Celebrate the little things

Blessings on this beautiful Sunday. As you walk along lives path today, be sure to take the time to celebrate the little things that make you smile. I have so many blessings in my life. Of course there is the obvious: my family, my health, a roof over my head, food on the table But it's the little things that make me do a little dance just for the sheer joy of it. Some of my finest moments come from my four precious grandchildren. They can always make me laugh. This past month has been full of those precious memories that just make you shake your head and smile. When my 5 year old granddaughter spent the night recently, she informed me she was a country girl. She wanted me to put on a video so she could dance. But it had to have country girls in it. We put on Jason Aldean's "She's Country" and she danced and wiggled and maneuvered around until my side hurt from laughing. My 10 year old grandson loves to tell me about the episodes on America's Funniest Videos. It cracks me up what ones stick in his mind. When he was over last, he was sharing some of the funniest things he had seen on there. He gets so animated and can have me laughing in no time. My 6 year old grandson calls me the other night to talk about a toy Peterbilt wrecker I saw that I asked him if he wanted it for his birthday. He called me to ask me 50 questions about it. When he said he wanted to see what it looked like, I told him I could email his mom some pictures that she could show him. He is a little impatient so he said, "Just give me the .com where it is and I'll have Mommy look it up." How does a 6 year old know about .com's. I cracked up. But the icing on the cake was with my 18 month old granddaughter yesterday. We were getting ready to go shopping yesterday and I was preparing her sippy cup. The TV was on, her mom was talking to me, I was pouring juice and she was jabbering in the kitchen. A lot of commotion. Apparently the jabbering was directed at me and she was a little aggravated that I was not paying attention because all of a sudden that little foot stomped on the kitchen floor and we heard MAMAW shouted out in an agitated voice. It was hilarious. I am constantly laughing at those defining moments that let you know you have a lot more in this life than you realize. So celebrate your special moments. Memorize them, share them and savor them.

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