How did Joseph feel?

Over the ages, theologians and laymen have pondered Mary and her role as the mother of Jesus. Books have been written; songs have been sung. Everyone has wondered how she felt, what she experienced, did she ever think about what her Son would go through and who He really was? But what about Joseph? He had to have played an important role in the first twelve years of Jesus’ life on earth? How did he feel when he learned of Mary’s pregnancy? Once Jesus was born, did he hold that little life in his hands and rock him gently. When he came in from work at night, did he pick up the Baby and place his finger in the tiny hand of Jesus? Did he laugh at the antics of the little baby boy as he took his first steps; said his first word? Did Jesus gaze up at him adoringly? When Jesus was young and inquisitive, did Joseph take him into the carpenter shop and teach him to build a table? Did they work together quietly or was Jesus full of questions for his earthly father? Did he take pride in his Son as he tucked him in at night? Did he stand in amazement at the words the young boy spoke, marveling at the child’s intellect? Would you not love to be able to sit down with Joseph and ask him, “What was Jesus like?” The world owes a debt of gratitude to Joseph for standing beside Mary, believing in God and following God’s instructions so that the perfect plan could be put into place that Christmas eve so many years ago. So, Joseph, thank you.

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