When did my behind begin to unwind? You've heard it called the middle age spread, people blame it on age or working behind a desk, but whatever the reason, I've put on too much weight. I did not see this coming. Being a size 5 most of my life, when the pounds started inching up, I thought no big deal a 7 is average. A few years and a few bowls of ice cream go by and you think, well, a 9/10 isn't that bad. Then you have to leave the junior department for a Misses 10 and you think, well I am older now and these things happen. But one day you wake up and you are in front of sizes you didn't even know existed back in your 5 days and boom that horrible word we hate pops into your head ---DIET!
Every goal starts with one small step. Can I do it? Who knows. It will take a lot more will power and a lot less chocolate (and cookies, and Pepsi and french fries and pizza.....) I'm not going to give things up, I'm going to cut back. I tried this not too long ago and it worked very well. Then I ran into a small problem - WINTER. I didn't get out as much and it was dreary and cold and a good book with a snack at night was so relaxing. Now spring is around the corner and I need to be able to bend over and work in my flower bed without huffin' and puffin'. Beach vacations are right around the corner. While I really don't care what others think about how I look in a bathing suit, I do care about that "beach bulge". You know, the spare tire around our waist that looks like you stuffed a child's round float in the middle of your suit. Don't laugh. It doesn't matter what size you are, put on a one piece bathing suit and we all have a little bit more in the middle than we want.
I can't do normal diets. I would starve. If you know me well, you know I don't eat anything green except pickles and M & M's. Neither one is condusive to weight loss. I don't like veggies except taters and corn. I don't like enough of the "healthy" stuff to make a difference. If I do away with eating what is supposedly NOT good for me, I would starve. Not to mention it would last about a day or two because I have no willpower when it comes to meal time.
I have decided to implement a new fitness routine. I will eat what I like in moderation. Cut back but not cut out all my "fun" food. I'll limit my snack times, start walking again, drink more water and eat more apples and oranges.
Of course everything has to start out with baby steps or I will freak and pig out and have TWO spare tires by beach time.
So I now officially declare this FITNESS FRIDAY. I will implement something new into my health & wellness plan every Friday and stick with it. Each Friday I will add something new until I have changed my habits and started seeing a difference. I'm going to keep a log (of course in an Excel form) and only weigh myself on Friday (normally I'll jump on any scale I walk by and freak if a 1/2 pound has crept up on me.)
My goal will be to lose 26 pounds by August 1st. I will change 3 things each week. Today's Fitness Friday plan for the next week will be:
Do one exercise every morning Drink 2 extra glasses of water a day Eat real food for breakfast, not junk
I will post a fitness report each Friday to let you know how I'm doing. I will need the help of my friends and family. Email me once in awhile each week to ask about one of the new items I'm doing that week to help keep me motivated. Wish me luck. I'm off to exercise. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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