Mish Mash for Monday

I took a day off from blogging yesterday. We had an awesome church service. Afterwards, we gathered in the fellowship hall for our traditional Christmas dinner for the church. I ate the best dessert and have no idea what it was. It was a chocolate type concoction similar to a cake/brownie with gooey fudgey icing. Heavenly!!

I finally made my little snow shovel. (Ignore the background color. The wall is a soft yellow but with the mirror lights on, it makes it look real dark) The shovel was $1.49 at AC Moore, the ribbon and blue balls came from some stuff I had around the house. The background in the blade is scrapbook paper I had and the little snowmen were foam stickers from AC Moore for $1.00. Total cost: $2.49.

Colby is starting to stay awake more. His Mommy had him grinning and laughing so much. He turned 2 months old on the 1st. Here he is totally vegged out on Uncle Michael. He stayed there forever.

The family came over for our annual birthday get-together Saturday night. The kids decorated the Christmas tree for the "everything" room. It's a combo of office-guest-library-den-play room. I let them do all the ornaments and icicles and left it like they did it. No adjustments made. They had a great time decorating it. (Just a note, when I put the lights on it Saturday morning, they didn't work either....so back to the store for more lights. This has NOT been my year for lights).

I just wanted to post this picture because I love it. Mamaw's boys and Mamaw's girls...all together...all smiling and having a great time. This was at Thanksgiving. I'm going to blow this one up and frame it for my office. Love my grandbabies!!

Got a gift from my secret sister at church yesterday. I love this little angel. We find out Saturday who our secret sister is. I can't wait. She has gotten me some neat things this year and I want to thank her.

This was taken at Thanksgiving. Full of Turkey, and having worked 60 hours in 3 days, Michael was enjoying some R & R. Shelby was patting him on the head. I told her not to wake him up. She looks up and says "But I WANT him to wake up."

The next few weeks are going to be busy. Here is my cooking schedule for this week:

Monday - Try new peanut butter fudge recipe from Mom
Tuesday - Try the chocolate coconut cream cake from Family Circle magazine
Wednesday: No baking Scheduled
Thursday: Experiment with a new cookie recipe from my new cookbook
Friday: Make Allen's Mom's Orange Cream Cookies for after the Christmas program

Well, off to start my week. Need to finish addressing Christmas cards and get started on wrapping. Hope everybody has a great week!


Deb said...
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Anonymous said...

We love that shovel! We think it's 'snow' cute ;-)

Have a Happy Holiday Season!!

Rachael & The A.C. Moore Team

Deb said...
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Rachel said...

I love the shovel. Where are you putting it? It's so cute. Love the pictures of the kids. Little Colby is really growing. They did a great job on the their little Christmas tree. One of my favorite things is snowmen.