Sweet, sweet rain.....

The rain beats on my rooftop like the pounding of a thousand little feet. I hear the thunder rolling in like the beat of a hundred horse hooves. As I lay in bed this morning, I thought about being lazy and snuggling down deep in the covers and sleeping in. But I knew I had a busy day ahead of me and decided to get up and get an early start. Once I was up and wide awake, the rain and thunder began. I love laying in bed listening to a nice storm, but it seems like it holds off until I am up and past that sleepy stage. Or, even worse, it will hit about the time I need to run errands and stop the minute I return home. If we could schedule a summer storm, I would schedule it for early morning when I'm still in the bed, but not so sound asleep that I can't lay and listen to the storm. Or I would have it arrive in the early evening before dusk sets in. At a time when my hubby and I are both home but it is still daylight enough to watch it roll in. But we cannot schedule the rain so I think I'll grab a cup of hot chocolate and sit here at the window and enjoy the show.


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