Where God leads, I will follow

We never know from moment to moment what God has in store for us. I love to go to yard sales. I plan for them, make sure I have cash out of the bank, plot out my travels so I can go to them in order. I also like to go when it is a pretty day. Today there were several in the paper that looked pretty good. But it was raining and I didn't know if I wanted to fool with going to the ATM. I stuck what little cash I had in my pocket and decided to drive by the one that seemed the most appealing and see what they had. It was an estate sale. They were selling everything to help pay funeral expenses. I felt a little strange when I walked up to the house. Here were people who had buried a loved one and was now having to part with her belongings. I wondered "Why am I here?" Is this rude of me or cold hearted to benefit from someones loss?" Then I thought about it and realized that they needed the money or they would not be holding the sale and that by making a purchase or two, I may be able to ease their burden. When I went into the house, the first person I saw was one of the sister-in-laws that was helping with the sale. She had a New York accent and welcomed me and told me to look around in all the rooms because everything was for sale. She definitely had that "Yankee" look about her. You know, unapproachable, rough. But it was at that moment I knew why I was there. Her eyes were very tired and you could tell she had shed many tears and this was not easy on her. I walked up to her and put my arms around her and told her I was sorry about her loss. She opened up and shared with me the story of how she had lost her sister-in-law to cancer and what a horrible battle it was. We talked about how she is in a much better place and she shared how her sister-in-law was always telling them that she was ready to go and couldn't wait to walk on the streets of heaven. We walked around the house together and she would share little stories with me about the items we looked at. There was a collection of angels that had meant a lot to her sister-in-law. There among shelf after shelf of white alabaster and ceramic angels, was a small little cherub with a flower halo that was in the exact color scheme of my bathroom that has flowers in it. I bought that little cherub to remind me that even through the most simplest decisions, God is working in our lives to put us in the right place at the right time.

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