Throwback Thursday

Me and my hip hugger bell bottoms around 1973-1975.

My itty bitty babies. I still can't believe a 90 pound 20 year old could give birth to two little humans and breeze through the whole pregnancy and labor thing like it was a walk in the park.

The old house on Hash Ridge. My niece, Cindi Marie, and my son Christopher Shawn.

After Dad died, Mom moved to town and my brother bought the old home place and added a second story, remodeled it and put wood siding on. These are my nieces, L-R is Amy, Cindi, Tara, Christy, Lori, Emili and my daughter Diana is on the far right.

One of my favorite places to eat when I go home is Stewart's hot dogs. Been there since before I was born and I'm 65 now.

Always get 2 hotdogs and a Stewart's rootbeer. It had been so long since I had this on a trip home, that I had to take a bite immediately...even before I got the pic.

The #1 food item to go home for is Gino's Pizza. This is not like other pizzas. I don't know what it is but they have the best sausage pizza in the entire world.



Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. A place to find some humor, maybe a little laugh or a even just a smile. This is a great place to get over the humdrum feeling of it being "blah" because it is the middle of the week. You are already over it because you probably worked 2 days and now you have to make it through today so can countdown the 2 more days till the weekend. So let me bring a little light and laughter to your Wednesday. First I want to acknowledge the fact that according to wacky and bizarre holiday lists, today is National Kiss a Ginger day.

Who needs a big house or even an apartment. You just need a big room that you can put a small kitchenette in and a bath. This bed can double as sleeping, storage and even sitting to watch TV. How many people do they thing is going to pile into bed with them that they need something this deluxe. At my age, I can barely crawl into my normal queen size bed. I'd have to crawl, scoot and twist just to get to the pillow. And at a cost of over $4500 I'd have to be able to use it for more than just a bed. It definitely falls into the wacky, bizarre category today.

Meet Panic Pete. My next weird entry. Apparently, if you get stressed you simply squeeze his body and his eyes, ears and nose bulge out. Now, I gotta say that sometimes people get on my nerves. And since society frowns on us squeezing their neck till their eyes pop out, maybe Panic Pete would be worth investigating.

Next on my list, well, let's just say there's not a lot to say about this. Just sitting here shaking my head and wondering why? Why do we need bandaids that look like undercooked bacon. It makes me never want to eat bacon again. By far one of the weirdest (and grossest) products I have ever seen.

And my #5 weirdest thing I found today is something that blows my mind. You know when you eat cheese puffs, your fingers get the orange crumbs all over them? Well, here is something to help with that. I couldn't actually find the name so I am going to call them Cheese Puff Dust Busters. First off, half the fun of eating Cheetos is licking all the goody off your fingers when you are done. Second, if you don't want the goody dust on your fingers and you use these "guards", isn't the other hand going to get it all over that hand when you use your fingers to pull them off the hand you ate with. What is the reasoning behind this? If you are that freaked out over cheeto dust on your fingers, the answer is simple. DON'T EAT CHEETOS. This one has me baffled for sure.


Let's take a trip to the 1960's

The Sixties. Hippies. Peace. Love. Bubble Gum pop music. Woodstock. But there were some other great things from the 60's. Some I wish I still had. Some I see in antique stores. One of the things I remember are the way products had freebies in them. Like the Quick Mother Oats that had the Bonnie Blue cup and saucer. Daddy drank his coffee out of one just like this. I still see them in antique stores around here. 

And who remembers when Breeze Detergent came with dishtowels? These were some great towels. 

And then they had some that had face cloths or as we called them in the country, wash rags only we pronounced it "warsh" (and yes I still say warsh).

And one of my favorites. The Campbell Kids. We had to save labels to get them. And I am not sure why I got one. My sister didn't that I can remember. But I love my Campbell soup girl. I think I named her Susie. I loved her played with her all the time. At one point she lost her clothes. I still played with her. Then she lost a hand. I think my brother Jack or the dog bit it off. It was always a little murky as to what happened to her hand. 

And oh my goodness how I loved my record player. We listed to everything on that old record player. We bought the records at either McCroy's or H & L Greens. We had everything from Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins to Bo Weevil by Teresa. Then we graduated to Diana Ross and The Surpremes, Donnie and the Osmonds. We got a lot of miles out of that old player.

And I can't talk about my growing up in the 60's without posting a pic of the Barbie I had. This isn't mine, but it is the type of Barbie I had. 
And did anybody else watch for the mailman to come and bring the Christmas catalog every year when the season rolled around. We used to argue over who got to look at it first. Of course, we went straight to the toys.

And don't get me started on Barbie shoes. There wasn't nothing fancy about them. But they were so little, it was hard to keep track of them. I used to love getting a new Barbie outfit just to see what color of shoes she came with.

And how exciting was it when Jacks started coming in COLORS not just the silver. I loved playing jacks. Oh, and FYI, I have jacks still today. And I can still get in the floor in the kitchen an playing them. Sometimes I get all through my tensies without dropping any.....and I am 65 years old. My philosopy is "If you can still get yourself out of the floor, you are not to old for jacks."

And who remember these vintage enamel pots and pans? The 60's home decor sure did love avocado green, harvest gold and orange. 

