February - the month of love

February, a time of romance. A time of showing those we love how special they are to us. We have heard it said "Love is never having to say your sorry." and "Love is blind." But what else is love? What defines those moments that create that special bond. It's not the deep abiding heart wrenching moments. It's the little things. I have given this some thought and have came up with my version of Love is....
Love is....
....when he decides to make a batch of your favorite candy, even though he doesn't like it.
....sitting on the couch watching a sit com and laughing together
....when he scrapes the ice off your car so you won't have to
....when he ALWAYS puts the toilet seat down so you won't "fall in" in the middle of the night
....when he walks on the outside when you are going down a sidewalk or road together.
....when you can vent about what is bothering you and he just lets you rant and rave, then asks "What do you want me to do?" And you realize there is nothing he can do except listen and that you feel better already.
....when he spends the whole day taking you everywhere you want to go and never complains how long you spend in each store.



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