Happy Birthday to my Twins, Diana & Chris

It was 2:00 in the morning on a Saturday. The pains had started at 8:00 the night before, but they were mild and would come and go. I would walk the hallway, back and forth, trying to decide if this was the real thing or false labor. I had been to the doctor earlier that day and he had said my backache was nothing to worry about; I still had four weeks to go. He sent me home and said to just take it easy and he would see me next week. Yeah, right. This pregnancy had other plans. Once the pains grew steady, we called my mom and sister to meet us at the hospital. On the way, I allowed my thoughts to wander. Will it be a boy or a girl? Light hair? Dark hair? No hair? Then another pain hits and I realize it doesn't matter. I will soon be holding my precious bundle of joy and it won't matter at all which it is. I am in so much pain by this time that I think I must surely be dying. The nurses at the hospital assure me that it will get worse before it gets any better. Now isn't that a comforting thought? I get poked and prodded and hooked up to gadgets. I am not a model patient. No matter who comes to comfort me I want someone else. I'm burning up so they give me a cool cloth for my forehead, which I promptly sling across the room because I am now freezing. Several nurses have commented on the heartbeat. They say it is good and steady; a nice strong beat that could only be a boy. It is now noon on Saturday. I have had hours of excruciating pain. Pain which I know is never going to end. Pain I am sure I will remember until my dying day. The nurse does her check and announces I may have my epidural. They have to do it twice before the pain begins to ease. I am so exhausted that I promptly fall asleep. Somewhere in the midst of my peaceful slumber, I hear a new shift of nurses arriving. They comment on the dainty, small heartbeat. They claim it is going to definitely be a girl. My mind begins to worry over this new information. I am convinced something is wrong for the heartbeat to have changed so drastically. Before I can express my concerns, my nurse rouses me and tells me it is time. We travel down to the delivery room and my anticipation peaks. The moment will soon be here. The waiting and worries will all be over. As I hear the soft swish of the closing doors, I watch the stage be prepared. Everyone's in their assigned positions and the curtain is ready to rise. When in the brief moment of stillness I hear the doctor say "Nurse, please get another warmer, I believe we have twins." Happy birthday to my precious children — Diana Lynn Hayes and Christopher Shawn Boyle. May God always keep you in His care and bless you with His grace. May your children be as much of a blessing and comfort to you each as you have both been to me. I love you.

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