Daffodil Days

It's that time of year when I start watching the side of the road. I watch for that first batch of daffodils to pop up from thier winter slumber. There yellow blooms line up like soldiers marching off to war. Growing up, our neighbor had a patch of daffodils that grew on the bank down by the creek. We always knew winter was almost over when they started to bloom. They are a sign of spring, of rebirth. A reminder that we have survived another cold winter. Daffoldils have long been a flower that was planted around homesteads. If you will visit Cades Cove in early spring, you can walk the fields and just about figure where old houses sat because of the daffoldils that still bloom around the home sites. I can't wait to see that first bloom.


Deb said...
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Bee's Place said...

That makes them much more special. I love paperwhites too.