

As the rain cleanses the air and makes the ground and plants spurt up and thrive, we need to remember that the rainy days in our life are just as good. If you have sunny days and happy times every day, how will you appreciate them if a little rain and gloom fall into your life at times. I have always loved these lines from one of my favorite songs. 

We see rainbows a lot after these heavy rainy days we experience. Simple blessing that God bestows when we have suffered from life's storms. 

But no matter how big or how little the storms are that we weather, God has promised to bring us through.

So instead of fussing at the rain, I should be thanking God for the cleansing and I should have faith that after the storm passes, the blessing will begin to pour in once again.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!


Been thinking again....

Just some things I'm think about today....

Several years ago I had bought some of these embroidered towels and gave as gifts. Then when I went back to get some more they had closed the store. I sure wish I knew where I could find some.

I had this purse many years ago back when I cared about what people said or thought about what I did. A lady at church asked me why I was still carrying a diaper bag when my grandkids weren't in diaper. She said it in a room full of people and I laughed it off. But in truth, I was so embarrassed that I quit carrying it and eventually sold it. Now I realize it would be the perfect bag for work. Hold everything I need. Now I want to find one. And I don't care if anybody like it or not. It was a purse that could be used for many things.

I have often wondered if I could crochet with thread. I have mastered the single stitch and turning the corner and going the other direction. It is not perfect by any means and I have only did a few little samples a few inches big. But my biggest problem comes from my needle going through the yarn and not where it should go. So I'm thinking thread might work better.

I am going to Hobby Lobby because they have the brand for a little over $2.00 for the roll. Just can't decide if I want to try solid or variegated. Probably better stick with a solid color for first try.

I would love to learn how to do these flowers and make a bookmark.

Some lady crochet a bunch of loopy chains and put them together to make a scarf.

If I could master the flowers this is cute for bookmarks

Or maybe I could just do a circle and make bookmarks. I do believe the thread will make a better bookmark...not as thick as a yarn one. 

I am great at just chain stitching. So much easier than turning around. One lady made a chain and looped it to make a scarf.

This lady did a LONG chain in order to make this scarf.  I wouldn't probably wear one but it is cute on this dress.

Maybe this little bow bookmark would be at my skill level.

Who knows what I'll end up doing. But I just know I want to try.


Friday Foto Friends

It has been a crazy weather week here in East Tennessee. Pouring the rain all last weekend and Monday was more of the same with creeks rising and a few getting out of their banks, but thankfully no major flooding. This is the river behind where I work and it is normally not high at all. Fishermen can stand in it in their waders. But it was high and swift on Monday.

You can see it was close to come over the bank.

But Tuesday was a beautiful day filled with white clouds and sunshine.

There were a few moments where the sky got a little darker. It was only in the 40's - 50's so you still needed a jacket. But pretty nevertheless.

Yesterday was divine. Sunshine and blue skies. At one point it was 72°. It was windy as all get out but it was still a gorgeous day as I headed out to supper with three of my friends from church.

We went to dinner at Song & Hearth which is located in Dolly Parton's DreamMore Resort. They have a wonderful pool. It would be worth taking the grandkids to stay there just to they could spend the day in the water.

I just love this sitting area. The way they did that photo makes you feel like you could sit right down and have a conversation with Dolly. 

Of all the hallways we went down, this was my favorite. When you walk down it the slats on the wall make the scene of the train from Dollywood.

And when you come back the other direction, it actually says Dollywood. It was just too cool.

One hall has everyone of her albums on the wall.

It takes up the whole wall because there are two sections of albums.

I loved all the little cozy nooks where you could just relax. They told us that every night a 8:00 they have an area where kids can come and get read a bedtime story. They have live music each night. The guy that was singing last night was amazing.

This display houses a little chest that contains some memorabilia and a song that Dolly wrote that no one has ever seen or heard. It is to be opened on her 100th birthday. That was kind of cool.

Now don't shoot me, but I didn't get any pictures of the food. First off, the way the buffet is set up all the food is covered so I would have had to open every item and take a picture. I'm not sure all the folks in line behind me would have appreciated that. And then when we got to the table, I was so hungry I forgot about taking pictures. But here was the menu.

I can tell you it was delicious. Of course a couple of my favorites were the baked potato bar with tons of toppings. And it goes without saying the dessert was to die for. Little miniature banana creme pies and chocolate brownies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate mousse, berry covered cheesecake and much more. They had it laid out neat. 

It was very spacey and entrees on one bar, veggies another, kids items another, etc. It made a lot of room for maneuvering around and not getting in anybodies way. 

Probably one of the cleanest and well kept buffet bars I have ever eaten at.

My friend, Nancy, who put the whole evening together told me she had something for me. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be two matching depression glass sherbet cups. They have the parrot pattern on them. I researched and found out that pattern was only made in 1931 and 1932 in this color. I love them. 

Afterwards we sat outside on the rocking chairs and talked and laughed and had a great time. Thank you Nancy for telling about this and inviting us along. We had a blast.


A beautiful day...

It is 70° and the sun is shining. I went to the store with my sunroof open and my flip flops on. Of course they are calling for another cold front to move through soon according to a lady I know. We will see. But until it gets here, I will be enjoying my flip flops.

I actually got up and cleaned out my clothes closet this morning. Three piles: move to middle for spring/summer, donate to a thrift shop and "oh my gosh throw it away before anybody sees how old it is". 

I'm taking a break to have a snack. No big lunch for me today. Tonight I am going out to dinner Song & Hearth located at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa™. It should be a fun time. I have never been there so I can't wait to try it out. Tonight is themed "Beale Street BBQ Dinner Buffet". This should be interesting. I am told the dessert table is out of this world with cake, pies, cobbler, brownies and assorted cookies. Here's a pic of the whole resort. I will show pics later about the meal and inside.

Hope you are having a good Thursday.


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