I like Stuff

It's official I'm a "stuff" addict. I love stuff. Every week is dedicated to a single goal....finding more stuff to buy. I like things to sit around the house, shoes, clothes, purses, tote bags, nail polish, jewelry, ink pens, notebooks, flowers, baskets, kitchen utensils, knick-knacks, craft supplies, yarn, material, scrapbook supplies, clothes and toys for grandkids, beach stuff, free catalogs..... need I go on? I just love stuff. And when I get tired of looking at some of my stuff. I love to have yard sales and get rid of my old stuff. The only problem is I like to participate in multi-family yard sales. Then I buy other peoples stuff to replace mine. Then I take the money I make from the yard sale, make a list, go shopping and BUY MORE STUFF. Can anybody see a pattern here? There is nothing that makes me happier than finding a bargain. I love thrift shops, yard sales, consignment shops, etc. I use coupons and ask for discounts, all in the honor of buying more stuff. But this is one addiction I like and I can't see me getting any help for it. I guess I need to go for now. I have a date with E-Bay to look up some more STUFF.

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