Why women talk so much..........

My whole life, the women in our family have been more outspoken than the men. I've often wondered why. You hear many reports of women talking more than men. After pondering the situation, I have come to my own conclusions. First off, I think part of it goes back to the 50's when women stayed at home. They were there all day with the kids - listening to bickering, answering a million questions, settling arguments. They lacked for adult conversation. So the husband comes home after being at work and talking to people all day. He just wants a cup of coffee, his newspaper, his favorite slippers and a quiet evening. The wife wants to talk. She's stored it up all day and it comes gushing out. Details, details, details. We move forward in time and women start moving into the workforce. They start sharing stories with other women about kids, husbands, co-workers, etc. Women are more detail oriented than men so they have much to say. For example, a man and woman go out to a new restaurant to eat. The next day their friends ask how it was. The woman's answer: "It was so nice. The atmosphere is really good and it has a wonderful ambiance. They have everything you can imagine on the menu. We had the best potato skins I've ever eaten anywhere. They had this awesome dessert concoction with ice cream that I just had to have. It was enough for two people. I just loved it. We'll go back again for sure." The man's answer: "It was pretty good." See what I mean, women are more detail oriented. I have a sister, two aunts, my mom and six female cousins. We all love to talk. One time we were together and one of the females said "Did you all ever notice that we all married men who don't talk much?" My cousin Nancy's husband Jerry summed it up nicely, "It's because the women we married don't quit talking long enough for us to get a word in edgewise." Made sense to me.

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