My scales hate me.....

I've been trying to lose a few extra pounds that I don't need or want. Rather than set a goal that I know I don't have the will power to work for, I've been setting little goals. I work at it at my own pace and with my own program. I do things like watch my portion sizes, cut back on my snacking, burn extra calories by parking farther out in the parking lot. When I come home from anywhere, I park the car and walk back up to the get the mail instead of stopping on my way in. Just little things, but they do help.

My first goal is to lose 10 pounds. I started out at 169 and want to drop down to 159 for the first step. I decided that it would thrill me to be able to get on the scales and be down into another set of "tensies". With the little changes I made I dropped from 169 to 161 a lot faster than I though I would. But I'm stuck. When I weigh, I'll be at 161. So close to my goal. I can't wait to see a number that starts with 15something. Well, I give it a few days and I'm down to 160.5. Oh give me a break Mr. Scale. He is jumping up and down between 161 and 160.5 for the past 3 weeks. I think he doesn't like me. Or he has a warped sense of humor and is taunting me.

But I will persevere. I added a few more things to my "fitness" routine. I watched Footloose the other day and danced to all those fast songs. I tried to mimic the way they move, but just don't have that flexibility in these old joints. But I was burning some calories anyway. And yes, for those of you who know me, you have my permission to cut loose...laughing at me that is. I'm sure it was a humorous site to see.

I'm going to work really hard this week and drop that other 1.5 pounds. But I'm sure as soon as I do, Mr. Scale will pop back up to 160 just to torment me.


MissyMcM said...

Just keep working on it...you can do it!

Terra said...

It sounds like you are making good progress.

Deb said...
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