Pamper yourself

I took the time yesterday for some major pampering. First, I went and got my hair whacked off. It's short and I love it. I got one of those "run your fingers through with some gel" and go do's.
Then I bought some new hair color and covered the gray. I have never figured out why they cut your hair and it turns gray. Must be something they do, couldn't be because they cut all the old coloring out, right?
Next, I bought some deep purple nail polish. Gorgeous. Just enough of a tint of purple to make it a little "out there". I am a firm believer in the fact that your nail polish color is not a reflection of your age or your attitude...it simply means you like that color.
When I got back home, I had a few miniature Reese's and a glass Pepsi, which I enjoyed while reading my latest romance novel.
Later, I had a long hot soak in lavender scented bubble bath. Again, while reading my newest novel.
Then I proceeded to watch a the Country Music Awards (like I do every year) with hubby.
This pampering process is nothing new to me. I started it when my kids got married six weeks apart. That was in 1998 and I have made sure I pamper myself every chance I get since then.
It's not that hard to do. We all have busy schedules and obligations that keep us hopping. But at some point in the evening, you have to go to bed. If nothing else, delay your bedtime by 30 minutes and soak in a hot sudsy bubble bath before climbing in the bed. There is nothing more relaxing or rewarding at the end of a crazy, hectic day.
So, pamper yourself...you deserve it.

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