Monday, Monday

I have had three of my grandchildren since Friday evening. We have been having an amazing weekend. School is out today for President's day so I am keeping them all three again today until the Mom's get off work. That gave me a three day weekend so I'll do a weekend wrap up tomorrow. 

I am going to catch up on laundry and pick up the house this morning and that's the extend of my energy for today. We are just going to veg and watch TV today.

And now for a little humor to get you through your Monday.  


I love Hobby Lobby

I need a Hobby Lobby trip. I was visiting their website and saw quite a few things that caught my fancy. These little berry baskets would be cute to fill with something for Easter.

I love this little bird decor. I need this to hang where my swag is over my TV for spring.

I need this chick for my kitchen. I have roosters, pigs and cows. Now I need a chick.

I am in love with this dinner plate. My kitchen has a lot of red. I really need this. 

I love this little plaque. How Great Thou Art has always been one of my favorite songs and I love the part of the song that starts with these words.

I just thing this is so cute. And it is in the colors of my dining room.

Okay, I am going to HAVE to  have these!

This is really cute, just not sure about the handle on it. Not sure I like that dark handle.

Mrs. Bunny is so adorable.

She would look great with Mr. Bunny.

I like this yellow basket but don't know what I would do with it.

Then I saw they have it in green so I know what I could put my carrots in!

Okay. I have decided. A trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future.


The Grands

Sometimes I just sit and ponder life. One thing I think about that I do not like is the fact that my grandbabies are growing up. Found these pictures the other day and just can't believe how many years ago they were taken and can't believe how much older they are now. 

Garret is now 19 (he will be turning 20 next month). How can I have a 20 year old grandchild. It just doesn't seem possible.

Caleb will be 16 in May. Where did that little baby boy go?

Sweet Alexis. She is one of the happiest little girls I know. She will be 15 later this year. WOW.

The wild one, Shelby, will be 11 in July. That just doesn't sound possible. 

And Mr. Energy himself, Colby, will be 9 this fall. Talk about making me feel old. Look how teeny tiny he is here. 

Somebody help me stop time.


Starting to Plan

Easter isn't until April 21, but I want to start now getting some Easter decor for the house. I love decorating with spring items. I did pick up some things last year for my Easter centerpiece on the dining room table. But I need to find stuff for the rest of the house. Here are some things I like.

I think this is one of my favorites. 


My favorite poem

A couple of years ago I was going to work one early morning and it was a gloomy day, but high up on the mountain I could see the reflection of one light in one secluded home, nestled high above town. It brought to my mind my favorite poem by Helen Steiner Rice. It has a good message for all of us to quit looking for "something else" when we have all we need right at home. The grass is not always greener on the other side. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do every time I read it. 

It's The Window of Gold by Helen Steiner Rice. Here it is. Enjoy. 

There is a legend that has often been told
Of the boy who searched for the Windows of Gold.
The beautiful windows he saw far away
When he looked in the valley at sunrise each day.
And he yearned to go down to the valley below
But lived on a mountain that was covered with snow.
And he knew it would be a difficult trek,
But that was a journey he wanted to make.

So he planned by day and he dreamed by night
Of how he could reach The Great Shining Light.
And one golden morning when dawn broke through
And the valley sparkled with diamonds of dew,
He started to climb down the mountainside
with the Windows of Gold as his goal and his guide.

He traveled all day and, weary and worn,
With bleeding feet and clothes that were torn,
He entered the peaceful valley town,
Just as the golden sun went down.
But he seemed to have lost his "Guiding Light,"
The windows were dark that had once been bright.

And hungry and tired and lonely and cold
He cried, "Won't You Show Me the Windows of Gold?"
And a kind hand touched him and said, "Behold!
High On The Mountain Are The Windows of Gold."
For the sun going down in a great golden ball
Had burnished the windows of his cabin so small.

And the Kingdom of God with its Great Shining Light,
Like the Golden Windows that shone so bright
Is not a far distant place, somewhere,
It's as close to you as a silent prayer.
And your search for God will end and begin
When you look for Him and find Him within.
by Helen Steiner Rice