What a lovely surprise

I was walking through the foyer at church yesterday morning and saw the most beautiful flower arrangement. It was so springy and cheerful, it just drew me over for a closer look.
The neck of the vase had pretty pastel raffia tied around it and held a beautiful plaque. There was a card and it said "Brenda Keefer". I couldn't believe my eyes! This beautiful bouquet and plaque ensemble was for me!
I thought immediately about where I would sit the flowers. On my end table away from all heat vents to insure a longer life. The plaque is perfect for my bathroom that is decorated with birdhouses, butterflies and dragonflies in the colors that were in the plaque.
After church, I took my beautiful present and hurried to the car so I could open the card. It was a Happy Anniversary card for me and Allen from my Secret Sister.
Of course, I don't know who she is and I have no way of thanking her until the end of the year. This was the perfect ending to a perfect anniversary weekend.
It's not the grand gestures we make that brighten someone's day. It's the unexpected. The little moments of thrill that happen when somebody does something nice just for you.
Thank you my dear, sweet secret sister. You made my whole weekend!

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