The funny things you remember

Mom and I were talking today about the funny situations in our lives that were hilarious to us that others would never see the humor in. One incident came to mind that we still chuckle about to this day. My family had all come down to visit and we were playing tourist. We went to Auntie Bellam's in Gatlinburg. My daughter, Diana, would have been about 11 or 12 and my nephew, Robby, would have been about 10 or 11. We were shopping around, taking in the sites and Robby and Diana came over to me and said, "We found something we want to buy for Mamaw but we don't have enough money. If we put our money together, could you loan us the rest?" They said it was some Mamaw would love and they wanted to buy it really, really bad for her. So I went with them to look at it. Here's where the funny part comes in. It was a jar of jelly in a pretty glass jar. It was only a couple of dollars and between the two of them, they still needed to borrow a few cents from me to get it for her. My mother loved that jar of jelly as if those kids had given her the moon. To this day, when we reminisce, somebody always says, "Remember when Diana and Robby had to put their money together to afford a jar of jelly for Mamaw." It cracks us up, but guess you had to be there.

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