Thanks for joining me on my trip to the 60's. What a blast!


Weekend Wrap Up

It was a great weekend. I did a little bit of re-arranging some decor. I created this little display. I love the little sign I got a couple of weeks ago and the little jar with the mustard seeds a friend gave me for my birthday. The wooden vase I bought over the summer, but couldn't find the right place for it. 

I went shopping Saturday afternoon and found some multi-metal earrings that I have fallen in love with, They are gold, silver and copper. I am in love with them. I need to get my hair cut a little shorter so I can show them off better.

Want to do some yarn work. I love this. I love the varigated yarn. Not sure what I'm going to make with it but I fell in love.

I need a little basket for my bedroom and these colors are in my bedspread so I picked them up as well. 

Since I am getting ready to decorate for Valentine's day I just had to get these little gnomes. They were just too cute.

And I have joined back up with Thirty-One. During Covid it was hard to sell and then I have had a whole lot going on in my life and not time for much of anything. But it's gotten into a better routine now so I am ready to start focusing on my Thirty-One business again. My new kit arrived. I am in love with everything in it. Come back tomorrow for the reveal of what's in the pink box.....



Sunday's Song


This song says it all. He can make away when you feel like you don't know where to turn. He will be there through the storms, the pain, the suffering. But even better He will bring you so much peace and contentment. When you let go and follow Him, you will catch yourself finding joy in the smallest things. You will be sitting at your desk and think of something small but brings you great joy. He is better than any drug or any drink. Why wallow in low self-esteem, hatred, or grief when he can bring you through. I had a quote someone shared with me one time that I love. If He brings you TO it, it will bring you THROUGH it. Hope you enjoy the message in this song.

 "He makes a way where there ain't no way
Rises up from an empty grave
Ain't no sinner that He can't save
Let me tell you 'bout my Jesus
His love is strong and His grace is free
And the good news is I know that He
Can do for you what He's done for me
Let me tell you 'bout my Jesus"


Faith Filled Friday

Faith. A small word. Five little letters. Websters dictionary defines faith as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The bible defines faith in Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." For me faith has always been a deep belief in the fact that as a child of the king "God's got my back." 

To me it is really that simple. Do I still worry? Oh, yes. All the time. Do I still overthink things? Oh please, O.T. should be my initials for Over Thinker. I am a pro at it. 

If I am such a believer in faith and try to trust God in everything, why do I still worry and overthink? Because I am also impatient. Yes, I pray about things and yes I give it to God. BUT and here is the big one: 


That's right, as soon as I give it to Him, if I don't see immediate results I stress and worry it over in my mind to the point that I decide to try to "help" him achieve the results I am seeking. Does that work? NOPE. Not at all. It's like He is looking down and wanting to smack me upside of the head and say "Oh my goodness, let it go. How can I take care of this if you keep trying to interfere?"

So this year, I promise to try to give it to God and sit back and let Him do His thing. He'll be happier, I'll be happier and I am sure if I get out of the way, He will do amazing things for me. 

So my friends, while I constantly urge people to have faith, I realize that I have to do the same thing. I have to put my money where my mouth is and let go and let God handle things. 

Have a great Friday.



New Year.....new plans.....new wish list

Thanks to 2020 and job changes, for awhile I had to sell off some of my Pyrex. It broke my heart, but that's okay. I can restock it. I currently have some things on my wish list that I had and want to replace and some things that I want that I haven't been able to find over the years. So here is my 2022 Pyrex wish list. 

The #1 thing on my list are the solid bowls to go with my Town & Country bowl. I have the big one with the pattern. I am normally not a fan of the Cinderella (bowls with handles like this). But I absolutely love this pattern. You can get the other sizes in the pattern or the solid. But I want the solid really pattern. So that is the top thing on my wish list. 

I thought I didn't want to collect the pink. But I have changed my mind. I am loving all the pink pieces. So I am going to start looking for some of those. If I remember correctly, I think these are the scroll, stems and daisies. But not sure I have that right. 

I want the Blue Horizon. This is one of my favorite patterns that I had to sell after my husband died. I had the mixing bowl set, the fridgie set and a couple other pieces. I want to at least find this one again. 

I love this one. I want to say it was an acorn pattern. But not 100% sure.

And I have never had this one but always wanted it. Just not sure what this pattern is called. But love this size casseroll dish.

And I love the divided dishes especially in the barbed wire pattern.

I'm not big on the Cinderella bowls in this pattern, but I do love this set of fridgies.

This is the #2 item on my list. The Homestead. It will be the next set of mixing bowls I want to collect.

I have looked for this for over 10 years and not found it yet, but it is still on my wish list. The black tulips. I just love this.

I am not even sure what they call the solid color mising bowls with orange and yellow, but I do love them. 

These two are so rare that the solid blue with the starburst has sold for $700 at one time. So unless a family has a yard sale and has no clue what they have, I'm sure I will never get this nor the bowls called the eyes.  Another very rare find.

The stripes comes in so many colors. I have seen them in blues, yellows, pinks, reds, browns. I am not sure what the actual colors are that made a set.

That's it for now. I'm sure I will think of more to add later. Have a great day.