Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A new craft project....Button jar

A friend of mine did a jar in burlap and I loved it so I decided to do me one. I made a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday evening to get what I needed. I came home and gathered the supplies. I bought the embellishment in the jewelry department and picked up some burlap and a piece of lace. Everything else I already had at home. 

First I traced the lid and cut out a circle.

I hot glued that to the lid. I didn't want to have the Ball logo showing on my lid. 

Then I glued the lid inside the jar ring. 

Now when I take it off to get in the jar, it will be all one piece.

Next I cut a strip of burlap about 2 3/4" x 11".

I hot glued one edge to the jar.

I worked my way around until the jar was covered. Burlap is very hard to keep straight. Next time I am putting a chalk line around the jar to have a guide line to follow. Once you glue it, you can't move it.

Then I got my lace and my jute string.

I wrapped the lace around the burlap, gluing it about every inch or so.

Next, I tied the jute in a bow around it. 

Next I filled it with buttons. I am going to need more buttons and I want to look for vintage ones, but right now I just used what I had.

Then I glued the embellishment on the front. It has scissors, a button, a little ruler and a flower on it. I am very pleased with the result. 

And the good part is that I had a 40% off on the embellishment and I had most of the stuff around the house. Here is what the entire project cost me out of pocket. 

A cute little jar for just $3.61. You can't beat that. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 20 Tuesday - Pillows

My Top 10 expanded to Top 20 today because I found so many pillow projects I loved. I have left the credits on the pictures if they had them. These all came from Pinterest and there were so many layers I could not find who to give the original credit to. This first one is simply sewing 5 pillow cases together, stuffing them with pillow and sewing them closed. What a great idea for kids to lounge around on to read or watch TV.

I am really getting into burlap ideas. My friends keep coming up with great projects for burlap so I am really loving this next pillow. I love the beach and I am thinking that is what I am going to do the kids room in...a beach theme. 

How to make a Stenciled Burlap Pillow

This little bow pillow is cute, but I am not a fan of gray so I would use something more colorful.

Side-Tie Pillow DIY

Last year, I made some bags with appliques on them for Christmas. I kept the patterns so I can use them to make some throw pillows for Christmas.

I fell in love with this. I don't think it gets any cuter.

Minnie Pillow (also comes in Mickey) - etsy seller MinniesPillowTalk

This would be so precious to make with the hand prints of all my grandchildren. This is definitely going on my to do list.

Hand Print Flower and Butterfly Pillow DIY - perfect gift for Grandmother

I love cable knit sweaters. I have several I can't wear any more because the sleeves have shrunk up but I hated to part with them. I am going to recycle as pillows for this fall and winter.

Sweaters used for pillows! DIY Fall & Christmas

This one would be very cute for Valentine's Day.

Pillow-DIY by ashleyw

Talk about simple. Pretty lace or trim around a burlap pillow. Simple but elegant.

Shabby chic burlap pillow- diy

I am not crazy about the color of the pillow, but love the concept.

doily pillow #diy #sewing #lace

This is really cute. And easy for people like me who hates that final step where you have to hand sew the end after putting the pillow in.

Make a pillow covers out of 2 colorful; cloth napkins. Makes holiday decorating easy. Sew two sides of napkins and bottom...Then cut 4 lengths of ribbon at 25" and then in half, and attached the ribbon to the open ends of the napkin sleeve...Slide the pillow in and tie the ribbon in a bow. Easy peasy!

This is unique and you could do this with any squares.

I love the little pocket pillow for Christmas.

Holiday Sweater Pillow DIY - The Lilypad Cottage

I also love this pattern of strips.

This bow pillow is really cute.

Burlap Knot Pillow

Another cute Christmas pillow.

I am really loving the beach pillows on burlap.
More beach ideas.

pillows#diy decorating ideas #diy fashion|

Lace and pearls are always a great pillow idea if you are a girly-girl.

Ring Bearer Pillow - DIY

My sister does this all the time. It's a placemat pillow. Simply use a seam ripper on one end of the placemat. Open it up, stuff it and sew it back closed. Easy pillow.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend wrap up

Thursday night, I was going through some things and found this picture frame I forgot we had. It belonged to Allen's grandmother. I think I will paint the frame and add chalkboard paint to the glass.

I stopped at a little thrift shop on Thursday after work and found this pitcher for $3.00. I just put on here Wednesday that I wanted a glass pitcher for lemonade and then found this. It was meant to be.

I had the day off Friday so I decided to hit some yard sales and antique stores. Afterwards, I went to Walmart and the grocery store. I love my Thirty-One products when I shop. Was able to carry all my purchases in my new bags and only had to make one trip from the car to the house when I got home. 

I found this beautiful vintage table cloth for just $1.00. It has some stains on it but I didn't buy it for a table. I am going to make some throw pillows from it. My friend did one and I loved it. 

I picked up this little pillow for just $1.00 as well. 

I think the two will go well together for pillows for the trunk at the foot of my bed.

I took my Boscul peanut butter glasses to a local antique store to see if she wanted to buy them. She did so we did a store credit for part of them and cash for the rest. With the store credit, I found this baby face milk jug that Hubby has been looking everywhere for. I got it for him and put it in his Easter basket. He was thrilled with it.

I love the Pyrex casserole bowls. Town and Country is one of my favorite patterns. I collect it in the brown and in the yellow with brown patterns. I hope to find more pieces for my collection this summer. I did find this one on Saturday. Hubby made the baked beans in it for Easter dinner. 

I also collect the Colonial Mist pattern and these smaller bowls are one of my favorite items. I was glad to find on in this pattern.

At a yard sale, I found this little yellow gold candy dish. I have one just like it in milk glass at work. This one is going in my office/craft room at home. Of course, there will Junior Mints in it.

I saw this little bowl and just fell in love with it for .25 cents. When I got home, I had forgotten I had one just like it. Oh well, now I have two. I put this one on my dresser to put my watch and rings in.

These colors in this cup are the favorite colors of a good friend of mine. She collects coffee cups so I just had to get this one for her.

My master bath has a beach theme so this little seashell dish was perfect to put cotton balls in on my counter. 

In Sunday School class on Sunday, we made these little Easter baskets for our craft and filled them with candy. I can tell the ones who really enjoy the crafts because I hear them discussing the "pattern" they are going to create with their foam stickers. It was so neat to see the different patterns they came up with.

After church, Hubby and I relaxed around the house all day. Then he fixed us an awesome Easter dinner. We vegged out the rest of the evening. It was a really relaxing day and I'm ready to hit the work load first thing this morning. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Some Easter music to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, our Lord and Saviour.