It's the little things that thrill me....

I am one of those people who get so excited over little things in my life. Today, I get to go to McKay's Book Store on Papermill in Knoxville. I love going there. I take back all my books I've read and then swap them out for new books, DVD's for the kids, DVD's for me & Allen, whatever suits my fancy. The place is huge. I absolutely love when I get a new book to read. And to be able to get a bunch of new (to me) books at once and not cost anything and not have to take them back by a certain date is heaven. When I leave there, I get to go to AC Moore and pick up some craft supplies. Wow, could my day get any better. Well, yes it does. 'Cause I have a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase at AC Moore. Anybody that knows me knows I love my bargains. So free book and a discount on crafts is going to make my day today.

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