I believe....


There are things as we travel this earth’s drifting sand,
That transcend all the reason of man;
But the things that matter the most in this world,
They can never be held in our hands.

I believe in a hill called Mount Calvary,
I'll believe whatever the cost;
And when time has surrendered,
And earth is no more; I'll still cling to that old rugged cross.

I woke up with the words I believe on my mind this morning. The words of this song were singing in my heart. How true they are. I DO believe. I believe in God. It's that simple. He is my one, my only, my all. I can do nothing or be nothing without Him. We may not always do what he wants and we may not always please Him, but we are always loved by Him, comforted by Him and adored by Him. He will handle all our burdens, all our cares and provide for us no matter what. My husband has a wonderful saying that he uses all the time. It sums up God and the wonderful blessings He bestows on us daily:

"If you don't believe, you don't receive."

If your life is lacking in direction and you feel like you have no one to turn to; if you are at wits end with your personal situations and can't see a way out, the answer is easy. Fall to your knees, call on the Lord and utter those simple words: I believe.

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