Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? Just yesterday, I was at the hospital holding my 4th grandchild. In 2 more months, she will be 2 years old. What happened? How did the time go by so fast? They are small for such a short time. We hold them and rock them and watch them grow. And before you know it, they are not babies any more. As they become more independent, it is fun watching their personalities develop. Shelby has very firm ideas about her hair. We have been working with pony tails and hair clips for quite some time, with no success. The best we did was about 10 minutes with a hair clip one day. But Saturday brought a huge milestone in her "growing up" years. We did pony tails .... and she kept them in for about 3 hours. CELEBRATION!! It was so adorable. She tried to pull them out several times, but was grabbing the pony tail and pulling it, not the hair piece keeping it in. So when she pulled, she pulled her hair instead. We got a quick "OW" and she let go. Slowly they started falling on their own later in the day, so I took them out. But it was priceless to see her in pony tails. The only problem was, it brought home to me the fact that she is not a little baby any more. Which reminded me that none of them are. Caleb just turned 7. Garret just turned 11 and Alexis just graduated kindergarten. Where did my babies go? I enjoy them all so much and each one's personality is different than the others. But I still miss the days of cuddling them on my lap and rocking for hours. Even the boys, as old as they are, still want to cuddle up against me and hug on me. I love it. I hope that closeness never fades.


Deb said...
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~ Maria ~ said...

I am not a grandmother, yet :) But I do remember the times mine would do little things that showed me she cared!

Thank you for sharing...now I know what awaits me when my children are blessed with their own :)


Rachel said...

She is so cute with pony tails. Elizabeth is the same way. We have been working with her for 4 years without much success. Some days she will wear them, some days she won't. With Miss Elizabeth you just never know!!!!