In our lifetime we make many acquaintances. Some stay that and some involve into friends. But every so often, we meet that one person who thinks just like we think, who feels just like we feel and believes just like we believe. We find that one special friend that we know we can call in our darkest hours to tell them our worries and cares. But they are also the one special friend who we can share our laughter and blessings with as well. I found that special friend when I met Miss Debbie.

One thing you learn when you meet Debbie is that she is a firm believer in HOPE. People have signature colors they like to wear and specific perfume they need to have. And some people have their "word". Debbie's is HOPE. She is the epitome of what it represents and never questions her belief in HOPE. Today, I would like to dedicate my blog to Miss Debbie for being such a true friend and being such a shining example of what HOPE can be. Merry Christmas, Debbie. I HOPE you enjoy today's blog............

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." - Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

According to the New King James Version of the bible, there are 150 verses that refer to hope. The Merriam Webster dictionary, defines hope like this - to cherish a desire with anticipation.

Let's break that down:

Cherish....to hold dear  -----  Desire....to long for  -----  Anticipation....the act of looking forward

Life will come at you from all directions. You may get to the end of your rope; you may feel like you hit rock bottom. When you get to that point, just think about the things you have that you cherish, think about the desire for a better future, and begin anticipating that brighter day and you will experience what true HOPE feels like.

Thank you Miss Debbie for encouraging everyone you meet to have HOPE for a better future.

I recommend you visit Miss Debbie's blog www.jeremiah-2911.com for your daily dose of HOPE.

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