School Days, school days....

I remember fondly the first day of school. I remember my little plaid dresses with white peter pan collars. I remember Mary Janes and bobbi sox and saddle oxfords. I remember new book bags and Barbie lunch boxes with thermos bottles for my KoolAid. I remember new crayons and school glue. I remember the thrill of getting a little carton of chocolate milk for morning break. I remember Junior High with basketball games and Pep Squard and Home Ec class. I remember high school and football games and being a Pirate with our Red & White pride. I remember lunch at Pirates Corner and Drivers Ed. Here are some photos of my school days (I'm not in them so don't try to find me.)

My first school Barboursville Elementary Grades 1-6

A typical first grade class room at B'ville Elementary

Barboursville Junior High School - Grades 7-9 (This picture was way before I went there. But it still looked the same. It was the old Morris Harvey College)

Math Class at BJHS

"To thee we sing, our gracious Alma Mater. Among the hills, her home so tranquil lies. We promise now to pledge our all allegience, to thy ideals and to thy way of life."
Barboursville High School Grades 10-12. Home of the Barboursville Pirates

Our fabulous Barboursville Majorettes, known as "The Pirettes"

My senior year, we took the AAA championship in basketball. The sign still stands in glory at the entrance to Barboursville.

Lunchtime at Barboursville High School usually meant a trip to Pirates Corner, even if you ate in the cafeteria, you still jaunted over to see and be seen. It was THE place. I can still taste their hotdogs. Best in the world.

The Barboursville High School Marching Band

Proud to be a Pirate. Always have been and always will be!!

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Rachel said...

In my heart I will always be a Barboursville Pirate. I love those pictures. What memories that brings back. That was Brenda Clark and Debbie Smith (whose is now Debbie Keaton) on the front row of the Majoretts. Cheryl Nichols was on the next row. So that picture had to be 1973, my senior year. I can still taste the hotdogs we used to get at Pirates Corner. Everything tasted so good back then. What memories!! Post some more pictures of days gone by, please! Love you!