Morning has broken....

Morning has broken like the first morning. Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
Praise for the singing, praise for the morning. Praise for them springing fresh from the world. 
- Cat Stevens 

After being snowed in for 8 day and staring out my window at 7" of snow, it was a sweet gift from heaven to wake up to the sunshine this morning as it was rising in the morning sky. This is the view from my front porch. Nothing like waking up to a great day.

With all the recent snow, the post office was closed for over a week. Nobody could get anywhere. I was expecting a package and the mail service couldn't even deliver. But I woke up this morning and it had arrived after I went to bed last night and was on my porch when I got up.

I love the new billfold. The bills fit in the zipper part with plenty of room to get them in and out.

It's has a coin section and a lot of card and ID slots.

And this is my new bag. It has regular handles but also come with a strap to make it a crossbody or shoulder bag.

Lots of room inside as well as one zipper pocket and 2 open pockets.

I love that it zips. Some crossbody's are just open to drop things in so I do like the zipper.

I love having my purses monogrammed. I always use the initial for my first name because my family nicknamed me B years ago and it stuck. I love that the monograms are stitched and not just colored into the fabric. It is good quality thread.

Here's the picture with the shoulder strap attached. It is a wide fabric strap and very sturdy. I am definitely pleased with the purchase. 

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Sunday's Song

Confidence. One of my favorite songs. 


Everything's coming up daisies...

I am making some changes in my kitchen. I already have yellow and daisies in there, but decided I need some vintage items in those colors. What better start than to look for items with the Pyrex Daisy pattern.

I would love that Cinderella set. But I am also in love with this oval baker with the lid.

Or the alternate style with the clear lid. 

The fridgie set is pretty, too.

I have only seen one Pyrex cup ever in my life like this, but it was a blue one.

Here was the original add when they came out with the Daisy Pattern. This was their add in Women's Day in 1969 introducing the new pattern. The juicer was 79¢.

Now if the snow would just melt so I can go antiquing.



Read all about it!

 How do you like to read? Do like to have a stash of a bunch of books so you can choose one when you are ready to read? Do you just buy a book, read it and get rid of it and then go buy another one?

Or are you a digital reader? Just downloading what you want when you want it? Then when you are done, that's the end of it?

Which way do you prefer?

I have read a book on Amazon in the past. But only if I can't find it anywhere else. I usually go to a local called McKay's. You take in your used books and they give you store credit so you can purchase more. This was my recent ones that I took back. I ended up with over $40 in store credit. Considering my usual books I get, run from .50 cents - $2.95 each. Needless to say I got a great deal.


Be still my heart....

I love everything about Valentine's Day. I am a huge romantic who loves hearts, flowers and lace. Of course it doesn't hurt that my favorite colors are red, pink and purple. Since I love to craft, Valentine's Day are some of my favorite things to craft. Since I am snowed in for my fourth day and today is my day off, I ventured over to Pinterest. I am obsessed with all the wooden hearts that Dollar Tree and other craft stores are carrying.

I love all the Pinterest ideas for decorating the hearts. Oh my gosh, talk about falling down a rabbit hole. I got a headache from looking at all the possibilities. Plus some people are cutting the backsplash squares from Dollar Tree into a heart shape.

Here are some of the ones I found that I absolutely love. I especially love the ones that are lace, floral and bows.

The two on the right hand side in these are the ones made from the back splash pieces. They painted them and then wife some of the paint off to make them look vintage. 

The two on the left are unique. Top left, it looks like they cut the backsplash and glued it on the wood. That is really unique. But the boot left looks like they "poofed" it out somehow. That is definitely one I want to try to do. It would be perfect in my steampunk room.

Now just to get rid of the snow so I can go shopping for supplies. 


Welcome to my world

It is definitely winter weather this week. Snow started on Sunday night around 9:00. By Monday morning I had a couple of inches and by Tuesday morning, there was 6-7 inches of snow.

Then last night, we go more snow and during the night it got down to 3° with a wind chill of -5°. That's cold. I woke up to everything being solid ice on the road. It was slush before bedtime because cars had ran in and out yesterday. But this morning, it is ice. People have tried to get in and out and can't. At one time, there were four cars stuck in various places in the middle of the road on my little short piece of road.

I have two kittens that I got back in June. This is Goose. He's the oldest of the litter. They are 9 months old. I had them fixed and keep them in the house always. 

This is his sister Gracie. She was the only girl and was 4th in the litter of 5. She is what it called a diluted calico. The other brothers were the regular black and white, with a tad of orange calicos. But she is all pale orange and grays with just a little tiny white. Only 1 in every 1000 calico cat is this diluted breed. 

They are both so precious and love to snuggle. They love people and nothing scares them. I did have to modify some things around the house...like moving teapots into rooms in places they won't bother them. 

I have about 30 collectibles in my tea collection. I have a couple of tea sets, some tea pots, some tea for one's, some miniature tea sets and a lot of tea cups and saucers. I am running out of room but love collecting tea stuff. Funny story....I don't drink tea. I despise it, but I sure love stuff you drink or serve it in. I had a couple of tea spoons I have collected. At Christmas, my granddaughter, Alexis, brought me the tea spoon they had gotten on a cruise for me at Nassau. I am so in love with it. It has gold flip-flops. I love flip flops and where them all summer. I have almost as many flip-flops as I do tea items.

I picked this tea cup to put the spoon it. It is trimmed in gold. The tea cup is the Foley China Montrose pattern made in England. This pattern was made in 1938. It's my favorite tea cup. I paid $10 for it at a local antique store over 20 years ago. The gold trim goes great with this cup.

Now I have 3 unique tea spoons. So I have decided I am going to collect some more since I am running out of room for tea pots.

I am now going to scour local antiques stores and thrift shops to look for a spoon display. I would like to have something like this. 

Well, that's all for today. Have a happy Wednesday!



My new wish list for this year

I am doing some rearranging and redecorating in my kitchen. I want to expand my Pyrex collection. I want to make some dishcloths using this color theme.

I love the color scheme so much that I decided to add some of those colors into my Pyrex collection. I love how they combined solids with the friendship bowls. This is on my wish list.

I love the Horizon Blue collection. I had one bowl, but had a hard time finding the rest so I traded it for something else. I am on a mission to collect this set.

And just let me say "PINK". I don't care what pattern or what piece. I just know I want to incorporate pink.

I will probably go to some antique stores on Sunday after church and get some ideas of exactly what's available. 2024 is going to be my year to get back to blogging. Feel free to leave me a link so I can follow your blog and I hope you will follow mine.