I was just thinking....

I posted a note on Facebook that I had jabbed a rusty nail into the side of my hand and queried how long tetanus shots lasted. I was so amazed at the love and concern that came my way. I was provided with info on how long the shots last, how I should clean the wound and concern that I should go to the doctor. I thank everybody who cared and responded.

It cleaned up real well and I think it will be fine. It didn't go in real far and I cleaned it immediately. But as my old bones have gone through their normal creaking last night, I let my overactive imagination take over. You know how you will get a little catch in your ribs sometimes. Well I was walking down the hall and felt a catch and my first thought was "Oh no, I should have gotten the shot!" Now I'm going to be paranoid with every little pain until the wound heals.

I sat down to write this post because I was laughing at myself. Then a thought hit me that changed the whole direction of the post.

When I picked up the board, I swooped in from the ends and grabbed it. That forced the nail to drive into the side of my hand between the thumb and wrist. It hurts like crazy and has been sore all evening. But the thought that hit me was, if this tiny little jab is hurting me so bad, what pain must our Saviour have felt when they nailed His palms to the cross. How could he have survived such pain and suffering? And to think, He did it for us. All of us. The saved, the sinners, everyone. He didn't call out names and say this is for Bob, Sue, Mandy or Billy. He did it for everybody.

We sometimes moan and groan over little aches and pains, but we tend to forget the agony that Christ went through to give us the wonderful, blessed lives we have.

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