Friday Foto Friends

Friday Foto Friends

As I was going down Hwy 66 in Kodak, a guy on a bicycle was riding right down the road instead of the sidewalk. I snapped this at a red light when he went wizzing right through the light without a care. The people in Grandview who had a green light just happened to see him and waited before they pulled out. 

I followed him almost all the way to Sevierville before he turned and not one time did he slow down for yellow lights or stop for red. He was making me nervous, but I figured if I was behind him at least nobody would come up behind him too fast and hit him. Turns out it is legal to ride your bike int he middle of the road as long as you follow all traffic rules. Guess he didn't get the "stop for red lights" memo.

And my Friday mountain view on the way to work. I will never get tired of looking at that every morning.


Crazy lady alert....

Most of you already know I'm a tad crazy sometimes and do random stuff that is unexplainable. Well, my craziness struck again. I was in a bathroom the other day and the company had bought the best smelling hand soap. It was Honeysuckle & Jasmine which are my two favorite ever fragrances. So I looked at the bottle.

I had never heard of that brand so I figured it is some kind of fancy smancy boutique offered only brand. And that the way it smelled, the price was probably right up there with Bath & Body or Victoria Secrets.

So being the curious type I did what I always do...I Googled it. Turns out it is from Walmart and is just $1.97 a bottle. Guess what went on my shopping list. 

Told you I was crazy....


My love affair with Colonial Mist Pyrex

In July 1983, Pyrex released the Colonial Mist pattern to accompany the Corelle Dinnerware with the same name (which I didn't know existed until the other day). It was the last opal Pyrex pattern ever designed before production ceased in 1986. From then on, Pyrex no long manufactured opal pieces. The colored opal pieces were first released in 1946 or 1947. But in 1983, when they released their new Colonial Mist pattern, Allen and I were holding our first Thanksgiving dinner in our home. We purchased this set to use for serving bowls at our Thanksgiving dinner his family was coming to. When we went shopping for serving bowls, these were the ones that both of us fell in love with.

But like a fool many many years ago, we didn't use them any more so we sold them in a yard sale. Flash forward to 2012 when I started collecting Pyrex vintage pieces. My main goal was to slowly get all the pieces so I could have the Colonial Mist Cinderella set back again. I found my first piece in November 2012. Then for Christmas, Allen got me another piece to the set. Then a lady in my trade group traded me for one and finally in January 2013. I completed my set. It now holds a place of honor on my kitchen wine rack. 

When I started collecting the vintage Pyrex mixing bowls, I decided I wanted the Colonial Mist in that pattern as well. It was alternating like the Cinderella with blue on white or white on blue. 

In addition, they released these not just as sets, but as individual bowls came in solid blue with white flowers on all four bowls. Which means the 402 and 404 came both ways. I set out to collect the entire blue set which would look like this. 

I have the smallest three. I am on a quest to find the 404, the large bowl in the blue background set. This is very elusive. For some reason, people rarely part with the 404 bowls in any pattern.

But now that I almost have all of those, I am thinking I may still look for the white background in the 402 and 404. We shall see.

Here is the ad from Pyrex when they released all the Colonial Mist pieces in the 1980's. Be still my heart.

In my quest for Corelle dinner plates, I was looking at all the past patterns one day on the internet. Imagine my look of sheer delight when I found out that there were actually dishes with my lovely Colonial Mist pattern.

I even saw the coffee cup and saucer.

Be still my heart! I have got to find these somewhere. Maybe I need to put these on my Christmas wish list but I figure they will be hard to find.  

They even created a line of the drinking glasses to match. I need to go antiquing again...SOON! 

Now you know my favorite Pyrex pattern and why I love it so. Does anyone have any favorite patterns in their collection?

Wacky Wednesday...

Sometimes I swear I think I am losing my mind. This is me. Definitely. In this cartoon. I do this constantly. I make Hungry Jack biscuits almost at least once every week. But every single time I know it is 8 minutes at 400 degrees for my oven. I put them in the oven then have to go look at the package again (that I already threw away) to double check myself. 

