It's the little things....

Do you have things in your life that you are a little quirky about? Those items that have to be just so-so or you are not happy with them? Well, for me it is potholders. That's right, I'm obsessive about my potholders. Which is strange considering I rarely cook. But it doesn't matter. I like a particular style of potholder.

Nowadays they make them large and bulky but I prefer just the plain square shaped regular potholders. I have looked high and low trying to find them and finally gave up. I decided they just don't exist any more.

Well, this week my husband came home from the grocery store and was pulling the items from the bags. He nonchalantly said "I bought you something." And pulled out two packs of two each little square potholders!!

I was so excited (yes, it doesn't take much to excite me.) Number one, it thrilled me that he pays attention to what I say and number two, he know what I like. (Of course after griping about it for 4 months, you would have to be deaf not to know what I was looking for.)

But the fact remains that my dear sweet husband knew what that would mean to me. Even if it was just little old potholders, it touched me that he saw them and bought them for me. Granted, he will get way more use out of them than I will. But the next time I bake a cake, I won't have to fuss about the potholders.

I just love surprises. I think I'll make some cupcakes so I can use the new potholders!!

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