Why do I have to grow old?

I'm tired of getting older. I'm over it. I'm done. I tell people all the time "I don't feel 53". Then I fall asleep at 9:00 at night on the couch. I toss and turn all night with little aches and pains. I used to carry my twins at the same time and walk across 2 blocks to visit my neighbor. Now I get winded carrying a 12 pack of Pepsi from the car to the door. I used to be able to tie my shoes and go for a walk. Now, by the time I FIND my shoes, I feel like I've walked a mile all over the house. And my eyes! I got glasses in 4th grade. As I neared my 40's the dreaded bifocals came into action. Now I'm in trifocals and have to tilt my head up and down to refocus every time I move to look at something different. My ankles swell. My mind goes blank at times and I can't remember what I'm doing. I've got that middle age spread that won't go away. I was starting to feel like I'm really getting old. But today, I called myself an old lady and my grandson said "You're not an old lady." I asked him why not and he said "Because you aren't wrinkled." Now who can argue with a philosophy like that. So forget the eyes, the swollen ankles and the many loss. I guess age is a matter of the mind. If you don't mind, it don't matter.

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