And the crazy things like that is what led me to believe that this sign is made specifically for me as well. Need to hang this one on my wall!


Tanzanite, Tuquoise & Topaz Tuesday...

I'm going to treat myself to a birthday present this year. I want a new birthstone ring. Not an expensive one, but one that is considered a fashion ring with my birthstone in it. 

My birthday is in December. And for some reason, December has FOUR different birthstones. One is called Tanzanite. The International Gemstone Color Association (IGCA) says "Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. It occurs in only one place worldwide. Its blue, surrounded by a fine hint of purple, is a wonderful colour. Thanks to its unusual aura and the help of the New York jeweller's Tiffany, it has rapidly become one of the most coveted gemstones in the world.It is named after the East African state of Tanzania, the only place in the world where it has been found."

Okay...let's rethink tanzanite. Rare? One place in the world to fine it? Tiffany's uses it? Yep, way out of this girls price range. So my next choice is turquoise. I do like turquoise but I always feel like I should dress in suede and fringe and move to Arizona or New Mexico. Don't know why I feel that way, but I do if I want to wear turquoise jewelry. 

So that brought me to my next birthstone. The beautiful, beautiful blue of Zircon. I really like it. But it is a very dense gem and therefore the weight of it is heavier which means a smaller stone if I want the ring to be comfortable. Plus the IGCA says it is more brittle and easier to crack, chip or break. So mark that off my list. 

Which leaves me with the Blue Topaz. The blue topaz is a man made gem that is made using special processes to create a clear topaz into a blue topaz. There are blue topaz gems in real gems, but they are rare and hard to find. So I'm sure they would be too expensive. But I do love the man made blue. It comes in various shades depending on the process they use. 

So I went searching for rings I might like in the blue topaz. This was one that I liked.  

But this is one I fell in love with. 

Would love to know what your birthstone is....


Weekend wrap up...

I came home one evening last week and had all this by my door. 

The long package was a fall serving tray. I have a friend that I swap items with occasionally that we are going to get rid of with each other. She had dropped off this wonderful tray. 

And the bag was from her with this cute pumpkin and little candles. The candles actually work and the "flame" has a spooky face on them for Halloween.

And I was super excited when she included some of her famous tea cakes that she bakes. I was thrilled to get some of them from the recent batch.

The box was some free books I had gotten from Samaritan's Purse. I have had a couple of these before, but someone borrowed them before I got to read them and I told them to keep them. So I finally got around to ordering me some more. 

I also wanted to show you this recipe book I picked up at a thrift store. It has the recipe of what to put in the jar and then recipe cards printed out (3 copies of each recipe) that you can tie to the jar as a gift. It's really neat. 

Saturday on my way to work, I stopped by the Dollar General to look for a plastic tablecloth. I just wanted a cheap plastic one for a little work table I use in the kitchen. Since I have sunflowers on my curtains and fall is just around the corner. I decided on this one along with this new dish towel for fall. 

I love when I can use PIA (Pyrex in Action) for my meals. The sunflower casserole dishes is holding my homemade bacon gravy warm while I fry some eggs. It was all delicious. 

That was my lunch for Sunday because I was afraid I would not feel like cooking it for supper and I really wanted it bad. Then afterwards I made a Duncan Hines Swiss Chocolate cake with my homemade chocolate icing. It was out of this world. 

Seriously thinking about offering a dessert service for people who need cakes, cookies and simple desserts for gatherings and don't have time to make them. Just basic items, nothing elaborate and fancy. Hmmm, something to consider.


We are blessed to welcome The Wilmington Celebration Choir at our church today for morning worship. They are fabulous. This is a video of them at our church the last time we had them visit with us. If you are in the area, join us at Beech Springs Baptist in Kodak, TN. We would love to have you.