One month and counting

It's hard to believe, but Easter is just a month away. That means I have only 5 Saturdays to find the perfect Easter dress, shoes and purse.
Ever since I was a little girl, new Easter outfits were a huge part of the holiday. We always got a new dress. Sometimes we bought them; when times were tight Mom made them. But we always had a new dress for church on Easter Sunday. We would get new patent leather shoes, mostly white since to us Easter was the kick-off for white shoe season. When we were younger, we would get little white gloves and lacy socks and sometimes those little round pocket books that looked like straw baskets with lids except the "straw" was also white patent leather. I just loved those purses.
Over the years styles changed as the times (and my age) changed. What used to be slim fitting Easter dresses with white high heels with skinny spike heels and ankle straps has evolved into a two-piece skirt and top with an elastic waist and a pair of low heeled open toe pumps or sandals. What used to be cutesy purses is now something large enough to carry a small third world country in.
I have never felt truly "dressed up" for Easter unless I have on high heels. I'm going to try to find some nice heels this year (in white of course) that are slender enough to accent my legs, but sturdy enough to support my less than slender body.
Letting the shopping begin!!

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