Walking with my Friend

I sit here in my garden and I turn my eyes to God. I see Him in the blue sky and the green grass that I trod. I feel His touch in the warm air as it breezes o’er my skin. I know that I am not alone; I’m walking with my Friend. He’s always there beside me, no matter where I go. His love will ever guide me down the rough and rocky road. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He’s my rock and my salvation. He’s I AM and my Friend. His love is everlasting, by faith I know His grace. One sweet day in heaven, I will look upon His face. He’ll say “Welcome home my child; your journeys at an end.” And I will spend eternity, just walking with my Friend. Walking with my Friend copyright owned by Brenda Keefer. Please do not copy with permission.

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