A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I guess it's time to tell you how good I've been all year. But since you have that list thingy and you apparently check it more than once, suffice it to say I've tried.

I may have had a few incidents where I lost my temper and said something I shouldn't have. And then there was that one time when....well, never mind. The less details you know the better off I'll be.

Anyway, as for my wish list for this year. I really don't know what to ask for. See the thing is, I talk to Jesus every day and He comes through big time for me on a regular basis so there's not much I need for you to cover, but I do appreciate the offer.

I would like to share with you some of the things I've asked Him for, just so you'll know. I've got a couple of nieces who are expecting babies next June/July and I've asked Him to watch over them and keep those babies nice and healthy. So you might want to keep an eye out for two new additions in our family next Christmas because I know He's gonna deliver on that request.

I also asked Him to help me watch my temper when the clerk at the store is talking on her cell phone instead of waiting on customers. And to be more respectful of people who move at a slower pace than I do. I just get in such a hurry sometimes that I just need to slow down some.

As far as material possessions, Jesus has provided for me very well and I can't think of anything I really need. Being a typical female, I always want new clothes and shoes. Maybe a handbag or two, but it's no biggy since He makes sure all my needs are supplied.

I guess if I'm gonna ask you for anything, it would be for you to just take some time off and let Jesus handle things. He's been at it like forever and He has it under control.

So, Santa, since here is one less person you have to worry about, maybe you can get home early to the Misses on Christmas Eve and celebrate the true reason for the season.

I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

Love, Brenda


Deb said...
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Bee's Place said...

I thought you would. Bet you wondered where I was going with it. LOL. Have a great day.

casiphia said...

This is cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute - what a great idea! Happy iFellowship Day

MissyMcM said...

That was wonderful!!!