I had a beautiful weekend. Broke out the capri pants and flip flops. Weather was wonderful. Loved being out in the sunshine, driving with my window part way down. Taking walks down to the river. Seeing wildflowers popping up in the yard. Just a beautiful spring weekend. Now it' s Monday and it's snowing. Yes, that's right. Two days into spring and we are getting snow. It's not sticking, but it sure is hard to watch it coming down when we had such a beautiful weekend. But I got to thinking about it and decided it's not so bad. At least I'm still here to enjoy the changes of weather. At least I can see the snow fall down. I can walk out on two good legs to feel it with my hands. Genesis 8:22 says "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." So as the long as the earth remains, I will be happy and blessed that I get to enjoy the seasons. Even though we have a greater place to look forward to and we have joys that await for us in heaven, it is human nature to be in no hurry to leave this world. We have loved ones here we don't want to leave. Grandchildren we want to see grow up. And friends who play an important part in our lives. I worked with a gentleman one time that had a saying he would use whenever anybody had a bad day, complained about anything or was going through a rough patch. His favorite response was "It's ALWAYS a good day when you wake up on this side of the dirt."

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