God is able...

Our Sunday School lesson for last week was for II Corinthians. Do you ever here a short phrase from the bible that just makes you go WOW? Well, that happened last week in our lesson. Paul was talking in II Corinthians 9:8 and he started his statement with "And God is able...."

My thoughts stopped right their and went in a new direction. God IS able. How true a statement. It was one of those profound moments where you think "Why am I trying to do everything myself? Why do I strive to settle any of my concerns or problems? Why do I worry over situations I can't control? Why am I beating my head against the wall in my daily struggles when GOD IS ABLE.

He can do anything and yet we still try to handle it all by ourself. How many times does He have to point it out to us before we start letting Him. He is able so let go and let Him take care of whatever it is that you are facing.

I wish we could see God's love and abilities through the eyes of a child, no matter our age. We make things so complicated when they are so simple. My grandson, Caleb, who is only 7 said something to me that just made me realize how simple it is to see God's love and what he does for us. Caleb and I were talking about the needy. He was telling me about a little boy he knows that wears shirts with holes in them to school. I explained about needs and pointed out how blessed he is that he has nice clothes, a good home, food to eat, toys to play with. I asked him if he understood that those were all blessings from God. This led to a discussion on how God blesses us and what some of His blessings are. He said something to me that brought tears to my eyes to think that a 7 year old can see with such perception the things that our eyes do not acknowledge.

He said, "Mamaw B, I know ladies who walk on canes or have to use wheelchairs. But God blesses them everyday." I asked him, what kind of blessings did he think God gives these ladies. His words back to me were "They may have to use a cane or a wheelchair, but God blesses them every morning by letting them live another day."

Whoa! Truer words were never spoken. No matter what your lot in life, no matter what circumstances surround you, you are truly blessed each morning that you wake up to find you are still alive. God IS able. Let Him take control and see what blessings He sends your way.

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