The Quarter

As we grow older, we remember fondly the days when a quarter could buy a hotdog, an ice cold Coke or a loaf of bread. In later years, a quarter could get you a candy bar, then a phone call raised to a quarter. I heard someone say recently that a quarter didn't buy you anything anymore. It depends on where you shop. I was driving down the road yesterday and there was a big pink yard sale sign. I had no intention of stopping, but my car had a mind of its own. Next thing I know, I'm at some man's house in Swaggerty Hills and he's putting things in boxes marked 25 cents. Being a sucker for a good buy, I had to jump right in and see what I could not live without. Here are my finds:
I'm don't normally do wind chimes, but I have other plans for this. I'll post it when I get it done.

I love Christmas tins. I use them all over the house when I decorate at Christmas. Was very thrilled with these.

I'm going to put a picture of Michael in his gear in this and give it to Caleb for his dresser.
My Masterbath is outdoorsy and in these colors. This was brand new in the box. Never opened. I always keep a jar candle in there so this is perfect. This was my favorite. I have one section of the living room that is done in Snowmen at Christmas. Can't wait to use it.
Well as you can see, a quarter can still buy you something.

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