Keeping Christ in Christmas

They try to tell me I can't pray in public. They won't let our children pray at school or discuss God in their classrooms. They want to take God off our coins and our dollars. They think it is offensive to hang the Ten Commandments in our courts and government buildings. They don't want us to gather in public places to worship His name. They say that is what churches are for.

Yet, here we stand at Christmas time...a Holy time...a time when all of Christianity celebrates the birth of a King. Christmas traditions have celebrated the birth of Jesus for centuries from country to country and across the world. They mock us and ridicule us and find our religion offensive 364 days a year. But at Christmas, they place their Christmas trees in their homes and work places. They display their mangers in their yards. They place stars on top of their Christmas trees, a symbol of THE star that led the wise men to the tiny baby in the manger. They join in the Holy celebration and festivities that simply, by their nature, profess that Jesus is the Son of God and that this season celebrates His birth.

You can tell me you don't believe and you can stand on your soapboxes and let the world know how offensive you find it to have Christianity proclaimed in public. But deep down inside, we all know there is a better world. A promise of a future and a hope. The world can scoff at Christians and pretend they are not in agreement with our beliefs. But with every tree that's decorated and every present they give, they are proclaiming their belief that Jesus Christ is King.

Merry CHRISTmas and may GOD bless you!


Deb said...
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Shelley said...

Well said.