Modern Day Pollyanna

Hope springs eternal and optimism abounds when you develop a Pollyanna attitude about life. In the mid 60's my mom took us all to see Pollyanna at the Keith Albee. I was enthralled. Her vitality and love for life must  have made a huge impact on me. For over 50 years I have tried to emulate her love for life. What makes a Pollyanna?

A Pollyanna will look for and find the good in every situation. She doesn't let life get her down or wallow in the doldrums. She picks herself up, dusts herself off and lives. She sees the good in others and works around the quirks that drive some of us crazy. She is all happy and smiling. She knows that God took the time to provide us with over 800 "glad" passages in the bible so that we could be glad and rejoice. She is someone who will find something to rejoice in for every situation she faces in her life.

I think we all need to develop a Pollyanna attitude. For those of you who know me, you know I do not care for a "woe is me" attitude. I prefer to be positive and upbeat. Does that mean the world never gets me down? On the contrary, people aggravate me at times and I get addled and stressed just like anybody else. But I have learned to lean on Jesus and let Him worry about the world that comes at me. Once I place it at His feet, I can leave it there and go on with my life and rejoice for the good that comes my way.

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