The Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

As Christmas approaches tomorrow, I wanted to take the time to wish each and everyone of you a very special Merry Christmas. My world has so many wonderful people who care and I thank God for each and everyone of you. Especially my Facebook and Blogging friends. I sometimes get a little impatient and bring extra stress to my life, but each time I let something get to me, it seems like one of my friends has a kind word or comment that helps me see things for what they are.

This year has brought many changes to our lives. My mother turned 80 in June and is still in good health. She and my sister came to spend the entire week with me for Mom's birthday. We had such a wonderful time and made many memories that will last us a lifetime. We had a big birthday bash at my daughter's house and Mom even got on a motorcycle for the first time in her life (even though she wouldn't ride it).

We lost my husband's dear brother, Robert, to cancer unexpectedly this past summer. He was diagnosed with pneumonia when further testing discovered lung cancer and within a month and a half, God took him home. His passing left a hole in our lives that can't be filled.

Our son and his wife blessed us with some great news. A new grandson. Colby James was born October 1, after trying to make an appearance two and a half months early, causing his mommy to go on bed rest. He is a bouncing healthy, happy two month old now. Both our children had said they were done. We wouldn't be getting any more grandchildren. So Colby was a very special blessing and I thank God daily for bringing him to us safely.

Our business has done very well this year and from all indications, will only grow stronger in 2011. We added a new branch to the business dealing with the trucking industry and my husband is still able to help me with the business, allowing us both to work from home. Which was a blessing this past week with all the snow and ice storms that came through.

Our church family has expanded. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful pastor who was led to us by some unique circumstances. We have grown in so many ways this past year. We have grown closer to the Lord and to each other. We have had many things to celebrate. But we have also had reason to mourn. We lost many loved ones from our church and their extended families. The most recent being our interim pastor Rev. Jack Anderson. He was such an inspiration to our church and helped us through some difficult times. We were all so saddened at his passing.

My Christmas wish for each of you my dear friends and family is that God blesses you abundantly and continues to keep you healthy and happy.

Merry Christmas,



Deb said...
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Rachel said...

Very well said and a very Merry Christmas to you too!! May God bless you in the new year! Love you!!