Life's Defining Moments

It's not the days and years that go by so swiftly, it's the moments. Those little clips in time that we can pinpoint every detail of every facet of that precise second. Over the years, you remember what you were doing when you heard JFK had been shot, where you were when you heard Elvis had died and everything about the day the Twin Towers were hit. No matter how huge, how horrifying, or how trivial, we all have defining moments that stick with us for eternity. Thirty-three years ago today at exactly 8:00 pm, I was playing cards with some friends of mine. I went to pick up the Ace of clubs from the stack and felt that first grip of pain. That moment of panic. That oh my gosh! feeling you get when you feel your very first labor pain with your very first child. I can picture the kitchen, butcher block style table top and tan metal chairs with brown cushions (tacky, but so 70's-ish). I had my back to the stove and had on my favorite striped maternity top that said Baby across the front. As my hand reached across for the card, I froze. I felt the sharp stabbing pain but wasn't sure what was happening as I wasn't due for 4 more weeks. I glanced at the clock. I noticed my friend, Marsha, glance at me then glance at her watch. We continued to play as if nothing had happened. At 8:20, I felt that same pain. Marsha announced the game was over and it was time for our new game to begin. For as long as I live and as many memories as I make, that memory never fades with time and I am glad because it let to the best thing that ever happened to me....my twins.

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