It's a guy thing....

I was speaking with a dear friend this week and we were comparing notes on the funny things men do. It made me think about how different we are. Here are just a few of the differences I've thought of......

The "I don't feel good" man: When a woman gets sick, she has to continue to make sure there are clean towels in the cupboard and hot food on the table. You will work like a slave all day and after dinner is over and all the dishes are done and all the kids are settled, hubby will comment "Why didn't you say something, I could have helped." You want to come back with "I figured when you saw me laying my head on my arm while I was mashing the potatoes, you would have helped if you wanted to." But let him get a little sniffles and he needs to have a pity party. And if you get a little snappy with him, you are sure to hear a whiny "I'm sorry, it's just that I dont' feel good."

Never let a man give directions: A women will be precise and concise when giving directions. A man will muddy the waters with way too many details. For example, you can say "turn right on Rogers Road and go 4 miles and turn left. We are the first house on the left." A man will say turn right onto Rodgers Road. that's Rodger not Roger. If you go about 4 miles, you'll see a big red barn. There are several barns on Rodgers Road, but this is the one that has the See Rock City painted on. After you pass the barn, there will be a........ I think you get my point. A little too many details.

Never let them see you sweat: If you are both involved in a stressful situation i.e. the microwave catches on fire, a water line bursts, etc. You will both be frantically trying to stop the situation before it gets worse. You'll both be stressed. But when it's done and you are telling somebody about the drama, hubby will say "I wasn't worried about it. It wasn't that bad." He didn't seem to think that way at the time.

Are you okay?: Sometimes we may have an accident...burning our hand on a hot pan, walking into the door frame (yes, I do this all the time.), tripping over a throw rug (again, guilty). At the moment of the accident hubby will jump up to check on you, look for blood or broken bones. He is so considerate. When he sees you are fine and he realizes how worried he was, instead of laughing off the incident like a woman will, it'll be all about "You should be more careful." "We don't need a rug there." They are too embarrassed to show they were worried over something that ended up being trivial. But a woman will crack up over the accident once she sees everything is okay.

But on the flip side, a husband will always be there for us. He is the one we can lean on at the end of the day that will listen to our troubles and woes. He doesn't judge us. He thinks we look beautiful even when we've added 70 pounds since our wedding day. He doesn't see the gray hair or the wrinkles. He still lights up when you walk into a room. His smile and the twinkle in his eyes still make you tingle when you look at him. He does not judge us and just shakes his head when we make mountains out of molehills.

And there is nothing in the world as wonderful as a husband who has been with you through menopause and lived to tell about it. Can I get an amen?

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