The week in review

Monday - Cold and snowy Tuesday - Cold and snowy Wednesday - Cold and snowy Thursday - Even colder and the snow started really sticking good Friday - Even colder and even more snow Saturday - Bitterly cold and still lots of snow Sunday - Still bitterly cold and still ice and snow hanging around That is the week in review. I see a pattern emerging. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and the sheer beauty of a world bathed in white. It's the bitter cold that I am not so fond of. But, I would not change my four seasons for anything. I cannot imagine living where it is warm and beautiful every day with there being no changes to notice. I love winter and enjoy snuggling in on those cold nights. By the time winter is almost over, I'm ready for spring days with gentle breezes blowing, flowers popping through the ground. Then I start looking forward to summer. Summer sun beating down on your skin. The bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Picnics and cookouts, beach trips and get-togethers. Catching lightning bugs with the kids and simply enjoying the outdoors. Then we start "feeling" fall in the air. The leaves begin to change, the temperatures start to cool. School starts and pumpkins start showing up on porches and yards. Ghosts and skeletons rattle around the streets searching for candy. Next thing you know, it's Thanksgiving and there is so much good food. Turkey and dressing, kids and grandbabies gathered around the old oak table. Christmas is just around the corner and the joy bells start ringing. Then we hit the long month of January and get winter again. You gotta just love it.



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