When inspiration hits.....

I have had a wonderful day today. My wonderful husband took me to AC Moore, JoAnne's, Walmart and to Texas Roadhouse for lunch.

I love AC Moore and JoAnne's. I saw some wonderful things that inspired me with many new ideas for crafts when cooler weather starts. They had some awesome Christmas material that will make adorable little pillows to toss in a basket. I also picked up some new yarn for a Santa craft I want to do. Then there was really cute material to make a few snowmen to set around. Just came away full of Christmas crafts I want to do.

But the most inspirational idea I got today was nothing to do with crafts. There was a sweet lady in line with me named Donna at AC Moore. When it came her turn, she was asked if she had a rewards card. Now I don't know about you, but I have several I use on a regular basis. I keep them in the little holder with my credit cards, debit cards, ID's, everything. So each time I need one, I have to dig for it.

I know they all come with key chain size cards as well. But if I put them on my key chain, it is overloaded. I already have my car key, my alarm/door lock gizmo, two house keys, the PO box key. Adding my rewards cards would just make it to bulky.

But Donna solved that problem. She carries a separate key chain that has all her rewards cards in one place. She just flipped through, found the right one and that was that. Now some of you may already do that and I commend your brilliant minds. But it just never occurred to me to put them on a separate key chain. So guess what I did? That's right I came home and put them on a keyring. I have to find the rest of them, but for now I have my basic ones on there. I don't know why this impressed me so much, but it did.

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